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  1. ESPN bracketology prediction puts UND in as a 13 seed right now. Pretty awesome! http://espn.go.com/ncw/bracketology
  2. Yes, Joe Sensor's shows the games as well. Call ahead of time and they'll set you up right in front of a TV. Considering heading to one for the game tonight.....assuming it's not on undsports webcast.
  3. If he told Hak and the coaches Tuesday night, sounds like he knew he was getting traded to Calgary since the trade only happened this morning. http://www.hitmenhockey.com/article/similar-situation-for-tambellini
  4. I was going to say the same thing. I could see the remaining players forming an even stronger bond around a situation like this, and really start playing great as a team.
  5. Not saying you aren't, but I prefer to be in this group.
  6. I'd say 0% chance. If it were to get moved, it would basically be the NCAA admitting they made a mistake, and that's incredibly unlikely.
  7. You can listen to it without downloading the iheartradio app at http://www.iheart.com/live/961-The-Fox-1681/
  8. Anyone able to get the undsports radio broadcast to work?
  9. I know I have heard of coaches from schools playing in bowls games leaving prior to the bowl game to start working for their new schools. They probably have to work something out between the schools to allow this though. I'm guessing it would be a little easier for a coordinator/position coach to miss a bowl game than the head coach, which is what I remember seeing before.
  10. West 7th Burger at Shamrocks in St. Paul. Best burger I've ever had.
  11. That the "What makes you happy today?" thread has turned into some weird, stupid Pens vs. Bruins debate.
  12. The one in Roseville had the Vermont series. Just call ahead and they should be able to put it on a tv for you.
  13. The fact that I can't find the clothes that work for my Halloween costume, Stefon from SNL.
  14. I think the announcer kept calling Rocco "Gamaldi." He was not only terrible, but also incredibly boring. We didn't even see I think it was the fourth goal because the camera quickly cut to a zoomed in area above the crowd. Hopefully other league teams have better broadcasts. Seeing that small arena though, makes me think it'd be really cool to get to a game there sometime.
  15. I think it's because Torii was always a great guy on and off the field and was fun to watch. He wanted more years and money than the Twins were willing/able to pay at the time, so they parted on good terms. A.J. was and is an @$$ who got traded to make room for Mauer. I think it was Gardy, or maybe Ozzie G., who once said something like, "You hate him when he's on the other team, and when he's on your team, you hate him a little less." He just wasn't the charasmatic and likeable guy Torii was. Although Torii winning a WS would be nice, I'm rooting against the Tigers because they're in the Central. Anyways, when news outlets use Twitter posts as news. THAT bothers me.
  16. Anyone know if Joe Sensor's or anywhere would be able to pick up and are showing the game?
  17. These one game Wild Card rounds are so stupid. It's basically just an unecessary game 163.
  18. Great news! That's such a good look! This is really making me consider getting the UND Insider online package.
  19. Who do you think they are, the Timberwolves?
  20. I'm not sure what all this gibber-gabber back and forth is all about. NDSU has been killing it recently in FBS and it's super cool that Game Day will be there. It doesn't mean they're any less stupid. You just have to give it up to them this week because they've earned this attention and are bringing something awesome that people from all over the state can take pride in. Just because they're too baby to play UND in football doesn't mean we can't give it up for them for just one week. If I weren't living in Minneapolis and going to see the Gophers on Saturday, I'd consider going to Fargo just to see the pre-game. Sounds like a great weekend for ND football!
  21. I cringed a little when I first heard the line about the deep river and the water rushing over them. Not that I'm offended or whatever, but with people being so flippin' sensitive these days, i could see that line causing a bit of a stir.
  22. I wonder why he is wrting about this now. Seems way too late to have a new story about it.
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