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  1. Obnoxious celebrations will be sweeping through Grand Forks by Miami. Gonna be great.
  2. On a separate note, our Athletic Director (in his "Ask the AD" video series) said that the #2 current priority after building a new basketball arena, is to expand Steve Cady Arena and to further invest in and monetize the hockey program. We just spent $41 million on football and now they will take a break and focus back on hockey.
  3. Yes, with the Big Ten adding Notre Dame and needing less OOC games, Ohio State (who we have dominated and won the last 6 straight) only wants to play Miami at home and not at Miami. So of course Miami said no way, its home and home or not at all. Michigan refused to play Miami home and home after the CCHA break up as well. Michigan and OSU act like this is football where they expect to play everybody at home even though in hockey the NCHC is superior to the BTHC. It is a shame considering OSU and Michigan are potential close road games. Michigan State has not taken this hardline stance but we just haven't been able to schedule them. Not sure about Notre Dame. We'll probably schedule more Hockey East opponents like Providence and Maine. Oh well.
  4. OSU didn't "give up" 4 goals, Miami "FORCED" 4 goals.
  5. Besides needing a minimum 3 more MAC teams needing to add hockey (there are not 3 teams finacially able to even if they wanted), the MAC has NO incentive to want to do it and the MAC wouls be kicking a hornets nest with Miami and WMU who wants no part in it. The MAC is not the Big Ten or even the PAC12. We dont have our own revenue generating network that needs progra ming or could broadcast our games, or makes us money. That is the sole reason for the BTHC. The MAC has none of that. A MAC (or nCCHA) would have no broadcast partners (besides maybe espn3 or regional cable), no chance at additional revenue (like the equity that NCHC.tv and CBS is building), no conference tournament revenue, hurt our pairwise and competitiveness, and no fan interest. Anybody who takes 5 minutes to logically think through this situation will understand there is no desire to leave the NCHC in any scenario. The only possible scenarios that get Miami to look at other options is if the NCHC takes a huge hit by losing Denver and UND or if the BTHC needed an 8th and offered Miami a perpetual associate conference slot for hockey (not a term contract). But I dont see the BTHC as a realistic possibility as I believe at least one more Big schools will start hockey soon and if they were desperate for an 8th they would have taken Arizona State. This non-sense needs to stop. Get comfortable, WMU and Miami are making ourselves at home and staying for the long-haul. The NCHC is the best conference already and the momentum that college hockey in general is building and the wisdom, hard work, and vision from Fenton will only ensure even bigger and brighter things to come.
  6. As somebody who actually attended Miami, attended Miami hockey games, and was involved with Miami Athletics as a player, I can tell you who Miami fans do NOT care about. And that is the old CCHA teama minus the Big Ten teams and ND. Nobody cares about Northern Michigan or pick your Alaska or Ferris State... Nobody. And fans are caring less about BG with whom I think gets too much credit as Miami fans actually caring about. A "new" CCHA would be a garbage dumpster-fire league that not one fan would care to go watch. Nothing like reading SiouxVolley act like he knows anything about Miami. Miami fans care way more about Denver or Omaha than Ferris freaking State. Even the old pissed off BG fans are over the whole new CCHA thing. Literally only SiouxVolley / NoDak pushes that false rumor on every message board (uscho, csnbbs, sioux sports)
  7. The old CCHA was nice, but Miami and Western Michigan are NOT interested in a new CCHA. I don't know why it keeps being brought up. Miami and WMU would be interested in lobbying for more eastern teams such as BG or U at Buffalo, Iowa State, Illinois State, etc but won't be leaving the NCHC. This conference is the best conference and Fenton (a Miami guy) is doing great things and being innovative with NCHC.tv and the Roku App and renegotiating with CBS to allow all the Fox College Sports games, etc...
  8. Miami is ready: https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=DSrJe5K1CHY Lets go play hockey! 2016 Season is underway.
