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  1. 2-0 Boom. Crazy gamble by Quinnipiac goalie. Go NCHC!
  2. <eyes rolling> Even if this rules changed happened, it would be foolish for the Big Sky to do this. A complete waste of money for nothing in return. Paying for 44 more scholarships and spending a ton more money for what? What is the expected return? CFP contract is set in stone and Big Sky wouldn't get a dime of that. TV? CUSA struggling to find a bidder to show their games and will take a huge pay cut. Relevance? Big Sky will be viewed as the same irrelevant FCS-ish conference with the PAC12 and Mountain West dominating them. So spend a bunch of money to pretend and see no increase in revenue and still have a couple games on Root Sports. Sounds like a Fullerton plan to me. Foolish.
  3. Where is this rumor of Miami as a candidate #8 for the BTHC?? Is there even as much as a post on USCHO forums or a tweet or something or is this all made up??
  4. Nebraska, Iowa, Maryland, Rutgers, maybe ASU... Take your pick.
  5. Only Miami leaves NCHC is for NHL which might happen. In the works for years because the Canadian teams support it as a cheap buy game outside their division
  6. I hear there might be a rumor about Jerry Jones talking the NFL into changing rules to allow Miami get draft picks and join NFL. Half the MAC joining but not the other half. The other half joining MLB though.
  7. Oh, so no rumor, just more non-credible posts madeup about Big Sky FBS and now Miami Big10. Mmm-kay.
  8. This game feels like our first game this season vs. Providence. Redskins scalp the Sioux tomorrow night in a close one...... Good game tonight.
  9. I'll agree with the last few comments - while the production quality may not improve much, the broadcast quality will make an incremental jump from last season. That was the first year for NCHC.tv and I really enjoyed it and think it is heading in the right direction and will only improve over time. The conference and the schools are committed to improving even if it is taking longer than we would like. Josh Fenton was very well-liked for what he had accomplished at Miami and I believe he is doing an outstanding job as the NCHC Commish.
  10. Im all for the Big Sky stepping up their game by spending a lot more money and resources to try and compete with the MWC, but do it on your own merit and not like Fullerton hoping to drag others down because they are too cheap like Montana who had several chances but refused.
  11. Exactly - Historically the MWC has a better win % vs the PAC12, 30%, than the Big Sky vs the MWC, 27% http://www.cfbdatawarehouse.com/data/div_ia/mountainwest/vs_conf.php and Boise just beat Washington.... Doesn't mean the MWC Commish should run around like an idiot saying the MWC is just like the PAC12 and pulling out his voodoo doll and hoping the PAC12 gets dragged down to the MWC level by some dictator demanding the PAC12 tear up all their revenue and TV contracts and sharing it with them like that communist wannabe Fullerton.
  12. Thanks for posting that which proves my point. PAC12 spends roughly an average of $75 million per school on athletics and 15% subsidy rate MWC spends about half that at $37.5 million and 45% subsidy rate Big Sky spends half the MWC at $18 million and 75% subsidy rate So the gap between the PAC12 and MWC is roughly the same as the MWC and Big Sky. And the MWC has the same incentive to widen the gap between them and the Big Sky as the PAC12 and the MWC. And the MWC uses a lower % of subsidy and creates an extra $50 million each year to reinvest back into their programs vs ZERO for the Big Sky which will widen the gap further each year. My point is Fullerton has the loser-mentality of just hoping some rules committee changes some rules to penalize the MWC to the Big Sky level instead of trying to work hard and spend the necessary resources to rise the Big Sky. Even if his fantasy of a rules change happens, the fact remains that the MWC still has contracts and revenue streams in place that will keep them earning more and widening the gap except this time the Big Sky will be spending even MORE money on scholarships and further subsidizing their programs to the hilt which could actually back-fire on them and make them in worse shape like Idaho which will quicken the gap divide. If being able to simply have 85 scholarships and an "FBS" label provided some kind of level playing field then the PAC12 wouldn't be pulling away from the MWC. The MWC isn't going to volunteer to tear up their CFP contract and revenue streams and media contract and decide to drop to 63 scholarships no more than the PAC12 would do the same for the MWC. The MWC will never have the resources that the PAC12 has and the Big Sky will never have the resources the MWC has even if they are allowed to spend more on scholarships and facilities. Montana had plenty of opportunity to do just that and they didn't want to because they were too cheap. Nothing of what Fullerton says makes any sense whatsoever based on history or math or incentive of schools that actually has stepped up and made investments to create revenue to get where they are. Fullerton is simply hoping for some kind of bizarre misfortune. He probably has MWC voodoo dolls.
