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  1. If he blew the whistle.....why did he signal a goal?
  2. But you've been season ticket holder for a long time though, right?
  3. If I don't get the start... I'm transferring.
  4. Way better effort tonight than last night. If we win I'm going to take credit for that!
  5. I like the lineup... looking forward to what Senden brings.
  6. At some point this year we are going to need a kick.
  7. Go to the wcha site and click on flohockey....12.50 a month.... cancel anytime.
  8. Great idea! Mascots are for kids.....and nothing screams kid friendly more, than a mascot named Mike Hawk.
  9. Plus... Berry is the one standing in the way of Grand Forks getting an AHL team.
  10. Bast is out....would think he's on the top pairing when he's back.
  11. I would "imagine" this qualifies as hockey hate.
  12. Boeser and Stecher....Vancouver opened against the Flames.
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