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  1. kim

    New TV Deal

    Bad Deal for UND! Definitely a big step backwards for the program!! This is going to hurt for a long time!!! Extreme damage to the fan base and program in the long run! TV Contracts rule sports and UND gave away the golden egg that provided the national exposure that made it great. How do you think the UND fan base expanded so rapidly over the past decade. It was the TV exposure. The suits at UND made a mistake of epic proportions....Fire Faison!
  2. kim


    The current TV deal is a terrible for the team and the fan base! We have regressed 10-years. UND brass should be held accountable....
  3. kim


    do you think Notre Dame would give up their TV deal for the betterment of a league? No! Sorry folks, but the TV contracts (and teams with greatest coverage) will win at the end of the day!
  4. kim


    what percentage of the people who viewed FSN every weekend are going to subscribe to watching their iPhone? you are blind! This was a bad deal for UND hockey.
  5. kim


    What fools we are at UND! Who would dump national TV coverage on a sport and replace it with a quirky, costly computer coverage. Dumb!!!! It is my understanding that they did this for the NCHC to secure a partial TV deal. It looks like we did not look out for the interest of UND and this will be the death of the UND hockey recruiting and fan base!! I am very disapointed with the leadership (or lack thereof) who allowed this to happen. Who ever endorsed this deal should be fired! Please let me know who i can send a letter. Unfortunately, the letter will not contain money until the get this resolved. What a joke!!!!!!
  6. Ducking Donny choosing to end one of the greatest rivalries in College Hockey because UND plays too rough..... Ducking Jerry choosing to not play North Carolina (NC) at a cost of $800K to the U of M because NC is too good..... Which one is Ducking More???
  7. please post the legislators e-mail address: Lets join together to make sure these morons are voted out of office AND this nonsense is stopped. What a bunch of idiots!!!!!!!!
  8. tickets available for tonight text 612-518-6285
  9. Four Saturday night tickets for sale for the Sioux / Chokers section 315 Row F $75 each text 612-518-6285
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