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  1. Because the only poster we have on MHT is Big A HG or whatever his handle is.
  2. We need more Sioux fans on MiamiHawkTalk. Great weekend series. What you'd expect from a #1 vs #5.
  3. Isn't there a Sioux fan from Seattle who regularly posts on here Https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=dWqrez4P83I Is that him!!?? Lol, bwahahahahaha Hahaha, Sioux fans!!
  4. They all made it, but I doubt any of them show up. zing..... StoneySioux is gonna be mad....
  5. Building anticipation for the game and perhaps the start of a rivalry. Didn't think I was crossing the line. The Goggin will be buzzing. If only FanDuel or Draft Kings carried college hockey like they do for college basketball. I'd prefer an all NCHC Frozen Four and our league's PWR rankings currently make it possible.
  6. And thats why I said "blue line / goalie combo" Miami's blue line only allows 23 shots per game at Williams and then Williams and our defense together have the best GAA in the conference when Williams starts. Miami rotates goalies a lot so its the combo with Williams. McIntyre may be better goalie because he gets more starts (wins) and has to save more shots because NoDak blue line is letting more pucks to the net that Zane has to bail out, but my original post was that the combo of Miami's blue line and Williams is the best in thr conference. NoDak generating more offense though, but with
  7. Much more interesting broadening outside of the group think of just the Miami board and visiting others. If Denver or St. cloud had boards worth posting on, I'd mingle there too like the Bronco board.
  8. Can't wait to read all the "Fire Hak" threads Saturday night... Lol
  9. Czarnik and Coleman are coming with the Warrior Mentality... And NoDak will be leaving on a sour note, just like the other UND you stole their logo from... https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10150684058076628
  10. Sorry to tell you that Miami has the best blue line / goalie combination in the NCHC. #1) Jay Williams GAA = 1.90 #2) Zane McIntyre GAA = 1.93 That despite Miami having a tougher strength of schedule too. http://www.nchchockey.com/page/show/1219043-nchc
  11. Miami will be hosting Colorado College in first round of playoffs. Start game-planning for the Broncos.
  12. If Oxford hotels are sold out, try Hueston Woods Lodge. Its a state park and a nice lodge close to campus.
  13. Darius Rucker (Hootie) loves #MACtion just like the rest of us http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/dr-saturday/darius-rucker-hootie-loves-maction-just-rest-us-201638448--ncaaf.html
  14. need a little #MACtion help from Western Michigan so Miami can win Penrose. GO BRONCOS !
  15. College Hockey Realignment: Motivations Behind Possible NCHC Expansion Feb 18, 2015 http://www.bcinterruption.com/boston-college-hockey-2014-2015-season/2015/2/18/8033627/college-hockey-realignment-nchc-expansion-notre-dame-arizona-state All opinion from the Boston College Hockey Blog writer, but: "There will be some degree of manufactured suspense with the Sun Devils noodling on the NCHC or WCHA question, but Arizona State will become the NCHC's ninth program." ....."the NCHC will almost certainly turn its attention back to Notre Dameā€”an extreme geographic outlier, and one th
  16. I pay exactly $29 per month for my own variation of a triple-play bundle of phone, 12 Mbps internet, and antenna TV with 20+ channels and growing. I have a Channel Master DVR+ that records all the antenna channels, has a guide like the cable boxes, and lets me record, rewind, pause, slow-motion free antenna TV. I then pay for the NCHC.tv subscription ($75 league pass) and my internet provider includes ESPN3 so I get all the MAC football, basketball, baseball for free along with all the free NFL games. There is also a ton of other stuff free on ESPN3 like Arena League, Canadian Football, N
  17. MAC is rated as a higher basketball conference than the Mountain West and also has a deal with ESPN to televise games. MAC basketball is not even close to the Sun Belt and never has. MAC is #10 and Sun Belt is #22. C-USA is #15 or so. MAC has 6 teams in the RPI Top 100. No clue what you are talking about, MAC basketball is way better than you care to give it credit for. Missouri Valley has two Top 20 teams, but yet the MVC is rated below the MAC top to bottom because after Wichita State and UNI, the rest of the valley is terrible.
  18. Does anybody know how much, if any, the NCAA College Hockey tournament generates revenue-wise? Is there a formula like the basketball tourney that decides how to split the revenue (if there is any)? What are the prospects of the tourney increasing revenue?
  19. Penrose Trophy will be decided in Oxford March 6th and March 7th. Both games on National TV. Miami wins.
  20. I remember about a month or two ago after the Arizona State news broke somebody asked Schlossman during one of his live chats about expansion and he also mentioned Notre Dame. I wonder what he had heard?
  21. - I do remember a rumor of the NCHC wanting BC and also Miami was contemplating joining Hockey East but decided they would be too isolated. Miami did consider HE with ND though and I believe the travel concerns kept Miami away and also eventually led to NCHC adding Western Michigan to keep Miami from going HE. Miami was likely told they would get Notre Dame as a NCHC travel partner and if not then WMU would be added. WMU was eventually added. - Notre Dame took their time because they were using both the NCHC and HE against each other in negotiations. I don't think it had anything to do
  22. NBC in that scenario also retains a smaller package with HE and their Tourney. I think whomever wins the upcoming Big Ten TV negotiations will be required to broadcast a minimum number of BT Hockey on ESPN or FS1 depending on who wins or if it is split. Miami and Western Michigan (and BG?) will be fully engaged with their ESPN studios and be able to simulcast every game on ESPN3 if the NCHC contract allows it. Otherwise, the same equipment but different graphics will be used to feed NCHC.tv with a feed also sent to a regional TV broadcast.
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