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  1. I envision CBS and NBC to both be partners with the NCHC if Notre Dame joins. CBS splits conference rights in other sports like Conference USA and the Mountain West. CBS Sports would remain prime tier 1 rights holder and retain control of Frozen Faceoff. They'd alternate picks with NBCSN, first 4 TV picks go to CBS, then NBC gets 4, etc until they both fill their allotment. CBS couldn't choose Irish home games, but CBS could also block others, etc. All the members would enjoy increades exposure but the TV partners would have their favorites. Everything else goes to regional networks l
  2. I believe you are correct. Notre Dame was using both the NCHC and HE against each other to see which would give them the most concessions. HE caved and NCHC didnt. Denver and North Dakota are used to calling the shots and Notre Dame was too much for their liking. I do think, however, everybody involved in the league undestands Notre Dame can be a huge asset to the league if Notre Dame has dropped their ego and softened their stance. North Dakota was willing to drop their Midco on FCS deal for the good of conference for CBS but Notre Dame and NBC were not. CBS has relaxed their exclusivi
  3. October 5th, 2011 - Notre Dame joins HE http://www.hockeyeastonline.com/men/pres1112/201110/oct5hea.php January 31, 2012 - NCHC signs deal with CBSSN http://www.uscho.com/2012/01/31/new-nchc-gets-tv-deal-with-cbs-sports-network/
  4. BG very very much wanted to be a part of the original NCHC and are more bitter than a Taylor Swift song about the break-up. Their MO is to whine and cry and be a thorn in everybody's side about a new conference and the NCHC stinks, blah, blah, blah until they actually get the invite they wanted all along and then when the NCHC says "jump", they'll say "how high". They cried a river until Miami and WMU put them back on their schedule. The 3 MAC schools and ND give them a sense of the old CCHA and regional travel they want. They fly to freaking Alaska and bus to UAH right now and a largely h
  5. If Notre Dame wants to join the NCHC, Miami and WMU will provide them unprecedented support. They will also be good for media for the league regardless of if you like them or not. This league's entire purpose is to provide as much exposure and opportunity as possible and under the right circumstances (CBS, ND, and NBC come to an agreement), the NCHC brass will be happy to take them. CBS has already relaxed their position on exclusivity when they allowed games nationally on Fox College Sports. Keeping our current TV deal with CBS, growing Fox College Sports and Regional Coverage and then ad
  6. If Miami sweeps CC next weekend, we'll be right in the thick of the race for the Pemrose Cup with UND coming to Oxford for the showdown.
  7. Some serious Fashionistas on this thread. Go Miami !
  8. Hootie LOVES the MAC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/dr-saturday/darius-rucker-hootie-loves-maction-just-rest-us-201638448--ncaaf.html Hootie is the man.
  9. Doesn't matter if Ohio State Hockey isn't as good as Miami Hockey - the fact is that Miami would much rather be televised regionally on Fox Sports Ohio instead of Time Warner SportsChannel but Fox Sports Ohio instead chooses to broadcast only Ohio State Hockey games and could care less if OSU is terrible or not, they won't show Miami and OSU wants it that way. And if Fox Sports Ohio wants any other OSU sports coverage, than they better listen. NBC doesn't care if Notre Dame is bad at hockey and Western Michigan is better or even North Dakota - NBC shows only Notre Dame because that is the
  10. I don't agree at all. Plenty of fans in Philadelphia, Orlando, Boston briefly saw MAC football when we added Temple, UCF, and UMass and just as fast when they left those same fans could care less about the MAC and in fact makes us look below them now because Temple and UCF "dumped" us and moved on to perceived better conferences. You are sorely mistaken about any un-found "acclaim" from new FBS football fans and/or that those schools care about "growing the game" of hockey. Michigan hockey couldn't care less about Miami Hockey and refuse to play us unless we only play them in Ann Arbor now
  11. I'm also not a fan of expanding and adding a member that clearly has plans of just using the NCHC as a stepping stone like Arizona State plans. There is no benefit in that. It took the MAC getting burned several times trying to expand before it finally realized it was never of benefit of the conference and merely created more competitors in the long run. Simple fact is that Temple University was up for vote to cancel their football program until the MAC gave them a sweet deal and kept them afloat. MAC also gave Central Florida and UMass golden tickets to FBS only to watch UCF leave soon
  12. It doesn't matter because neither Miami or WMU are going anywhere. I wouldn't mind seeing UB get a big donation from Pegula like Penn State did and they start hockey though. I'm not particularly a big fan of the NCHC expanding at all either unless it financially benefits the existing members and provides more TV exposure. Splitting a declining number of CBS TV games with 10 members instead of 8 and making it tougher to move through 10 members instead of 8 to get an autobid doesn't make sense. Any new start-up like Arizona State will be a drag on Pairwise strength at least initially as w
