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  1. Thanks but I’m taking my father and would like to sit with him
  2. Looking for 2 tickets for sioux game on Monday
  3. Does und play the night game on Monday night
  4. Trying to get game for him

  5. My father is 85 says it’s not on nchc tv is this the case

  6. Looking for regional tickets next weekend. Pm me fgobrooksfamily@aol.com
  7. If offered und will go. Need the money for coa. I don't like the days the big ten play the games.Not sure it's a good move. I don't live in Grand Forks and would not be able to attend as many games. As a season ticket holder there are many of us that drive to the games Friday and Saturday nights from 150 - 200 miles away and some stay over night. Won't work well with work.
  8. I dont do much posting on this sight but I do read most of the posts .This is not the forum for this topic. There are more things important then hockey and this is one of them.I am offended by this post and as a sioux hockey fan I demand it be taken down.
  9. where in west fargo is this establishment
  10. I think the writing is on the wall. We dont have the tribes support for the use of the name and logo.The NCAA will fight us until they win. Other schools wont play us. With the move to D1 the school does not need this on its plate.I think the name will be gone within the next year or two.
  11. I own guns and have taken several classes on gun saftey with my sons. I think most people would use deadlly force to protect there family. Shooting a hand gun is alot harder than most people know and it takes alot of practice to hit what your shooting at.As an nra member and avid hunter I support the right to own a gun.
  12. I have changed my mind about student seating after the 5 years in the new rink. Im not a student but I think they should get a few of the lower bowl seats and the band should also be on the lower bowl. The atmosphere at the new ralph is not as good as in the old. The students get the crowd going and off there butts. Most people just sit and wait for the students to get us going. I dont like them standing the whole game but if we give alittle so will they.Well Im at it I really hate the make over scheme they have where they take someone out of the crowd and do a complete make over, then they put them on the screen with 2 to 3 minutes to go in a close game the crowd is getting in to it and then they pop on the main screen with this makeover person at the worst possible time
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