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  1. I don't know how you can make that conclusion. MBB has been to the dance the 3 out of the last 6 years. WVB and WBB are the only 2 sports that have failed to live up to NDSU standards. All our sports are fully funded and have enjoyed great success with the exception of those 2 sports.
  2. For the FargoDome it has sunset many years ago. The cost of living with only Hugo's and 15-30 cents additional cost for gas is greater in GF.
  3. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/2167586-ex-und-football-players-arrested
  4. This is right on. One example Wallmart wanted to open a super store in the North end up the hill. City screwed around so long they pulled out. It would have reduced traffic on 83 which is terribly over used.
  5. There's a .25 cent lodging tax that subsidizes it too.
  6. I guess they should have budgeted a couple of million more of institutional funds like you guys and show a million dollars in the positive.
  7. And what does that have to do with athletics?
  8. And you do realize that you have millions more in student fees and institutional support. Right???
  9. You really don't understand the new redshirt rule do you?
  10. I'll tell you when you tell me why danny told Graetz he would be a 4 game starter next year and guaranteed the next 4 years as a starter?
  11. So much BS it's hard to know where to start. First off some info: Mr Graetz has had a 2 year relationship with him and he's been to 2 camps. He was our number 2 qb on the board. The FL kid, coaches have been talking to for months. You guys had a 2 week relationship and didn't know about the FL kid but for following any recruit that NDSU is interested in. When the FL kid came up he and his family were told that he was number 3 and if Graetz didn't commit he was next in line. They were fine with that and appreciated the honesty. Kid was sold on NDSU and if Graetz wouldn't have committed he would have. Guess what happened after last weekend, FL kid gets called by you know who. Guess it didn't go so well. LOL
  12. In case Graetz wouldn't commit. Mr. Graetz has been talking to Bison coaches for 2 years and at 2 camps. You guys didn't even know about the FL qb until a couple of weeks ago and only and only then because of SM. You only knew about Graetz because he was a Bison PWO. Start doing your own recruiting.
  13. wide angle? Why do some of you guys hate the truth? My post is 100% factual.
  14. You do realize that we lost our scholarship qb to KSU - right? We usually take 1 scholarship qb per year. For you to question the recruiting after 7 NC is laughable.
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