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  1. Can anybody point me toward other NCHC hockey message boards like Denver, UMD, UNO, etc.?? I know where the WMU folks hangout buy lookinh for the siouxsports equivalent of the others. Thanks.
  2. 5 UND games on FCS and 4 Miami games on FCS plus the 9 already known broadcasts of St. Cloud and Duluth = 18 FCS games nationally. I wouldn't be surprised if that UND news release on the 5 UND FCS games may have been held up for Miami to announce theirs so they could time it up and release it at the NCHC level?? Maybe Western Michigan has something coming together as well and the conference wanted one big release?
  3. Miami showing home games on Fox College Sports now including one with North Dakota: Fri, Dec 05 Nebraska Omaha * - - Oxford, Ohio 7:35 p.m. Fox College Sports/Time Warner Sat, Jan 24 Denver * - - Oxford, Ohio 7:05 p.m. Fox College Sports/Time Warner Sat, Feb 07 Western Michigan * - - Chicago, Ill. (Soldier Field) 4:00 p.m. Fox Sports Net/Comcast Chicago Sat, Feb 21 Minnesota Duluth (Skate with the Hawks) * - - Oxford, Ohio 7:05 p.m. Fox College Sports/Time Warner Sat, Mar 07 North Dakota * - - Oxford, Ohio 7:05 p.m. Fox College Sports/Time Warne
  4. This works like a Roku, but also has XBMC, Google Apps, and a web-browser that will also run videos. I used it to watch NCHC.tv games. Works good, I've watched North Dakota (MidCo) and Miami (TWCSC) games. Set it up once and not have to worry about plugging in a laptop and will free up using another device like a phone or tablet (chromecast). It's basically what should be imbedded in every SmartTV. http://matricom.net/products/g-box-midnight-mx2/
  5. Bad night for NCHC. Everybody losing. Not good.
  6. I viewed Miami's road games last year as well and I agree that St. Cloud has a top-notch production on par with UND's. Picture clarity seemed better than UND's (at least over the internet) but UND had perhaps better replay and analysis by the announcers. My ranking: 1 -St. Cloud / UND 3 - Denver 4 - UNO 5 - Miami / UMD / CC 8 - WMU Like I've been saying, the new ESPN requirments will boost Miami and WMU toward the top but it will be a year or so. In the mean time, many Miami home games will be produced by Time Warner Sports Channel and broadcast over NCHC.tv and their product
  7. Denver spends as much or more on Hockey than Montana does on FCS Football. It would be a wash, so I don't understand what the problem would be with Montana.
  8. I like the Picture-in-Picture option. Im watching North Dakota vs Manitoba while Miami vs Simon Frasier in 2nd intermission.
  9. And that is the requirement from ESPN. The production will be in-house from Miami and WMU staff and we will be required to produce quality broadcasts that meet ESPN's standards. It's part of the contract and ESPN will reject broadcasts not up to their standards so both ESPN and WMU/Miami will put whatever resources required into making these high-quality in every aspect. Those same resources will be available for NCHC.tv. These same ESPN3 Miami productions are eligible to be upgraded to ESPN2 or ESPNU so they will have to be flawless as ESPN won't risk damaging their quality standards a
  10. Give them some time and soon they'll be one of the best. The MAC just signed a new TV deal with ESPN that requires all the MAC schools to spend a few million dollars on in-house production studios, top-flight HD equipment/switchers, and will be trained by ESPN to produce ESPN3 high quality feeds. The equipment, studio, and employees will be owned by the Individual schools and will be able to be used by hockey for NCHC.tv (no espn3 graphics of course). In the next 2 years WMU and Miami will have the best NCHC.tv broadcasts.
