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  1. Getting close to the fishing opener.
  2. Remember the dem motto: "Never let a crisis go to waste"
  3. Haven't you heard Nancy runs the dem senate.
  4. Apparently you have forgotten about the 3 years of the Russian hoax that cnn & msnbc built their ratings on. Now it's this.
  5. Looks like the Alerus Center is preparing the public for a big loss. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/government-and-politics/4871051-Alerus-Centers-2019-snow-removal-bill-254000
  6. Missouri State fired Dave Skeckel yesterday.https://www.espn.com/college-footbal...king-new-coach
  7. https://247sports.com/Season/2020-Football/CompositeTeamRankings/
  8. Or then there's Northern Colorado's Earnest Collins
  9. Bison Dan

    2019 Season

    The Jack's are light year's ahead of the hawkers so if their resume isn't awe inspiring what's your resume like?
  10. Leave Eric's mom alone....
  11. Please tell everyone what anyone would be jealous of?
  12. Why do you guys even care? Your petty jealousy is laughable. I'd worry about EWU instead.
  13. I thought both played with class (no cheap shots). One thing I noticed was und showed little to no emotion.
  14. The PS Doors was spun off and sold to employees and Mr. Satrom kept PS Industries.
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