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  1. Originally, Bowling Green did indeed try and talk fellow MAC member Buffalo into starting varsity hockey and form a new league. Buffalo is serious about doing it but needs an arena. They were close but had to pass. Ferris would have jumped at that league. BG is mad at Miami and WMU, but they would jump at the NCHC if they got the chance. They are stirring the pot with this and this idea and Miami and WMU want closer travel so the NCHC inviting BG just to end the drama with them wanting to start new leagues might be best. I also think Buffalo Hockey would be a huge success.
  2. Those additions were supposed to be included in the original building of Goggin / Steve Cady Arena but were put on hold after cost overruns. Hearing rumors that Western Michigan has a new 60 million arena under consideration and was discusses with the NCHC when lobbying to be included. Final donations to be wrapped up. I also think Bowling Green will be added once they committ to a brand new arena. Rumblings suggest this. It would be great to add BG with new arena and Iowa State. Would strengthen the conference. Then continue to strengthen the TV deal and exposure with CBSSN and
  3. Hey its the off-season and things are slow around the message boards and this is the non-UND college hockey thread so I think I can post this here. Great video here shows our new Hockey digs and explains the meaning behind everything as Coach Blasi does a walk-through and also shows the off-ice shooting area complete with simulated crowd.... I especially like the sliding Superman "M" door that is the entrance to the lockerroom. Welcome to the "M-Pire" ! http://www.muredhawk...db_oem_id=26100
  4. And G5 teams "beat (or sometimes crush)" the P5 teams all the time too. But there is still a gap. The win percentage of FCS teams over G5 teams is the same as G5 teams over P5 teams. But there is still a big gap. Here is Miami's P5 wins and Bowl Victories. We have crushed SEC teams routinely in the past and have finished in the final rankings in the Top-10 four times. BUT there is still a big gap between Miami and the SEC. MAJOR VICTORIES 1948 Texas Tech 13-12 1951 Arizona State 34-21 1954 Indiana 6-0 1955 Northwestern 25-14 1962 Purdue 10-7 1964 Northwestern 28-27 1966 India
  5. Technically (but unlikely), it could possibly happen minus CFP revenue sharing for the new split-off FBS conference (but there would have to be some crazy, secret prior agreement with the Sun Belt or they have no incentive to do this and that secret agreement alone could have the NCAA block this). But I still don't think the entire Big Sky would or should attempt it. There are only a handful of Big Sky schools that could make it work but most of those same schools already were given a chance by the WAC and they said no.
  6. That is not gonna happen even IF there was a split. It humors me when MVFC and BSC fans think the other FBS Conferences will rip-up their contract with the P5 conferences and ESPN and then roll out the red carpet for FCS conferences. The G5 conferences want to widen the gap with FCS conferences just as much or more as the P5 conferences wants to widen the gap. Most of these university presidents bounce around from school to school their entire careers. The SEC Commish was the C-USA commish not long ago, but somehow you think those same people are greedy, money hungry, and want power and co
  7. Of course they do, they apply for every FCS school, and schools like Eastern Kentucky, Jax State, Illinois State, Youngstown State, etc all want to be FBS but they can't because they don't have an invite. So what's your point? I'd like Miami to be in the Big Ten and share their money too, but it's not gonna happen.
  8. Doesn't sound like Fullerton believes any Big Sky schools will be going to FBS. He is trying to talk Idaho into becoming FCS and Idaho says they have no interest and will stay FBS because FCS would hurt their other sports financially. Don't know why Fullerton or Idaho would care if there was some BSC/WAC/Sun Belt FBS theory going on. http://www.idahostat...ter-chance.html
  9. So how did this end up working out for you guys vs FCS now that the season is over? Is there talk of a NCHC Digital Network like they did during playoffs? Any chance of CBS being more flexible and allowing FCS or ESPN3 in the future, etc?
  10. Which one of you is "NoDak" over on the CSNBBS board? http://csnbbs.com/th...330-page-5.html The only problem I see with this "agreement" is yes the Sun Belt can add as many teams as they want, but the payout from the CFP contract is for a maximum of 12 teams. So every team after 12 then dilutes the revenue from the other Sun Belt teams. Maybe that was agreed upon, I dunno. Also if then the Big Sky teams split back off from the Sun Belt teams and form a new FBS conference, then they will not receive any CFP money as they are not in the contract as a conference that splits the $90 mil
  11. I certainly think WMU and Miami would play North Dakota in both, travel would be the only impediment. Travel probably doesn't seem like as big of a deal to UND or any schools west of the Mississippi because thats just the way of life in athletics out there as it is much less densely populated and schools have to travel but to everybody east there is always the evaluation of why not just play somebody closer we can bus too and save the money and travel time issues on the student-athletes. I don't think Miami would come to Grand Forks for Football because I can't remember the last time any FBS
  12. That makes more sense. Never understood why the Big Sky schools would turn down the WAC offer and let them go exstinct and then turn around and want to go FBS. If your theory holds true, its just a delayed WAC revival. I still don't think all of the Big Sky should go, just the top 8 teams or so along with Idaho and NMSU and then NDSU and SDSU to make a 12 team conference.
