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  1. 2 tickets in Section 105, Row K, seats 7 and 8 for UND v..Bemidji State. This is the end where UND shoots twice. $80 for the pair. Text me or call me at (701) 371-0195.
  2. 2 tickets for UND/RPI Hall of Fame hockey game this Saturday, October 15th. Section 105, Row K, seats 7 and 8. Great seats--where UND shoots twice. $50 each/100 total. Call or text me at (701) 371-0195
  3. Sat tickets are sold. Friday tickets still available for $50 for 2 tickets
  4. i have 2 sets of tickets in section 105 row k seats 5 and 6 (behind where UND shoots twice) for all 3 nights. I'm looking for $25 per night (Fri and Sat) for a total of $100. I will sell Friday and Sat separately for $50 for 2 tickets. Call or text me at (701) 371-0195.
  5. I have 2 tickets for sale for Saturday, February 20 for UMD. They are in Section 105, Row K, seats 5 and 6. Great seats behind where UND shoots twice. $100 for both ($50 apiece). UND fans only please. Please contact me by text at (701) 371-0195.
  6. I agree. I hope the Lions do realize that even though Calvin Johnson may not be as dominant as he once was, he will be impossible to replace. He is a match-up nightmare still and gets double teamed every game. He makes everyone around him better. If what he really wants is to get paid what is owing under his contract, they should pay him. They lost Suh and the defense went way down. Megatron is arguably more valuable than Suh and twice the person.
  7. No. If that was the case, why would he tell Matthew Stafford before the season that this year would be his last and swear him to secrecy? The Lions were coming off of an 11-5 year, and lost a very tough playoff game to Dallas (which similarly lost a very tough game to Green Bay), which means they were seemingly close to contending. It would make sense if he said it after this year, which had to be disappointing. I truly believe it is because he is very beat up physically. However, Nate Burleson believes that a factor may be that the Lions are set to pay him $24 million this year under his contract and there have been rumors swirling that they wanted him to restructure his contract. He may be making a statement that if they want to keep him, they have to pay him what he is owed under his contract. Frankly, he deserves whatever they pay him. He is a class act, plays hurt, and is probably in the top 5 all time receivers.
  8. I assume that you are a Vikings fan, so people that live in glass houses should not throw stones. Since 2010, the Vikings are 42-53-1, and the Lions are 45-51. They both have 2 playoff appearances and 2 losses. The only difference is that the Lions got screwed last year when the refs picked up the flag against Dallas. The Vikings didn't get screwed, they just missed a 26 yard FG. If AP decides to retire, we certainly can understand why
  9. Do you mean the Lions who swept the Vikings in 2014 and 2011?
  10. I have 2 tickets for tonight in 105 where Sioux shoot twice. $80 for both or best offer. Text at 701 371-0195
  11. I have 2 tickets for CC Saturday night located in Section 105, Row K, seats 5 and 6. They are great seats, right behind where UND shoots twice. I'm asking $100 for the pair. You can text me at (701) 371-0195. I'm in Fargo, but I can call the tickets in to REA.
  12. I have 2 lower bowl tickets available for Saturday night against UNO (1/16/16). They are great seats, Section 105, Row K, seats 5 and 6, located right behind the goal where UND shoots twice. $50 each or $100 total for both tickets. Text me at (701) 371-0195.
  13. I have 2 tickets for sale for US 18 team this Saturday. They are located in Section 105, Row K, seats 5 and 6. They are great seats, where UND shoots twice. I am asking $50 for the pair. Text me at (701) 371-0195.
  14. Title IX has a lot to do with why hockey is not offered. The other factor is start up cost because you need an arena. It is a huge money maker at UND and a number of other schools. Don't kid yourself as to what stirs the drink and funds the other programs at UND. It is the only reason that Omaha had football as long as it did because it always operated in the red, but the hockey program was so far in the black that it funded the other sporfts. As profitable as men's hockey is and can be, women's hockey is not at this point. If you start men's hockey, you have to start an equivalent women's program. If hockey was not attractive or popular, I don't think you would have had Penn State and Arizona State recently starting D1 hockey, and there have been discussions at a number of other schools, including USC and Iowa. Football might be going the other way with all of the concussions.
