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    Has anybody heard how TV ratings are going on CBS Sports Network and/or how ticket sales are going for the Frozen Faceoff? Any impressions/updates on the new league in general? I had thought I had heard when the TV contract was signed that CBS Sports was going to dedicate a section on their website to college hockey but I haven't seen one. Whats the long-term vision?
  2. The home games were on Ohio News Now (ONN) a few years back but then last year the home games were broadcast by Time Warner SportsChannel and the production was pretty good (not as good as CBSSN does though). Time Warner SportsChannel allowed us to use their cable feed for our Webcast. This summer our Athletic Director mention he was having our media rights arm IMG shop the home games package and was looking for an even better deal but so far nobody has heard anything and I am wondering what is going on. I had assumed that Fox Sports Ohio would pick up this package but so far silence. I
  3. The play by play guy was not our normal guy. He is not a hockey guy at all and was filling in for our usual who knows hockey well. Saturday was a busy day for our athletic department with a home football game and a few other activities etc... I think they were scrambling to just get somebody to cover the game. Miami should have just spliced in the radio broadcast over the video as he is a hockey guy.
  4. "The Cradle of Coaches" in football is still Miami's main focus in most instances. Miami basketball has also had many who still give great priority to it. Miami Hockey is a great "bonus" sport that we are proud of but not the main focus. The thought is that college hockey and hockey in general is a great sport on the rise nationally that we are a major player and have a true chance to win a national championship, but its still not our priority sport.
  5. Well, maybe you are right. Nobody knows unless they played, but my point was we arent a "hockey only" school because if you counted our athletic donations and polled our boosters on who they considered who they thought our main athletic programs were, it would not be hockey. Many of our boosters are actually pissed that they think too much attention lately has been given to hockey.
  6. I take exception to you saying that hockey is our "ONLY" sport. Miami has a very good football and basketball history. Miami basketball has 4 sweet 16 appearances and Miami Football has a Top 25 all-time winning percentage in D1 history has beaten many Top 15 teams in bowls. Our bball and football teams stink right now but we would still beat UND in both sports even now.
  7. Miami fans will be the first to admit that we wish we could get 10,000+ fans at our barn, but those that come are into the game. UND is fortunate for their fan base. Nobody denies what the Sioux has, but Miami is still proud of what we have. Good luck guys, good series.
  8. Miami Redskins are BACK!! Glad to see we are back!!! I'm happy about the new conference and new rivalry. I was worried after last night but we came back and responded! Much respect to the Sioux! Good luck Sioux! Hope you guys respect the Redskins too.
  9. Just checked: Miami, North Dakota, Western Michigan, Nebraska-Omaha, and Denver are all Neulion so any subscribers to their schools all-access Neulion package will get free reciprocate webcast from the other schools? Last year in CCHA play Miami subscribers got to see Miami at Western Michigan for free. UNO, UM-D, and CC need to get with it.
  10. fyi, Western Michigan also has Neulion so you will get that too.
  11. Read this, you have to email these mods for account. http://www.miamihawktalk.com/discussion/viewtopic.php?t=54382
  12. Everybody more interested in bashing the football team right now. Football coach fired a week ago after 0-5 start and everybody putting their 2 cents in on who the next coach should be.
  13. Most of last year's team is back and we've scored 20 goals in 3 games to start this season.
  14. http://www.miamihawk...pic.php?t=58654 ^^ Miami fan board... also this link is for highlights vs Ohio State and also shows what our webcast will look like. Its not free, you will have to pay $8 or something like that. The highlights are shown in SD, but there will be a clearer "HD" feed for the live webcast Saturday. They show SD or HD feed for those with slower internet connections. Check later in the week for link to the game Saturday, it will be there.
  15. Notre Dame would have joined the NCHC had we allowed them to get away with what Hockey East let them get away with. Have you seen the Hockey East TV schedule that was just released? 5 Hockey East games + 12 Notre Dame games. That their TV deal! Notre Dame is on NBCSN 12 times and nobody else in the conference is on TV more than like twice. Thats what they wanted to do with the NCHC and we said no. So instead we have the CBSSN deal that allows everybody a more fair showing. DATE GAME TIME Friday, October 25 Massachusetts – Maine
  16. Miami's webcast will be available in HD on Saturday. Its a good quality webcast.
  17. The most realistic scenario for UND is to replace Midco with Fox Sports Regional for all UND home games plus CBSSN national games. In addition with the launch of Fox Sports1' Fox has said they will introduce a competitor to ESPN3/WatchESPN called Fox Sports Go that will simulcast nationally like ESPN3 "all 22" Fox Sports Regional Networks of which could include UND's regional coverage. Fox Sports North may have programming windows open with the Big Ten Network taking more Minnesota games. Fox Regional exposure and quality would be better then Midco and would offer the national simulcast st
  18. http://dev.cbssportsnetwork.com/sites/default/files/pdf/adsales/distribution_timeline.pdf "CBS Sports Network is available to 100% of US Households through DIRECTV on channel 613 and Dish Network on channel 158. Equal or better distribution than ESPNU, NFL Network, MLB Network, NBA TV in 26 of 30 top markets as of 2013." To find your channel on your local cable provider, use the channel finder on the link below: http://www.cbssportsnetwork.com/
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