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  1. I agree with SiouxAlum01, But I Have One Additional Point! Why do we not find a goalie who will play out of his mind come tournament time? Food For Thought! I was wondering if Karl G. is involved in goalie recruiting or not or just coaching?
  2. Weather In Omaha Now! SNOWING AND HAS SNOWED ALL-NIGHT SO FAR! Still 9 Days Away From The Start Of The UND-UNO Games! Hopefully By Next Week The Weather Will Be Mild? I Did Look At The 10 Day Forecast & Temperatures in the 40's approaching 50 degrees were forecast for later next week! Wishing ALL UND FANS Good Travel Weather And A Great Time In Omaha! And Two UND Wins Would Be Super Nice!
  3. To runaround sioux I'll keep you guys posted on the weather forecast, especially as we enter next week. Today in Omaha High 39, Wednesday High 26, Thursday High 14 Low 1, and Friday High 32 I'll post the forecast for next week when we get it!
  4. Hi Watchmaker I hope we have a warm day for you if you are gonna wear shorts? Tomorrow Omaha is going to have a high of 14! But the next day we could get up to 50!
  5. I'm not going to Omaha! I'M ALREADY HERE HA HA HEE HEE! Looking forward to my Relatives from Mayville who are coming down to see the games and to visit!
  6. Maybe someday the Sioux can play in one of those winter/holiday outdoor games? The Sioux/Gophers could have a game at the new Target Field? I Love Watching The Yearly NHL Winter Classic Game!
  7. Tough year up to this point! Will Always Love The Sioux Even In Turbulent Times! Keep your focus and work effort up team! Forever Sioux!
  8. Wishing you a great second half Matt and congratulations on your return! Go Sioux!
  10. Thanks everyone who replied back... I got the audio to work, but had to set up a new account with new email address though. GLAD THE SIOUX GOT THE WEEKEND SWEEP
  11. Thank you for the suggestion . Unfortunately it is not working? I'm using my password and old email address from last year and beyond. So I do not know what to do? Do i have to set up a new email address and start all over? This is almost enought to make you becoma a gopher fan.....
  12. I just want to listen to the audio? WHy does the site keep asking about premium service to get audio?
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