  15. That may be the "official" attendance (probably based upon tickets sold), but there was not that many in attendance. I was at the UNI game, and that place was not even 1/2 full. You could closed your eyes and thrown a rock in any direction without fear of hitting anyone.
  16. I live in Fargo and have been to a number of NDSU football games. 20,000 is the exception, not the rule. They have had good attendance the past few years, but when they were 3-8, they were lucky if they had 10,000 per game. UND also has 20 home hockey games, so 11.5 x 20=230,000. NDSU only has 5 home games, so that is at best 100,000. Even if you add playoff games (the Bison might get 2 or 3; UND gets 2 or 3 also), there really is no comparison. That is why the hockey coaches get paid so much more than the football and basketball coaches, as they should. NDSU fans tailgate very well, but the games are boring and I really don't care about Western Illinois, South Dakota State, South Dakota, Missouri State, Youngstown State or other MVFC teams. I would prefer a Frozen Four that might have schools like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State, Boston College, Providence or Denver.
  17. You mean like we are being realistic about JV football, whether it be labeled FCS, DII, DIII or anything other than FBS D1 football?? For that matter, who cares about D1 basketball outside of the top conferences and a handful of mid majors like Gonzaga, Butler and Wichita State?
  18. This might be the dumbest post I have ever seen. Any DII title or FCS title dwarfs in comparison to a D1 hockey title. I like UND football and basketball to be competitive, but let's be realistic. The athletic budget is fueled by the success of UND's hockey program. Personally, I would rather not even have football or basketball if it meant watering down one of the premier hockey programs in the country. I do believe that UND can be successful at all of these sports, but hockey should continue to be the top priority. It is what UND is known for, much like Alabama, Florida State and Oklahoma in football, and Kentucky, Kansas and Duke in basketball. The Bison can have their FCS titles. I have absolutely no jealousy about their program--I just really don't care much and I really don't think it's that big of a deal. The only sport where we consistently attract pro athletes and compete with the best is hockey. The Bison have never had that experience and never will unless they move up to FBS and have success like a Boise State type program.
  19. Saying you "don't understand" means that you don't agree and/or like the fact that it is true. Jonathan Toews is a household name throughout the country who has billboards with his name and likeness throughout Chicago and the country, Michael Jordan wore his jersey on national TV, and he earns more than all of the NDSU players combined. That exposure is much more than any JV title. I have a problem with FCS, which is just a way for small schools to win a title and still call it D1 with an asterick. Other than this area, no one knows or cares about NDSU and its 4 titles. If you think I'm wrong, ask anyone if they knew that Marshall and Appalacian State won 3 straight titles or if they cared. Most people would prefer to follow the FBS teams. If you take it to its logical extreme, who knew or cared that Mankato won a D2 title in football?
  20. That's your opinion, and it is probably in the distinct minority outside of NDSU. I would take a D1 hockey title over an FCS football title any day. It is a much bigger deal and the athletes are certainly at the top of the sport. There has never been a Bison football player who was an NFL superstar and probably never will. On the other hand, the NHL is littered with college stars (roughly 1/3 of all NHL players, 1/3 Europeans and 1/3 Canadians from Major Juniors) that we see regularly at the REA, including many former UND players who are more famous than any former Bison football player--Jonathan Toews, Zach Parise, Matt Greene, Travis Zajac, TJ Oshie, Troy Murray, Jon Casey, Drew Stafford, etc. etc. Please don't try and compare a JV title to a D1 hockey title.
  21. I have 2 tickets for sale for Saturday night, Section 105 Row K, seats 5 and 6. Great seats. It is right behind the goal in the lower level where the Sioux shoot twice. $40 each/$80 total. Text or call me at (701) 371-0195.
  22. I'm voting Roughriders, but there is no way on this earth that I will ever vote for Nodaks. It is the worst of the choices by far. I don't care much for Fighting Hawks because it is generic, but at least it does not subject us to ridicule for having a name that makes us sound like a bunch of hicks. If it is between Nodaks and Fighting Hawks, I will vote for Fighting Hawks.
  23. McFooly and Kolpack are friends. McFooly is almost as big of an NDSU tool as Kolpack. They are both insufferable.
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