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  1. I’m thinking about purchasing this from a friend. Everything seems legit except the tag. What do y’all think real or fake??
  2. Curious to see people's thinking on this.
  3. Looking for four tickets to the SCSU game this Saturday! Lower bowl is preferable!
  4. 4 tickets--Saturday, Mar 3--UND St. Cloud --Section 310, Row J, Seats 21-24. $35 each. Text me if interested 701-400-6970
  5. My roommate and I got into a discussion tonight and are trying to figure out does the student section say D-A-K-O-T-A Dakota Dakota Go Sioux! or is it D-A-K-O-T-A North Dakota Go Sioux! I originally thought it was the second way but at some point, someone corrected me saying it was the Dakota twice. Anyone know? Or is it a bit of both?
  6. Never hurts to get an early start.
  7. I am selling 2 lower bowl tickets on the end UND shoots on twice for Saturday night! The view from the seats shown below:
  8. Hi y'all! I'm making an infographic (http://www.dictionary.com/browse/infographic?s=t) for the UND @ NDSU game in 2019. I need some expert input on the stats I include. I am football fan, but calling me an expert is a stretch. I have room for 18 stats, and so far i'm thinking: all time matchup record, 2018 record, 2019 record, last winner, and possibly the Vegas odds (Percentage? Fraction? Ratio? Over/under? What is an over/under? Where to find?). So that leaves us with room for 13/14 stats. What do you guys think that the most important ones are? if you were to evaluate a matchup which ones would you use? Thanks in advance for any help! p.s. This is not my first post. I used one or two other accounts before this. Just thought i'd say that.
  9. ISO tickets for the west regional tournament and hall of fame game in Vegas. Ideally need 3, but will buy 4. email me at jbergman@loretel.net
  10. 2 lower bowl tickets for Saturday - Please text 218-779-9582 for details! Thanks! Grand Forks.
  11. Hi, I know I'm over a year late with my idea but I thought of a joke this morning "I admit that I would be fine we renamed the University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux to ........ the University of North Dakota National Champions". Te longer that I've been thinking about it, I really believe if our nickname was changed to either the University of North Dakota National Champions or better yet the University of North Dakota Fighting Champions, I think the name could take off for the following reasons: Fighting Champions is unique....no other college team has it and I don't know of any professional or semi-professional team that has it It keeps the tradition of the Fighting Sioux with using half of its nickname (the only good aspect of the Fighting Hawks) and keeps up our tradition of a championship rich athletics program and fanbase. Merchandise would sell Hockey fans/team would embrace/LOVE it It has the best chance of any non-Sioux nickname to successfully take off People might believe because we have already changed our nickname that UND wouldn't change it again so quickly. But UND has to be dissapointed from observing the lackluster reception from the alumni and students to the new nickname, and if the reception doesnt significantly improve with the logo (which is possible), I think UND will be put in a difficult situation. The merchandise hasn't sold AT ALL. Not only does the Fighting Hawks merchandise sit on the shelves at the Grand Forks Scheels and at the Ralph, but it hasn't sold anywhere that I've been. The Bismarck Scheels has the Fighting Hawks products on sale/clearance, because they hasn't been selling. UND is running a big risk to the relationships of their retailers and suppliers that they keep producing merchandise with a nickname that is NOT going to sell and has the retailers lose money and waste space in their stores of merchandise that doesn't sale. If UND keeps producing undesirable merchandise, retailers will quit ordering it and order merchandise of universities products that do sell.....which is Bison merchandise that have to be bought by their fanbase because most their fans are bandwagon fans that didn't exist before 2010 so they don't have any Bison stuff .....sorry had to throw an insult to the Bison in here:) It doesn't have to be this way as UND fans have acted like vultures trying to buy any of the Dacotah Legacy Fighting Sioux merchandise or any merchandise that says champions on it......unless its a Fighting Hawks champions merchandise....even THAT is not selling. For the above reasons I am suggesting a nickname, Fighting Champions, that's merchandise has already proven to sell great, the hockey team/fans will love it (seriously how many times is champions written on the walls at the Ralph....the players have all bought into playing for it, they are NOT shy that's why they came to play for North Dakota is to play for the championships), and its a unique, non-generic nickname that UND's athletic teams/fans can get behind. Our hockey team logo could be the 8 national championship trophies, and you could update the logo everytime they win another championship (new logo = more sales = more money for UND) Our football team's logo could be the 1 national championship trophy, and I hope our football team is the university that dethrones the Bison and wins the whole thing Our women's basketball team's logo could be the 3 national championship trophy All the other sports logos could be the 8 hockey, 1 football, and 3 wbb trophies all together And if anyone thinks its detrimental to use 4 different logos....do you think that's a worse result than the best case scenario of UND fans embracing the Fighting Hawks name for every sport but hockey....and our hockey team keeps being (unofficially) Fighting Sioux? Our hockey fans are great, we WILL not let the Fighting Sioux name die for a generic replacement name. We love the Sioux name so much that we our passion and dedication will keep the name relevant for decades. We smile and become oddly happy and excited whenever an announcer, analyst, or former head couch calls us Sioux. For being such passionate fans we deserve a nickname that we can embrace and get behind, and I think that should be the University of North Dakota Fighting Champions.