  13. Miami is not joining a new CCHA. Don't know why SiouxVolley keeps throwing ideas like that out there.
  14. Thats an interesting article. Sounds like Missouri State has everything needed to start D1 hockey and would be a good addition to the NCHC. Article mentions they have private funding to turn McDonald Arena into a hockey arena all for themselves. McDonald Arena is Mo State's old basketball arena before they build the new one and is sitting vacant right now on campus so Mo State already has cleared the biggest hurdle of starting up a program.
  15. Here is what the ESPN on-campus studio that Miami and Western Michigan will be implementing this coming year will be like and will greatly enhance the quality of our NCHC.tv broadcasts. We'll have the studio, training, top-flight equipment, and people to produce high quality productions. Right now only our Time Warner Cable SportsChannel productions are high enough quality to broadcast on Fox College Sports. These ESPN productions will be higher quality than the TWCSC productions and all will be available for regional and national syndication of FCS and others. Miami may also try to syndic
  16. Massa just got shelled and sat on the bench. Blais must not want 10 goals hung up against Massa's GAA.
  17. UND #1 in the polls, but #9 in the PairWise with 3 NCHC teams in front of them. 1 Minnesota State 58 11-3-0 .7857 4 .6737* 1 2 Minnesota-Duluth 57 9-5-0 .6429 18 .6155 2 3 Nebraska-Omaha 56 7-3-2 .6667 15t .6143 3 4 Miami 55 10-4-0 .7143 10 .6121* 4 5 Michigan Tech 54 12-2-0 .8571 1 .6066* 5 6t Harvard 52 7-1-2 .8000 2 .6031* 6 6t Minnesota 52 8-4-0 .6667 15t .6007 7 8 Bowling Green 51 10-3-1 .7500 6 .5957 8 9 North Dakota 50 10-3-2 .7333 7 .5943* 9 Read more: http://www.uscho.com/rankings/pairwise-rankings/d-i-men/#ixzz3KgMiHNWq Hakstol let Bowling Green be ranked ahead o
  18. Whatever it is, MAC said they would match. We got $2.5 Million in new revenue we hadn't had before on the way from new CFP contract.
  19. Thats true, MAC has already said they will pay full cost of attendance so it won't be an issue for Miami or Western Michigan. We already have it budgeted.
  20. I think you gotta keep Mankato in WCHA or that conference gets to a point where it folds. I just want Western to announce their new stadium and a couple Big 12 schools to join. I'd be OK with or without BG but feel there is pressure for them to be added. Only if they they commit like Western and their $60 million new facility though. I'm not trying to lobby for BG. Interesting that Schlossman mentioned Notre Dame in his live chat but I'm not sure I see that happening unless they want to reach more markets outside always New England or HE has had enough with them.
  21. @chnews: If Arizona State joins NCHC ... does this open door for Bowling Green to join as 10th team to keep it even, as they originally hoped? College Hockey News later on says BG fits the NCHC profile over Mankato
  22. BYU want nothing more than to keep up with Utah. If Utah launches for the PAC12, then BYU could be a good add for the NCHC.
  23. Hey just for fun to get a reaction that probably won't go over well, but what about Liberty? They'd jump to D1 in a minute as they are hungry for national exposure in any sport as they want to be the next Notre Dame or BYU and have a national following and many alumni. Their club team gets 3,000 attendance (sold out) and ESPN3 carries all their games already. They also have their own national sports network and "Game On" which is an ESPN Sportscenter type sports highlight show. I know its not a flashy name but might be worth a look. Also, does BYU have a club team? I think they
  24. "I applaud Arizona State University for creating new opportunities for student-athletes," Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott said ASU is creating more opportunities alright, now if the PAC-12 Commish would have left out "for student-athletes" that statement would have been much more genuine.
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