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  1. I will be there hoping for a home team sweep!
  2. This may have been discussed but is the Friday night game NOT on TV? I saw it was listed as a Big 10 Network game with Saturday nights being an FSN game. FSN has the Timberwolves on Friday night. Is anybody local picking up the feed?
  3. In a related story: The Betty Englestad Sioux Center will be moving to 48oz serving size for beer to help fans deal with the product on the floor.
  4. I was lucky enough to have dinner with your father at a football function years ago. It was a fun time and I will always remember him as a great man and a great ambassador of UND Athletics!
  5. All around tough schedule, minus the NAIA game. By the time they get to us they may be pretty beat up. Tough way to open a year.
  6. Here is my rant: I know some about basketball, no expert, but have played and watched my whole life. I obviously don
  7. They quickly realized that idea was a bad one. The field would only have been 40 yards long because of the track having to be there too. Terrible idea.
  8. Demolition is all part of the cost. They are looking into seeing how much money can be reclaimed by selling the copper, steel, etc. from the Old Ralph. As far as the YSU facility, I would think UND's is going to look very similar to that with an added turf area on the end for lineman. Also, a major cost of any of these facilities is the exterior. A decision needs to be made on how nice the exterior is going to look because going fancy can really drive up the cost.
  9. From what I have heard, it will be done in Phases because of the fundraising issue. These days money needs to be in hand vs. a "pledge". The first phase would be the track and football field. After that the locker rooms, weight room, coaches offices, etc. would come in the next phase. I would expect that the demolition of the Old Ralph would begin shortly after the new year.
  10. "In 2008-09, NDSU awarded 3,066 waivers that totaled more than $13 million. In a report for 2007-08 for the North Dakota University System, NDSU had $11 million in waivers compared to the University of North Dakota
  11. You have it figured it out pretty well I would say. He is hands down the most obnoxious, embarrassing "fan" of a team that I have ever seen. I know some Bison fans are embarrassed by his actions but they pretty much tolerate him for some reason. He makes their fan base look terrible on every forum he enters, and any blog that relates to UND. Just leave him alone and he will eventually go away, for awhile.
  12. That is unacceptable even if nobody cares about the program (they better wonder why either). Have some pride for cripes sake.
  13. OK, thanks for your opinion. We all now know how you stand and appreciate the interest. I for one am very happy to have both of them as I have heard nothing but good things. We need depth at the skill positions and they provide that.
  14. Your awfully negative for being a 'Sioux' fan. The last few posts out of you seem really familiar.
  15. The idea of converting it was a bad one. Not an option. It will be demolished and the new one will go on that site.
  16. I found it interesting that two of our non-conference opponents from this year were league champions. Stony Brook won the Big South when they beat Liberty and effectively knocked them out of the playoffs. Stephen F Austin won the Southland and is playing Eastern Washington in the first round.
  17. I see that New Mexico State was picked 5th in the WAC preseason poll so that is definitely a quality road win!
  18. Good comeback. Where have you been all Fall anyway? We missed you!
  19. I believe this is how the FCS picks the playoff field, by using computer rankings as part of the Gridiron Power Index. So yes I do like to follow it! Oh, and your three wins this year were ranked accordingly in the Gridiron Power Index (out of 125 teams): Wagner: 92 Western Illinois: 84 Indiana State: 105 Edit: Where were you all season Dan? You were awfully quiet around here.
  20. I am sure if they needed a team they would look at NDSU. JBB says that the exposure the SunBelt would get having the Fargo market would be huge for the conference.
  21. Very good! I like the size and he appears to be able to play DT or LB in the future depending on how big he gets.
  22. There will be a big difference in attendance and tailgating next year once we get back to a regular schedule. Having no games in September absolutely killed both. The weather is much nicer in September leading to more tailgating, its that simple. These last two games were very windy outside and that doesn't make the casual person want to be out there. Plus it was cold and windy for Cal Poly, not fun. Look at how good attendance and tailgating was last year when we started out with 3 home games in September, it was great. And that was against 2 Division II teams and 1 Division III team. We should never have this problem again IMO. 2010 schedule: Sept. 4 Idaho Moscow, ID Sept. 11 Northern Illinois Dekalb, IL Sept. 18 Northeastern State Grand Forks, ND Sept. 25 Northwestern State Grand Forks, ND Oct. 2 South Dakota Vermillion, SD Oct. 9 Southern Utah Grand Forks, ND Oct. 23 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA Oct. 30 Lamar Grand Forks, ND Nov. 6 UC Davis Grand Forks, ND Nov. 13 Montana Mizzoula, MT As you can see, two games in September and 1 in early October. Plus the Halloween weekend game is the night before Halloween instead of on it.
  23. I will be at the game, drinking some beers and enjoying the last home game of the year! I want to see a complete game, dominating for 4 quarters with the backups getting some reps at the end. UND 45 SO 10
  24. One of them knows the 3-4 very well and one doesn't. Not to hard to figure out which one is which.
  25. UND1983

    UND vs SUU

    I for one will be at the game. I am excited to see the talent that Cal Poly brings to the Alerus, as should most Sioux fans. Plus after the game we can go out for Halloween!
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