  12. Here we are, less than 24 hours from the title tilt in Tampa with Quinnipiac. I'm curious, what do people think about the relationship (if any) between the ultimate success on the ice and the nickname situation?
  13. 2 Friday lower bowl tickets, section 116 row i (isle seats) for sale. $120 for the pair, or best offer. Will meet anywhere in GF today (even at the game) 612-518-5333 call/text
  14. They have limited edition old Sioux pins at the Sioux shop $4.23 a pin. While supplies last! Your welcome fellow Sioux/UND/Hawks fans.
  15. OK so UNDBIZ noticed a void in the separate name threads- good eye UNDBIZ. Now that we have all established why Fighting Hawks is inadequate and Roughriders won't work, Here is why you should vote NODAKS: Last Saturday I was at the CC game. Sitting behind me a Tiger fan tapped me on the shoulder during a time out. I turned around to see an older woman(guessing around 70). She asked me if I had ever heard of a game from way back in Madison Wisconsin where there was a huge bench clearing brawl started because a Wisconsin player went into the North Dakota bench. Of course I said yes I had heard of it and added that it was referred to in legendary fashion as the water bottle incident. Surprised at the fact that I knew of what she was describing she exclaimed, "I was there". We went o to chat of and on for the rest of the game. Turned out she graduated from 'UW' as she endearingly referred to Wisconsin. She was telling me that Wisconsin had two rivals; North Dakota and Minnesota. She unequivocally declared that North Dakota was really the main rival because of how we played the game compared to Minnesota. She kept saying "Nodak" this and "Nodak" that. It was all with great respect for the competition level and the rivalry. Not a derogatory tone in any of it. Just fond memories of great rivalry games. I did not share with her the name issue or the last three options for a new nickname at all. She simply referred to us as Nodak and she said it respectfully. My point here is that at that time, chatting with the wise old lady, I realized something, Nodak is ALREADY our name. If you haven't seen the pictures of our sports jerseys with Nodak on them from the 40-50 years ago look it up. So picking Nodaks is like picking no change needed-thank you!   I read Goon's blog post today where he says- Hawks is the, "best choice of three unattractive/bad choices." That is saying a lot Goon. You're picking a bad choice. That is not good. Most people agree with you BTW. The majority of people don't like any of the three. Well consider this then: If we choose Nodaks as our "official" nickname does it not, given its nature, lend itself to integrating another name at some future time when it can happen more naturally(the way nicknames are supposed to come about, organically instead of by force). You may be wondering what I mean so I will use an example: The University of Missouri their official nickname is the Tigers(named after a group of pre-civil war militias called the "Fighting Tigers", ironically. Now as most of us know the school is also referred to as "Mizzou" which I bet upon hearing for the first time one would think, "what a stupid, hick nickname". It's not unlike "Nodaks" if you think about it. It's a shortening of a name to a nickname. Happens all the time(right Cags, Pooly?) and is very logical and fitting, especially when it occurs organically like Nodaks did decades ago. But is Mizzou not a cool name as part of the mix of Missouri Tigers? There is no reason Nodaks wouldn't be the same animal, serve the same purpose for us.. So the beauty of going with Nodaks can be summarized as follows: 1. Allows the University to stay with tradition while ending the NCAA assault. 2. Allows the University to organically develop another name in the future without having to change names. (oh and yes before any of you radicals get all bent out of whack saying I'm a Sioux hold out and that this could be the Sioux name 'some day. Whatever! Ether the name will be the Sioux or not either way it will be fitting to call us the Nodaks.(just like Mizzou) But more importantly it means that we can have time and a correct 'natural' process to get another nickname that the MAJORITY of people don't dislike.
