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  1. Do we still have an opening for an assistant coach at UND Volleyball? Did Dan Brown leave?
  2. Having a D2 offer from North Dakota could mean Mary, Minot State, etc. It didn't say UND.
  3. Will any of the transfers be here during the summer or can they not report until fall camp?
  4. Does anyone know if our recruiting for next season is complete, or are we still looking? I'm assuming that we haven't heard back from the NCAA on the Nash appeal. Will that affect future recruiting for next season?
  5. I like these - some have been mentioned before. Express - Some type of railroad theme Voyageurs - Early Fur Traders or Space related theme Pride - Lion theme Raptors (Bird of Prey Type Raptor not Toronto Raptor) - Peregrine falcons have a nest on campus. No particular order, but Express is my first choice.
  6. Today is the first day of the regular signing period. Do we expect any additions to MBB in the next couple of days?
  7. I would like to hear an explanation from the officials or the Big Sky on why that was not an intentional foul against Schuler at the end of the game. It is my understanding that the rule was put in place for just that type of situation, to avoid an injury to a player. In this case, the complete advantage went to the fouling team. One of our best free throw shooters isn't able to continue and the opposing coach gets to pick who shoots the free throws. Plus, the officials put extra time on the clock. The non-call in this case, encourages teams to continue the practice.
  8. Is there any update on Siri Burck? She didn't play the second half on Saturday and looked to be in quite a bit of discomfort>
  9. Josie Dillon and Katie Houdek have not played for several games. Katie has had lots of injury issues and she may not be able to play any more. Josie had a broken nose earlier in the season, but I'm assuming that has healed. Does anyone know the official or unofficial status of either? Also, there is a new person on the bench, supposedly a semester transfer. Does anyone have any information on her?
  10. I believe i read that Stetson Carr from Hazen transferred to UND. Does anyone know if he has any thoughts of playing here.
  11. Interesting, when I went through the partial list a week or so ago, I wrote down these three names - Mark Pryor, Jeremiah Larsen, and J.T. Wenger.
  12. I hope our wings do more catch and shoot tonight than catch, pump fake and pass. We need at least one of those wings to start scoring from the three point line. Should be two good games this weekend. We need a sweep at home.
  13. Is there any news on the volleyball coach position? I believe the posting closed last weekend. Does anyone have an updated list of applicants?
  14. I'm still concerned that we have too many staff with a DII background. Hopefully, the time at SIU by the head coach and coordinator will help us recruit more players that have the talent to excel at the FCS level.
  15. I believe Coastal Carolina and South Carolina State both play in the FCS playoffs today.
  16. They are, except for 3 positions and the bench.
  17. Does anyone know what's going on with Josie Dillon? I know she was wearing a mask for the exhibition game, but she didn't play on the Iowa trip and I didn't see her yesterday at the USD game.
  18. Does the name Adam Roland sound familiar?
  19. Has anyone heard if Samantha Roscoe, the center from Australia, has been cleared to play? I see she is on the roster. Might she be a redshirt?
  20. Back in the days of yesteryear, a university that may be named later would designate a series, for example the first series of the second quarter, that the #2 quarterback would play. It gave him game experience, the defense a different look, and the offense new it was going to happen. Not really sure about the stats for that, but the university typically had a pretty good record.
  21. 2013-2014 Roster Posted. It looks like everyone is here.
  22. The two best non-conference home games that I saw were NDSU in late November and SDSU in early December. I think the rest of the conference schedule basically mirrors the women's schedule except for one double header. I haven't heard anything about non-conference road games.
  23. I think that we have to realize that all coaches, heads and assistants, are looking for what they think might be career advancements. Hopefully, we find the best that we can and that they help move the program forward in the time that they are here, however long that is. This looks like a good addition to the staff with quite a bit of D1 on court and recruiting experience. Good luck to Coach Shay and UND basketball.
  24. I have thought of "Pride" (lion image) as well and think it might be interesting. My other favorite that is not listed is "Express" with some railroad related image.
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