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  1. Damn, another hour until the Redskins start scalping the Sioux. Time moving slow. Back to the bar.
  2. NDSU Bison's frat rec team would beat the Sioux.
  3. It's not too late to say "uncle" and the guys won't run up the score on yous guys.
  4. I'll be tossing the fish on the ice at the Ralph after Miami's first goal...
  5. Is this the Miami thread or the St. Cloud thread?
  6. Yous guys let me know if you need Oxford series travel plans. Its a great town.
  7. As in his coaching contract? Yes. The NCHC is much toughter than the CCHA (aka BTHC) and he is still well respected. He is the 2nd highest paid person at Miami U behind our football coach. (our Prez is 3rd). Missing the NCAAs stings but lets see how these 14 freshman do next season. I see us as WMU was last season (and who is now #6 in the nation). But yeah, Rico has no hot seat.
  8. Who's buying drinks on high street after the game?
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