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  1. Best thing about this league is if we were to pull a win tonight we sneak into pairwise top 16 and 7 of 8 league members in position for NCAA tourney.
  2. Ciao, Joe and I just checking in. This game started off fast. Good luck.
  3. Hey guys, not here for a long time, just a good time. Good game, hope I didnt piss anybody off. Thanks for having me. A' Domani!
  4. Watching NCHC.tv earlier on phone during break and Dane Jackson hitting on Katie Hale.... Wow, his head isnt in the game, Miami gonna win this.
  5. Need to schedule a football game in Oxford. Have your AD set it up.
  6. Bottled beer selection at the Ralph sucks. MGD best I can find...
  7. https://colleges.niche.com/rankings/top-party-schools/ #3 !
  8. You guys got me worried I'll get in trouble. Sounds like NoDak one of these liberal colleges with safe spaces all over. If I get over the limit I'll say F it and let this rip. Plenty of Miami goals coming and this flash-light cop I saw looks like he came straight from the Grand Forks beauty parlor.
  9. Gonna toss these 2 fish onto ice after Miami scores. Guy next to me looking at me funny.
  10. Will I seriously get harrassed for tossing this fish after Miami scores??
  11. Ok, downing a beer and heading toward my seat. Miami needs to score early and often so I can unload these fish onto the ice. Getting warm wrapped up in my jacket. Nice place.
  12. We have 14 freshman this year. We'll have our ups and downs. Hopefully we'll be on the ups this weekend. Good reading material to get ready for the weekend. Hoping for exciting series.
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