  13. Big Sky fans who believe if their is a FBS split** that the MAC, MWC, AAC, CUSA, and Sun Belt will merge with the D1AA are the same people that are naive enough to believe Kenneth Lay and Dick Fuld just days before Enron and Lehman Brothers bit the dust. Fullerton = Kenneth Lay and App State and GA Southern get that. ** Not gonna happen but this is an entire another huge thread of articles supporting this
  14. I respect UND and especially their hockey program, its a money maker. I also think UND, like NDSU, has the potential to be close to the MAC in budget and competition. But its not in football, and definetly not in basketball. Just like UConn has larger revenue than many bigger conference schools like Washington State, Wake Forest, etc.... and many schools like Northern Illinois, Miami-Oh routinely in the past, etc beats bigger conference schools, UND and NDSU are in smaller conferences that will never be lifted on par with the MAC, MWC, AAC, etc.... Thats just the way it is and I feel you
  15. I think everybody in the NCHC is spending roughly the same on hockey (in the $4 million range - same for Miami and Western Michigan). I think that is part of the deal with forming the NCHC, all the schools will fully resource top-level college hockey. Careful what you ask for in throwing more money at UND football, it has to come from some where. More money thrown at football could be at the expense of hockey or another sport such as basketball. That seemed to be where it came from at Miami when we built Steve Cady Arena and Goggin, Millett Hall (MU bball) and basketball had been put on
  16. North Dakota Men's Teams - Women's Teams - Total Basketball $1,078,927 $1,088,751 $2,167,678 Football $3,181,952 $3,181,952 Total Revenues of all Sports, Except Football and Basketball, Combined $4,058,721 $4,439,199 $8,497,920 Total Revenues Men's and Women's Teams $8,319,600 $5,527,950 $13,847,550 Not Allocated by Gender/Sport $6,586,381 Grand Total for all Teams (includes by team and not
  17. We were talking MAC vs Big Sky and nearly all of UND's $ is NCHC related.
  18. PAC12 and others are choosing to no longer play FCS conferences such as the Big Sky because it hurts strength of schedule for the College Football Playoff. The MWC, MAC, AAC etc.. are doing the same as we are all working toward the Access Bowl for our champ which pays our conference a huge bonus. FBS will phase out FCS games going forward I think. That is also driving up demand for FBS conferences. http://msn.foxsports.com/wisconsin/story/million-dollars-baby-cost-of-big-ten-opponents-keeps-rising-060414 Arkansas State has already stated they will not and the AAC is also talking of ma
  19. Fullerton can say whatever he wants, but he is sorely mistaken if he thinks the Mountain West doesn't want to distance themself from the Big Sky in the same manner that the PAC12 does with the MWC.
  20. The 4-team playoff will eventually expand. The rules have relaxed already over the years and why the MAC sent a team to the Orange Bowl already and almost again this last season. In 2003 when Miami O finished #10 in the country we also would have been in that bowl under the current rules. Besides, having a chance for the auto-bid Fiesta Bowl slot is still way better than a FCS Championship (think NIT, nobody watches) The last 2 seasons the MAC Championship game in football had better attendance and TV ratings than the FCS Championship. More people are interested in the 12-team MAC Confe
  21. When a MAC team plays a Big Ten team (or SEC, ACC, Big XII, etc), that MAC team gets paid between $900,000 - $1.2 million and keeps it for themself. If a FCS team plays a Big Ten team, they are paid $300,000 - $500,000. The Big Ten pays extra for an FBS opponent. They have now said they will no longer play FCS opponents which will dry up some revenue for FCS teams. In comparison, when an FCS team visits a MAC team, we pay between $200,000 - $400,000. Often MAC teams will schedule 2-for-1 (2 away vs 1 home) with these large revenue conferences and then offset the lack of return trip fro
  22. LOL, I couldn't care less about UND football, was just adding to the discussion and stating some facts. Montana's AD along with App St, GA Southern, etc have all said FBS is less of a money loser than FCS. It will get worse now that the conferences like the Big Ten have said they will no longer play FCS schools and give them a pay day. MAC gets $1 million per game when we play Big Ten road games. Miami spends between $7-$8 million on football. There will be no FBS split in next 12 years. There are several proposals floating out there for the FBS and Big East basketball conferences (1
  23. LOL, I couldn't care less about UND football, was just adding to the discussion and stating some facts. Montana's AD along with App St, GA Southern, etc have all said FBS is less of a money loser than FCS. It will get worse now that the conferences like the Big Ten have said they will no longer play FCS schools and give them a pay day. MAC gets $1 million per game when we play Big Ten road games. Miami spends between $7-$8 million on football. There will be no FBS split in next 12 years. There are several proposals floating out there for the FBS and Big East basketball conferences (1
  24. You lose less money in FBS than FCS despite more scholarships. The new college football playoff scheme guarantees $1.5 million per MAC team that we didn't have before. In addition the MAC is in the final stretch of renegotiating our ESPN TV deal and is expected to receive annual $1 million per team. There will be no FBS breakup at least for the next 12 years as we just all signed a binding contract with ESPN and guaranteed revenues and access bowl bids for the durantion of the contract. The new contract guaranteed the highest rated team of the MAC, Sun Belt, AAC, CUSA, Mountain West ge
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