  9. When are you guys gonna apply to the NCHC?? quit messing around in the WCHA. Go Sioux, Beat Bowling Green pumpkin heads !! .
  10. So Wichita St. is too esteemed to join MAC basketball which is consistently the #10 RPI ranked conference, but would be OK with putting it's basketball in the WAC with a bunch of Big Sky basketball schools that are horrible??
  11. CBS Sports already streams CBSSN online at website and on phone app. http://www.cbssports.com/watch/cbssportsnetwork/ You have to sign in with one of only 3 cable providers though. Cox, Frontier, or Optimum. If you have one of those three then all the NCHC games will be streamed online and mobile.
  12. The only thing that worries me about the Big Ten trying to persuade us to make this arrangement is that they want to stay and 7 and keep the 8th spot open for ASU but not until we break them in through their growing pains and provide the stepping stone for them.
  13. Can't tell if they are being sarcastic or serious, but somebody on the Miami board claims a source saying Notre Dame to possibly join the NCHC in 2017. Anybody hear anything about a last minute snag in negotiations between ND and Big after news broke but before officially signed that may be leading to ND negotiating with the NCHC now? Miami and WMU would be totally cool with ASU and ND joining instead of BG or Mankato.
  14. Miami won the Frozen Faceoff. Hard to get mad at that.
  15. http://pac-12.com/article/2016/07/14/pac-12-networks-announces-live-streaming-partnership-twitter?utm_source=HootSuite&utm_medium=Social&utm_campaign=JustinKarpPosts PAC-12 Networks just announced a deal to stream Arizona State ice hockey games live on Twitter. So NCHC conference games at ASU would be live on Twitter.
  16. A big huge NO to Mankato. May as well never formed the NCHC if you are gonna drag all the same schools back. No more Minnesota schools. I know many here may not care but if there was a way to upset Miami and WMU then this would be the way. Hopefully this is just a desperation play by begging in public to be added as they know ASU and BG are being considered.
  17. Siouxfan97, is your avatar the new NoDak Hawks logo? If it is not, it should. Looks cool and keeps some Sioux theme.
  18. Unless UNLV or Arizona Wildcats are a package deal, it has to be Bowling Green. They are the logical choice so that Denver and NoDak are happy in the west with ASU and WMU and Miami are happy in the east. NCHC can't consider another budget-tight D2 Minnesota school. BG has a $30 million athletics budget and can absorb COA and is better suited for media production etc.
  19. SiouxVolley should change his message board handle to "Tooth Fairy", would be more believable.
  20. I want to get this straight because I want another good laugh at SiouxVolley's "theory" 1) The NCAA will vote on allowing the Big Sky, and only the Big Sky to form two different one-sport conferences in two different divisons because the P5 feel sorry for Idaho and New Mexico State. 2) Despite needing 60% to approve and the P5 only have 37.5% weight under the new structure, the Mountain West and MVC etc.. Will vote with them to allow this to happen because the Mountain West would love to share the wealth because they are caring toward the BSC despite the PAC12 doing everything possible to hold the MWC under their thumb. NDSU will feel compassion as well and remain in FCS. 3) Despite not a peep on the Idaho or NMSU board or any other board in FCS or FBS except Sioux Sports even though Idaho would have the most incentive to spread this rumor even if not true to ease the Vandal fans worries about moving to the Big Sky because they would remain FBS, the miracle rule change happens. 4) Then North Dakota and 5 more BSC schools such as Montana who have repeatedly turned down FBS oportunities in the past because they are too cheap and not interested, then decide to double down and waste money on facilities and 44 scholarships etc. To become FBS despite no increased revenue from TV or the CFP contract because it is locked down under contract for another 11 years. Not to mention NoDak cutting sports because they cant afford stipends for the hockey team. This all totally sounds plausible OR SiouxVolley and Big Sky Commish Fullofit are just that. Full of it. Ok, lets hear it.
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