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  1. Those are states that have had years to get their !@#$ together on mail in voting. Fast forward to Nev and PA who are mailing out ballots to all citizens, no verification, no postage mark, and they can count until 14 days after the election. Square that circle.
  2. Good to see you're a Rush listener. Too bad you don't understand what you're hearing.
  3. Please explain to us how you would stop whole sale fraud in mail in ballots when: 1. Some states are mailing out unsolicited ballots to every reg. voter. So what happens to the ballots that go to dead people or people that have moved? 2. Some states are not requiring any vertification - signature doesn't matter, etc. 3. Some states are going to count for up to 14 days after the election. They already have ballots that have been thrown away. Why would Trump not be worried about a fair election.
  4. Where's Tommy at? An article or 2 on the FB team would be nice once in awhile.
  5. So what's the end game? This virus is going to spread no matter what you do. Slow it down - again what's the end game?
  6. Hey if he's the best one you got then you have to use him.
  7. What happen at the LTC facility in Glenn Ullin? I'm sure they all had masks, gloves, washed, etc. Just evidence that masks don't work like some say.
  8. When's the last time CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc apologized for getting a story wrong? Never.
  9. How the hell to they measure that? Joke.
  10. We don't have a direct democracy, our founders gave us a representative democracy. Big difference.
  11. Change what? What is it that the libs want besides POWER.
  12. You doubt that the media is 90+ anti Trump? Have you listened to Meet the Press as an example?
  13. In what way wasn't he property vetted?
  14. We out the direct government subsidies both plants (wind) in Fargo and GF would shutdown.
  15. You want to bet if we cut all subsidies who will be left standing? It won't be the color green.
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