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  1. I realize this is a little off topic, but why should someone be able to change "fix" another person's post?
  2. I would like to see us add coaches with more D1 experience. I realize that there are lots of good coaches at other levels, but I think those with D1 experience could add insight to the talent level of athletes that we will need to compete every year at this level.
  3. I went to the game last night and there was a decent crowd - 1800+. The women have looked pretty good during the last homestand. I was disappointed that there wasn't more promotion for Roebuck at the game last night. I didn't see any ads in the paper or on TV or hear anything on the radio. Many of his old players were there, but no introductions or at a minimum having the group go out on the floor at halftime to recognize the national championships, the regional and conference championships and the many all conference and All Americans that have been a part of Roebuck's career here. They did ask the players to stand during a time out, but it was hard to see anybody. Maybe he or they didn't want anything more. Congratulations Coach Roebuck on a great career here at UND. Good luck the rest of the season. I will miss seeing you on the bench.
  4. He didn't play many minutes as Freshman. I know some of it was injury related, but not sure how much. But, yes, that group has been snakebit.
  5. How about Mitch Wilmer - freshman and sophomore.
  6. I knew Webb would be gone, but what about the other three, all injuries?
  7. I don't know if it is a factor or not, but not many of the coaches (especially coordinators) at either school have D1 coaching experience. They have done well at other levels, but have not been part of a DI program as a coach.
  8. Thanks, I found it. It is above the "Reply to this topic" area.
  9. Not having the ability to move to the next page at the bottom of the current page is very inconvenient.
  10. Does anyone know what is going to be built on the south end of Alerus lot? It also appears that another area a couple of blocks further south has been marked for construction.
  11. Is recruiting done for the 2011-12 season? Does anyone know the status of Ashley Privratsky?
  12. Looks like the gophers think he is worth a look as well. Link
  13. Anything scheduled in the Denver area?
  14. Brianna Williams of Hopkins is playing in the MN State Tournament this week. Looks like the game is Wednesday at 10:00 AM. Don't know if it is televised.
  15. Allard had been doing a good job of getting the ball inbounds against the pressure and the switch was made to Webb as the inbounder. The timeout before the half also allowed UVU to set up for what resulted in a 3 pointer at the end of half.
  16. Last men's and women's games were both great to watch. Lots of points and some great passes for scores. I'm looking forward to the other games this week. Go Sioux!
  17. Any word yet on whether UND made the trip?
  18. I'm not sure that either really need the game, but 10,000 tickets sold for Saturday's basketball game in Fargo might indicate that people like to see the schools compete against each other.
  19. One issue might be the small number of coaches on the staff that have D1 coaching or playing experience. Maybe some of the athletes and schemes that would put us at the top of DII might not make us as competitive in D1.
  20. Weston Dressler and Ryan Chappel were pretty exciting to watch a couple of years back.
  21. Two Tickets for Friday NIght Section 315 - $60 for the pair. PM if interested.
  22. Is there any news on the status of Kate Sharkova? If not, can UND expect an answer soon or could this year count as a redshirt year?
  23. Any word on the non-signing of the girl from Fargo South?
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