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  1. Brad Marchand makes every list of the dirtiest players in the NHL. See https://thehockeywriters.com/top-10-dirtiest-nhl-players/. That is just one example. Chara is on some of those lists. Chara loves to use his stick as a weapon.
  2. Marchand is enough of a reason to hate the Bruins, but I hate their style and the fact that they are a Boston team. You can defend them all you want but I don’t get why you seem intent to convince me otherwise.
  3. The Bruins have always played on edge and they are very proud of that reputation. It is not an isolated player or 2. I mentioned only a handful. How about Dave Forbes who ended Henry Boucha’s career, Mike Milbury or Terry O’Reilly? If you ask most fans, the Bruins and the Leafs would make most lists of most hated/dirtiest teams
  4. I get the sarcasm, but I still threw up a little in my mouth thinking of the Bruins winning the Cup...I dislike all Boston teams (college and pro) but the Bruins hold a special hatred because of their players over the years---Marchand, Chara, Lucic etc.--and their style of play.
  5. Where did you hear that? From everything I’ve heard, even after “falling” because of injuries, he will be between 2nd and 4th round.
  6. Corban Knight was drafted in the 5th round. Rizzo is expected to be drafted higher. Plus, he was at one time projected to be a 1st or 2nd round pick prior to injuries. He is a very skilled and highly recruited prospect.
  7. I agree. I also hope that the idea to play juniors was his or at least agreed upon. We don't need another Ryder Donovan situation. We brought in Corban Knight and Mark Senden early, and Rizzo seems to have a lot more upside. I'm pretty sure he could be top 6 on this team.
  8. I couldn't agree more. Very well stated. I love the Michaud get, but I would like to see Rizzo also. Make room for very good prospects.
  9. I agree that they are the favorite and I think they will win, but I hope anyone but UMD wins (even more than DU). I don't agree that they have good, legal checks. They play on edge, and Nick Wolff is about as dirty as they come. Keep in mind that this is the same UMD team that coincidentally injured Jost, Boeser and Tucker Poolman in the same year, and Pionk tried to injure Cam Johnson. I intensely dislike UMD and its fan base. They are always douchebags, much like Ciskie and Drunk Hockey Guy.
  10. Agree. My source is his family.
  11. Frisch is coming this fall. The source is pretty rock solid.
  12. Agree. I think it is fair to give Berry one more year, but if they miss again, he needs to go.
  13. 2 tickets for Frozen Faceoff March 22-23, 2019. Tickets are in Section 123, row 12, seats 14 and 15. $50 for both tickets, which are a 2 day pass for the 2 semifinal games, and the 3rd place and championship games. Call or text at (701) 371-0195.
  14. I must have watched a different game. We built a 3-0 lead and shut down DU the rest of the game. DU had a slight edge I in shots but that was because we played shut down and they outshot us in the 3rd. DU only had 22 shots or so.
  15. Huh? We beat them 4-1 the 1st game. We tied, lost in OT 2-1 and lost 2-1 in Denver. That’s 4 points
  16. I have 2 lower bowl tickets for sale for tonight in section 105, row K. $50 for the pair. Text me or call me at (701) 371-0195. I'm in Fargo, but I can call in to REA to leave at will call.
  17. I’m tired of his patronizing rants
  18. Yup. I have been a season ticket holder since 1986 and I’ve been going to games since the old barn. I’ve never been this discouraged. If they miss the tourney again next year (this year is a foregone conclusion) AND they keep Berry, I will give up my season tickets. This isn’t fun. Inferior talent, poor coaching and poor recruiting is not a good formula. I’m sick of this crap.
  19. Casey Johnson for starters. Bowen would be next followed by Yon. I realize that it is not going to happen, but Casey Johnson and Bowen are truly here because they are legacies, and it is apparent that we made the wrong choices. Archibald, Morelli and Ward would be better, but hindsight is 20/20.
  20. I have 2 lower bowl tickets for sale for tonight in section 105, row K. $60 for the pair. Text me or call me at (701) 371-0195. I'm in Fargo, but I can call in to REA to leave at will call.
  21. Bottle rockets are fun to watch but don’t do much when they get there
  22. What makes you think Bowen is a good penalty killer? Every time he is out of the lineup, UND kills off penalties. When he returns, they are terrible. This weekend is another example. He's gone on Friday and they kill off 6 out of 6. He comes back Saturday, and they give up 2 straight. He was on the ice for the 1st one again. Go back and look at the tapes. He is often out there when they get scored on during the PK. He does a great job of looking like he attempts to block shots on the PK, but he either does an "ole" and just acts as a screen for the goaltender or he does not pressure the point. He is almost as bad as Casey Johnson--he doesn't score, takes stupid penalties, and is not good on the penalty kill despite what some believe. For the life of me, I don't see why some of you on this board continue to defend him. He's not a good hockey player. He wouldn't be above average in the MIAC.
  23. What would lead you to believe that Bowen would get 15-20 goals? He had 3 points in 15 games with the Fargo Force in 2014-15 and 22 points in 47 games with Penticton in the BCHL in 2015-16. He has never been a scorer. The apple didn't fall far from the tree as his dad Jeff Bowen never scored at UND either. One of the main problems with this team is that they recruited a lot of forwards who were not scorers in juniors---Bowen, Yon, Keane, Senden and Smith to name a few. Senden will be a solid player because of his work ethic and leadership qualities, but to expect these players to all of the sudden be scorers in college when they didn't in juniors is unrealistic. I realize Kawaguchi, Hoff and Janatuinen did score in juniors, which has not translated in college at least for Hoff and JJ, but some of the lack of scoring punch was predictable.
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