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  1. Any predictions on 2019 Enrollment? I will note that the general consensus is that NDSU's enrollment is going to fall again. Edit: I will predict that UND's enrollment will be down a bit as well.
  2. Should go soccer style and have the home team wear the home dark jersey with the away team wearing any of their home/away/3rd depending on what gives the most contrast. Lots of times you could have home green against the other team's home jersey. No need for anyone to wear white.
  3. It will be interesting to see the census results coming up.
  4. Historically correct banners are awesome and I have wanted them to do that for years. Edit: Wish the banners were still hung above the ice though.
  5. I think this round logo works pretty good: http://siouxshop.com/store/product/28998/University-of-North-Dakota-Fighting-Hawks-Noreaster-Cuff-Knit/
  6. Fraase is moving on with her career.
  7. Good Luck! This parody came out when I was in law school.
  8. It should be noted that Rapid City and Sioux Falls both have had good growth as well as cities in Montana (Billings, Bozeman, Missoula) with exception of Great Falls.
  9. I have no idea of the talent level difference between the bottom of D1 (us) and the top of D2 (NSU), but would his NSU teams be better then this past year's UND team?
  10. I think I'll mark myself down as preferring the old scoreboard and its classic looks. Edit: the end video boards will be a nice addition though.
  11. Looks like there should have been a Game Day Thread for this
  12. Kucherov (TB) Ovechkin (WASH) Marchand (BOS) Scheifele (WIN) Wheeler (WIN) Gaudreau (CAL) Burns (SJ) Trouba (WIN) Hedman (TB) Carlson (WASH)
  13. They had a post on their facebook. https://www.facebook.com/MammaMarias/photos/a.10150278909715903/10157065967545903/?type=3&theater
  14. It is nice to see Mama Maria's will be staying open with new ownership.
  15. The Diversion is the mistake. Permanent diking is more then adequate to provide complete protection but in the now 10 years since the 2009 flood, Fargo still hasn't completed the dikes in town (along the river) that are required even with the diversion. The diversion is an economic development boondoggle that continues to get more and more over budget.
  16. What should Grand Forks be doing to improve growth? (other then have an oil field show up right next door)
  17. Any concrete plans/proposal (even just ideas) for a new ice facility?
  18. Bismarck has had more even growth. While the north end growth has been strongest, it is spread out east to west (northeast to northwest) pretty well. And due to the valuable river property, there are lots of well-to-do people living and north and south of town along the river. It also helps from a school perspective that the high schools have ended up in more of a squished triangle shape as opposed to a line (Fargo).
  19. I propose that GF Central co-op with Sacred Heart and play as Sacred Heart-Central in Section 8AA.
  20. $1,000 a trip with a $25,000 cap would be 25 trips. That is almost a trip every other week.
  21. How many kickers are on the team now?
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