  11. 9 NCHC games on Fox Sports North and then simulcast on FCS Atlantic. 2 more at Minnesota. Oct. 17 Friday Minnesota St. vs. Minnesota Duluth 7:00 PM+ Oct. 31 Friday Minnesota vs. St. Cloud State 7:30 PM Nov. 1 Saturday St. Cloud State vs. Minnesota 4:00 PM Nov. 7 Friday Minnesota Duluth vs. St. Cloud State 7:30 PM+ Nov. 14 Friday Minnesota Duluth vs. Minnesota 7:00 PM+ Nov. 15 Saturday Minnesota vs. Minnesota Duluth 7:00 PM+ Nov. 21 Friday North Dakota vs. St. Cloud State 7:30 PM+ Dec. 6 Saturday Colorado College vs. Minnesota Duluth 7:00 PM+ Jan. 9 Friday Miami (OH) vs. St. Cloud
  12. FCS has TV listings from now until November 1. I found two NCHC games on Fox College Sports - Atlantic. No games found on FCS Pacific or FCS Central. So two games in October, no schedule released yet for November on... (HKY) NCHC Hockey 2014-15 #1 Minnesota St. at Minnesota Duluth (L) 10/17/14 (HKY) NCHC Hockey 2014-15 #2 Minnesota at St. Cloud State (L) 10/31/14 http://www.foxsports.com/content/dam/fsdigital/fscom/Programming/2014/09/12/9.12.14%20FCSA.pdf
  13. Another option that would probably work better than airplay is to just buy an android set-top box for your TV. This is basically just like a Roku and would act just like one. It is powered by Android the same as an android phone (except more powerful) or tablet and acts like a Roku connected to your TV via HDMI. This box has the the google play app store and web browser. just browse to nchc.tv and launch the stream without having to connect your laptop or airplay. http://www.amazon.com/G-Box-Midnight-MX2-Android-Streaming/dp/B00CH643A8/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1410833533&sr=8-1&a
  14. You will still be able to air-play to your apple tv straight from your iphone or ipad. Nchc.tv using adaptive web allowing you to launch the stream straight from you smartphone web-browser. Once the game is playing you can hit the airplay button. No app required.
  15. That info came from the ND Beat Reporter Schlossman...
  16. https://twitter.com/thenchc/status/509796737737707520 . https://twitter.com/thenchc/status/509798326129016833 . https://twitter.com/thenchc/status/509812756195717121 Regional broadcasts like Root, TWCSC, Fox North, and MidCo are to broadcast via NCHC.tv .
  17. That's great for UND, but what about for the rest of us? If CBS has 10 less NCHC games than that is 10 less chances for Miami to be on National TV? Is the FCS deal conference-wide or just negotiated individually by the schools? In other words, is only UND gonna benefit by being on FCS? If that is the case then we should have just let Notre Dame join the NCHC and let them hog all the broadcasts. If I remember correctly, UND whined about that and so Notre Dame was not allowed to join and yet UND is doing the same thing to the rest of this league. The NCHC needs increased conference-wide
  18. I agree, Big Sky much better than than the MVFC and their obscure 2-game TV package that Patty cobbles together. Bison are in a crap conference. Its shame for a decent program. Missouri State making improvements getting ready to jump ship to the Sun Belt.
  19. Well, here is the answer to Western Michigan's production and broadcast quality. As part of our newly signed TV deal with ESPN, the mothership is helping build a production and broadcast studio at each MAC school so we can produce high-quality ESPN3 content and pipe it straight to ESPN. NCHC's Digital Network will also benefit from this on WMU and Miami's end when we upgrade all our equipment and get some help from ESPN staff on the production side. MAC will own the equipment and studio, but will benefit from the training and consulting that can be used for hockey. Just wont be able to
  20. The ECHL just hired Neulion to bring them ECHL.TV which will launch before the season and will be like "AHL Live" as the E is dropping America One Sports. I'd assume the new NCHC Digital Network will be similar in concept and pricing. Team Pass, League Pass, or Game Passes. But PLEASE, get a ROKU app to broadcast these games. Should be priority #1. And also standards across all schools regarding graphics and layouts so we arent watching WMU do it one way and UNO do it another. In some cases it makes sense if it is a transmission of a TV game. I.e. Miami's Neulion All-Access would br
  21. 6 of 8 NCHC schools use Neulion and because of that Neulion allows the schools to share their broadcasts for free. Example, when UND played at Miami, UND got to watch our stream for free and Miami gets to watch WMU's feed for free as long as you have bought your home team's Neulion package. I think this is what Fenton referred to about having a conference-wide package on the NCHC website. 2 schools don't currently use Neulion but the rest of us could watch each other's streams as a conference-wide streaming package hosted on the NCHC website. I'd have to check, but I think it is Colorado C
  22. If Buffalo's plan was to add hockey and be in a MAC hockey conference, we'd tell them "no" you better not add hockey then. Besides a conference needs "6" not "4" to sponsor a sport, so two more would have to also add hockey and it won't happen. If the MAC had their own conference network on a national scale like the Big Ten Network it would all make more sense but we don't so it wont happen. The CBS Sports Network deal and now an expanded deal with possibly Fox College Sports 2nd tier and TWC SportsChannel as our local broadcaster is a good deal for us. We'd welcome Buffalo to add hockey s
  23. Big A HG is a regular on the Miami message board. Hope to see you back this season.
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