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  1. Although some of the games were confirmed earlier, I don't think the schedule was officially released last year until the beginning of September.
  2. Just in case anyone is interested, former UND star Jerome Beasely was drafted by Miami in the same year as Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade were drafted. Sorry to say, his last ten years have not been as successful as theirs. He was a pleasure to watch at UND and hopefully he can turn things around.
  3. Maybe a slight exaggeration. And, what business do you represent?
  4. This could be a really nice get. I assume that he has to sit out a year and then will have two years remaining. Does anyone know for sure?
  5. Wow, all three assistants in Women's Basketball have left the program. I'm not sure about the reasons. Mallory Youngblut, Val Sannes and a former gopher (I think) are the replacements.
  6. There were several recruits at the Alerus on Saturday. Does anyone have any ideas on who was here at the spring game?
  7. Current Projects. http://gfplanning.weebly.com/
  8. There is a nice looking 6'9" forward that just finished his career at Casper College that looks like he would be a good addition. He is supposedly looking at bigger schools, but as far as I can tell hasn't committed anywhere, yet.
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    Are there any rumors on who has applied for the defensive coaching position? According to the ad, the closing date was last week and my guess is they will name someone soon. Spring practice starts on Monday.
  10. I'm just curious. How does UND travel on longer trips like this one to Denver. Do they take a bus or do they fly and have a bus take their equipment and be available for use when they get to Denver? Or, do they just take all of the equipment on a flight and hire transportation when they get there? Thanks.
  11. Maybe with this team it's better if we shoot after 1 or 2 passes, if we are even close to open. We have pretty good offensive rebounders. It seems the longer we try to hang onto the ball, the more likely we are to turn it over.
  12. Just take a look at the left column of this website. There are 14 articles listed and 13 of them have to do with UND hockey. There are 6 videos listed and all of them are UND hockey videos. I know that there have been several articles written and videos produced in the last week about other sports and athletes in other sports, but the person that edits this website chooses not to include links to those articles or videos. I'm not sure more exposure on this site would help attendance, but it would be nice to see a little more balance.
  13. Sometimes the lack of assists is due to the player catching the ball not being able to finish. There may have been 10 or more opportunities for assists Thursday night where players either didn't catch the ball or didn't put the ball in the hole.
  14. Are we expecting another group of recruits on campus this weekend?
  15. Does anyone know the 40 yd times for our returning running backs and/or receivers?
  16. I agree with you on Schuler, he has a good understanding of the game and he is too unselfish. He needs to be ready to shoot when he catches the ball. He had a great pull up jumper that he rarely uses anymore - last night he went up and then passed it backwards for a turnover. If he is not going to look for a shot more often, I would would play Antwi and tell him to look to score more. I agree the lack of scoring from bigs is a huge problem, but that it looks like that is not going to change much in the near future, so you have to go with what you have.
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    and many times they don't.
  18. Does anyone have any updates on what our roster might look like for the Bowling Green game on Friday? Is Brekke going to be able to play. What about the status of Traylor? Is there any good news about Nash? Is there a chance that they might pull the red-shirt on Salmonson? It would be nice to get this win at home.
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    Who is #99?

    Does anyone know who #99 is? He lines up as an end and looks like a tackle. Thanks.
  20. 2012-2013 Roster posted. Earlier commit Emma Weinrich, a 6' 1" forward, is not listed.
  21. I saw the ad online, but has it been on TV?
  22. I was wondering the same thing? You would have thought it would have started before the individual games went on sale.
  23. I do seem to remember that UND added a considerable amount of money to upgrade the turf that was installed. They may have a had more input into the "look" of the field because of the contribution.
  24. Similar to Explorers, but with a connection to the area might be Voyageurs. I also like Express, with a locomotive or train logo.
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