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  1. what's with the hate towards mannausau?
  2. word is Jeff Richter will be brought in as Kelling's replacement, he has been with Dosch at NSU in Aberdeen, SD So I guess the dream of some big time DI asst is not going to happen. But I am glad it is someone from the program who knows what UND FB is about and will be passionate about getting our team prepared each week/season to be successful.
  3. Rumor mill has been spinning Coach Kelling left for U-Mary D-Coordinator due to McMahon resigning,but article says he will coach through spring ball, so is Kelling still at UND? Wondering how that all works when new coordinator will come in the fall.....
  4. You need to see Bruce Lee's [Way of the Dragon as Chuck gets worked in the Collesium in the closing fight scene.
  5. skeletor_24

    UMD Bulldogs

    Just wanted to mention that there are two kids from the GF/EGF schools on the roster. Riley Lealos is from EGF and plays D-line and Brad Just is from Red River HS playing FS. Both are great kids and now have an opportunity to play for a national championship. I am not sure how much Lealos plays and Brad is a reserve, but nobody can take away the experience they will have this weekend. Good luck to the Bulldogs and to our area kids!
  6. Great response, some sanity in a sea of insanity.
  7. If any of you live in GF, when you drive by the Apollo softball/baseball complex, by Red River HS, UND & the Parkboard have finally made UND's Softball team's field somewhat personalized by painting the dugouts and a screen in the fence with UND Fighting Sioux Softball printed on it. So if it can be done there, then I agree that the Alerus should become more "UNDalized" for lack of a better term. The locker rooms look nice, but how many of us hang out in there on a regular basis? I really like the idea of the UND permanent display somewhere at the Alerus with some type of portable displays used on game days. Maybe with new leadership at the athletic and university levels, something may get done in the next season or so.
  8. Greg would have to get more serious about all coaching aspects, I will not argue his ability to relate and teach kids the techniques needed to play the position he is coaching, but he does not do all the extra "coaching" things the others do that would make it seem he wants more than the volunteer label which by NCAA rule no longer exists at the FCS level (limited staff paid staff, GA's, and not any volunteer coaches). That includes the normal filmwork/breakdown of opponents each week, being at the football office all day meeting with players or other coaches about the game plan, recruiting once the playing season is done, attending clinics and getting better as a coach, doing all the little things that need to be done on a daily basis to maintaiin what our program does. If he wants a paid position , I would hope Coach Mussman would demand more of him.
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