  16. Seriously! I see many people still into Roughriders?? You can't have two schools with followed (same sports) athletic programs with the same name in the same town. I know a lot of you think it will work because you like the name, I get it. But if your brother or sister names their kid a name you like will you pick the same name for your child? Of course not. One of the main purposes in a name is identification. People worry about the how Nodaks will be perceived by others. What will people think about us having two athletic programs a couple of miles from each other with the same fricking name. Ludicrous! Just ask Bob... It's a good name but it's spoken for in town...
  17. Voting starts tomorrow. This needs to be said: The idea of North Dakota adopting the official nickname "Fighting Hawks" is both completely illogical and totally and absolutely in every way not unique or representative to our region, state, or school. Hawks don't fight: While I do concede that I am not an expert in ornithology, I'm pretty sure the idea of hawks fighting is completely nonsensical. Hawks soar, hawks prey, hawks hunt and they probably do some other things to kill time but they don't fight. Do we really want to have the official name of our school be something that doesn't even make sense? Hawks isn't original at all: Somewhere on this forum there are stats on how many schools who have had to change their native American nicknames opted to go with Hawks as a nickname and the number is astounding! Look it up. Make no mistake about it, Changing our name to Fighting Hawks is actually changing our name to Hawks. Fighting can be put in front of any name and by the way of the three names up for vote it fits Hawks the least by a million miles. Fighting Roughriders- 0k, Fighting-Nodaks-I like how this sounds, Fighting Hawks-Huh?? really?? ...hey look at those hawks fight! They are very impressive fighters those hawks.. The fact that Hawks got Fighting included in it as a nickname option is almost a little suspicious? One could argue that putting 'fighting' with hawks was a ploy to manipulate people into being drawn to a generic name by including fighting in the name making it feel similar to "fighting Sioux'? I'm just saying. Please tell everyone you can these reasons to NOT vote for Hawks.
  18. http://bismarcktribune.com/news/state-and-regional/und-nickname-search-complicated-by-trade-name-battle/article_edc62d09-e7e7-54ad-acfd-148f4ef6760c.html
  19. Hi y'all this is my first time on here and I was just wondering if anyone has a geometric Sioux jersey they are willing to part with. It is my favorite logo and I am willing to trade or buy it. Thanks for the help!
  20. Looking to 2 tickets, (preferably lower bowl or club), to Saturday night's Sioux-Badger game. Thanks!
  21. Hey!!!! We are losing to Maine. Remember that team that stole Johnson's Hobey? We need to vote. Where are you Sioux fans??!
  22. So I'm over here in The UAE (United Arab Emirates) and the one thing I had to pack was my green Parise Sioux jersey. It's been averaging over 110F over here, but it still wore it in The Dubai Mall, and even went skating in it. Hope everyone enjoys their summer in the states, I'll hopefully be back by hockey season. Fighting Sioux Forever!
  23. Hello all, I would like to share the REA video timelapse I created. I squeezed the REA experience down into an 8 minute video. It is a little long as I was stubborn with cutting out footage. I would be happy to answer any questions. Best student section in college hockey, I would say so. Oh, and due to the music I used, you can't view this on mobile devices. Sorry about that. The video was uploaded in 4K. I would suggest using that option even if you have a 1080p screen as the video gets played in a higher bitrate than if you clicked 1080p. Spent hour and hours on this so figured I would market it a bit and get it out there. Enjoy.
  24. Where will you be Friday night during the Sioux Badger regional? I will be traveling down from Winnipeg Friday morning and will probably be at The Moose or BDubs. Go Sioux!!!!
  25. I saw this print when it was introduced at the Final Five last year (long lines at the display) and thought it was a great tribute to Fighting Sioux hockey. Now that the name is going/has gone away for good, I really like the idea of a commemorative collectible. I heard the Siouxshop in The Ralph has these and the College Shop at MOA have some for sale too. Sioux Forever! Website - https://siouxhockeyprint.com/
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