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  1. siouxfan68

    2019 Season

    In December there was an article about a new hire at UND Volleyball, Jeremiah Tiffen as Associate Head Coach. As far as I can tell, there have been no updates to the Web site. Is he on campus and part of the staff? Also, have there been any official press releases on NLI's for incoming Freshman?
  2. siouxfan68

    UND (4-7) vs Idaho (8-4) 12/29 7 PM

    Does any know the status of the non-players that are dressed (McCauley, Moody, etc). I know McCauley has played and was injured, not sure about Moody and the other Freshman.
  3. siouxfan68

    Arbor Park

    What makes the Arbor Park lot more attractive for development than the empty lot a half a block down on the corner?
  4. siouxfan68

    2016 Volleyball season

    Is Jordan Vail injured. She hasn't played much lately.
  5. siouxfan68

    President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    In general I agree with this approach. It makes no sense to me to cut any sports before we know our conference situation is set. I prefer the BIg Sky over the Summit, with home and home series every other year with the Dakota schools if possible. To me, a conference for football is a critical part of any discussion and should be the first consideration.
  6. siouxfan68

    Big Sky Outdoor Track Meet

    Meet Schedule
  7. siouxfan68

    UND vs UC Irvine

    Avants 8-18 (44.4%) on 3's for the season.
  8. siouxfan68

    2015/16 Season

    I don't think she played. Of the Freshman, I thought that Klabo, Freije, Morton, Asuncion and Haas all looked like they could help. Haas didin't play much, but I really liked the way she posted up and went to the basket. Asuncion and Klabo looked a little nervous, so these exhibitions will help them.
  9. siouxfan68

    2015 Volleyball Season

    I agree, I wonder if she and Sidney are not quite on the same page, yet, and the timing is a little off. Sidney is really just in her first year and replaced an all conference level four year starter.
  10. siouxfan68

    2015 Volleyball Season

    I was at the Betty last night. What a great atmosphere. I was surprised that Julia Spacek played all three sets and Harnett, and Giesbrecht did not see any action at all. She did not seem to have near the power of the other two, but maybe she makes fewer mistakes. Any insight?
  11. siouxfan68

    Game Day Thread

    I was at the game and those officials were a little shaky, especially early. I wouldn't doubt the sideline official told the WR he was OK.
  12. siouxfan68

    Twins ?

    Did anyone see the ball that Sano hit off the catwalk last night? It might still be going if it hadn't hit the roof.
  13. siouxfan68

    Fall Camp 2015

    On the radio this morning, i think Coach S. said the names of the captains would be released today and depth charts on Tuesday.
  14. siouxfan68

    Please attend

    I wonder how many people at the rally are wearing "North Dakota" gear?
  15. siouxfan68

    2015 season

    Is there any chance that Jade Lawrence will get a look at running back?