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  1. NDSU had 15,500. South Dakota had 5,415.
  2. Wondering why our star RB is not playing every third game when he isn't injured is far from gossip.
  3. Problem is this ain't high school amymore, he is getting paid now through NIL, along with cost of attendance and a scholarship. Time to grow up or go play intramurals
  4. Huh. Tried to say that the other day but..
  5. our two best offensive players are not playing due to a never-ending hamstring pull (maag) and not doing what he is supposed to be doing (weah). great leadership
  6. Quarantined at a HS football game?
  7. He has been injured with a hamstring injury since Idaho State. Really?
  8. Wow you really thought this through. Appreciate the effort
  9. He has the worst hamstring pull anybody has ever seen.
  10. Don't make a lazy hire in the first place and then he wouldn't have to deal with this down the road. Chaves own fault.
  11. how many guys on NDSU's current roster are going to be cut in May? It's a Covid recruiting class and they already twice as many commits as everyone else. simple question.
  12. 5'11" or so. He is small but an ox.
  13. He is undersized but a tough kid.
  14. What if I told you what he did happened THAT week and it needed to be addressed THAT week. Crazy right
  15. Then was chased by several of them for 50+ yards and not caught. The highlight is out there.
  16. Weren't all your DBs chasing Otis last spring?
  17. What's funny is UND got blown out by NDSU in the "fluky" spring but played them even and lost by 6 in the fall. Weird.
  18. That's not what you said. Completely different topic. I want to know what QB's are carrying their teams when the running game is shut down.
  19. Do you see alot of QB that can carry their team without a running game? I don't
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