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  1. I have a pair of tickets for each game of the UND vs Minnesota hockey series available. The tickets are in PDF format so I can email them over. Please make an offer if you are interested. Thanks! Thursday November 28 - Section 24 Row 13 Friday November 29 - Section 15 Row 4
  2. DO you still have the tickets for the Sioux game this weekend? Good luck but if you have just Friday I would be able to go as I cant go Thursday not sure if it helps at all. 

  3. I have 2 tickets available for both Friday and Saturday night against Denver this weekend. These tickets are in PDF format so I can just email them to you. I paid $20 for each ticket each night and just looking to get that back. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks! Friday - Section 6, Row 5 Saturday - Section 7, Row 5, Aisle
  4. Interested in tickets. So you have 4 tickets for 4 people correct?

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    2. sioux rube
    3. sioux rube

      sioux rube

      Tickets arrived today. Thanks again 

    4. Lobo


      Glad to hear it! No problem and thank you!

  5. I have 4 West Regional (Fargo) General Admission Tickets for Sale in section GA3. These are 2 Day Tickets (1 ticket each day) and good for all 3 games. I am selling not because UND may not make it but because I no longer can make the trip up there. I paid $98 each for each 2 day ticket and looking to get as much back as I can. They only offered the printed mailed paper tickets so these would have to be mailed. I live in Utah. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the tip man! It's working so far!
  7. Lobo

    Western Regional

    If they sold 5 mins early in person, us onliners didn't stand a chance.
  8. Lobo

    Western Regional

    Nope! No luck here. Not even a single seat.
  9. This probably won't help with the hockey portion but may make it look and feel a bit nicer. http://targetcenterrenovation.org/
  10. I was at the game last night. Lots of green and way louder than any DU presence at any point during the game. The student section was pitiful and only a third full. Also quite a few empty seats around the arena. Definitely a home game presence for UND. Great to see! On another note, plenty of DU staff picking on UND fans and basically shutting them out from standing or cheering at times and it got to point where they were sitting near the fans the while third period. After the game, about 10 DU fans standing near that area talking and whining about the incident. This happens every time I go to a game there. Quite embarrassing for them.
  11. Lobo

    SDSU Predictions

    I can't get the webcast to work. Anyone else having problems or have any suggestions? I have tried both in Chrome and IE. Thanks!
  12. We went the group ticket route to avoid any of this garbage. 32 for Friday and 36 for Saturday! Suck it DU!
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