  13. The gap between the MWC and Big Sky is the same as the MWC and PAC12 no matter what Fullerton says.... Nobody takes that guy serious. Colorado State is spending $125 million on a new stadium while Eastern Washington plays in that little "stadium" Fresno State, Boise, etc vs UND... C'Mon guys, be real. And sure a few FCS teams win a few games vs FBS teams just like Temple beat Penn State this Saturday... doesn't make Temple anywhere near the Penn State and the Big Ten in the long run. MWC overall record long term vs the BSC and their stadiums look like palaces compared to the little fields on average that the BSC has. Its the same as the long term average of the MWC vs the PAC12 and the PAC12 stadiums vs the average MWC stadium. Same with revenue. MWC makes $50 million plus in CFP and media money per year where the Big Sky has to pay people to get their games on TV. The gap is huge, and it is growing. $50+ million per year more is pouring into the MWC programs vs the Big Sky programs and the top 5 conferences are slowing refusing to play the FCS schools. How could the MWC not pull away further from the Big Sky? Colorado State and Fresno and Boise are constantly reinvesting revenues that the BSC doesn't have. Fullerton has the loser-mentality of instead of trying to make the Big Sky better and spend money to improve the programs and earn anything, he just "hopes" to pull-down the MWC down to his level. He says that over and over how he is hoping upon hoping that the line gets drawn below 5 conferences and that the next 5 conferences lose money and get dragged down and blah blah blah he hopes for misfortune to strike the MWC and negate their actual trying to improve and spending money and building facilities and sweat equity..... how disgusting.. here is an idea Fullerton, just try to make the the Big Sky better to narrow the gap and quit being so cheap hoping for a handout from some rules committee causing harm to other programs.
  14. Games will not be on ESPN3, but production should be ESPN quality
  15. its not ESPN's equipment, the individual schools had to buy the equipment and own it. ESPN consulted schools onw equipment to buy and provided training. Miami and WMU can do whatever they want as long as they dont use their copyrighted logo
  16. Western Michigan has their ESPN3 truck ready for hockey season.... should be a good season for TV coverage and NCHC.tv "Coming in November, Bronco Productions will present live event webcasts over the ESPN3 platform. The WMU Division of Intercollegiate Athletics has invested in a new production trailer run under the direction of Assistant Athletic Director for Multimedia and Broadcasting Will Posthumus." http://www.mlive.com/broncos/index.ssf/2015/08/wmu_athletics_announces_broadc.html#incart_river
  17. Here are the American Sports Network games I found on their website: http://americansportsnet.com/schedule/ 12/4/2015 Hockey (M) Miami (Oh) Colorado College 9:00 pm ET 12/12/2015Hockey (M)Colorado CollegeWestern Michigan7:00 pm ET1/15/2016Hockey (M)Western MichiganDenver9:30 pm ET1/30/2016Hockey (M)North DakotaWestern Michigan8:00 pm ET2/18/2016Hockey (M)DenverColorado College9:00 pm ET2/27/2016Hockey (M)North DakotaOmaha8:00 pm ET3/5/2016Hockey (M)St. Cloud StateColorado College8:30 pm ET
  18. I was just kidding, It will directly effect Miami. Miami, Western Michigan, and Omaha all have Sinclair TV Stations surrounding them so I would think that we will get the brunt of the Sinclair ASN games. Here is a map of Sinclair owned TV stations that must play ASN games if directed to by Sinclair. Sinclair also syndicates games to non-Sinclair owned TV stations and regional sports networks like Altitude, Root, Comcast Sports, etc... so by no means is this the final distribution map, just the Sinclair TV stations that they make cover it at a minimum. http://sbgi.net/tv-stations/ This should turn out to be a good season TV coverage-wise and quality wise for NCHC.tv. Miami just got their ESPN3 production truck so our broadcasts on NCHC.tv should be top-notch even if they are not already covered by ASN or Time Warner Sports Channel.
  19. LMAO! I know you aren't talking about Miami.... who we making fun of? CC? St.Cloud?
  20. Fullerton puffed a lot of smoke to keep his commish job and Montana "fans" happy and is content they and SiouxVolley fell for it. Colter Nuanez ‏@Bobcat_Beat 1h1 hour ago Fullerton confident with Big Sky's place among college conferences. Says he's glad some members didn't chase FBS dreams #BigSkyKickoff
  21. I'm a bit worried about our top 2 goal scorers out, Providence in Providence, and beat up and tired from Frozen Faceoff. I'd love to see all the NCHC teams win their first round games.
  22. I just submitted my bracket. Miami-O all the way !! I'll be honored to be the first Miami fan to win the Sioux Sports Bracket Challenge !!
  23. good luck. hoping for an all-NCHC Frozen Four.
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