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  1. Did he go for on 4th down at his own 20?
  2. Bison Dan

    The Yotes

    Could have easily been a shutout.
  3. Maybe they should drop down another division?
  4. Pretty sure all fan bases will suffer this year. The Bison are a victim of their own success as most fans want new and higher (FBS) teams to play.
  5. Talk about simple - Here you go smacking Bison ticket sales when they're light years ahead of yours. How are the hawkers ticket sales going? Crickets - How many sell out have you had in the last 10 years?
  6. Same arguments you guys had 12 years ago - how'd that work out?
  7. It doesn't seem that the NCAA has any problem with it - why do you?
  8. This is the same stuff that was said when NDSU went FCS. As far as the NC - been there done that, multiple times. Playing G5 and P5 teams are what most fans want now.
  9. I guess we could have the university pony up an extra 2 million like you guys do.
  10. I think that's true for every teams fan base, right? Dump yeah right - Kind of like outside of your hockey team.
  11. Increased season ticket holders from 12500 to 13200 - 200 season tickets left. Do you know how dumb you sound bitching about a waiting list? By the way how's the hawkers doing for tickets? Don't know why MWC contacted Larson if that was true. Our game in 23 with EWU at US Bank Stadium will draw 40-50K something you guys only dream about. Things going back to normal in Fargo - how about you guys?
  12. You really think these weren't private talks?
  13. Once again you don't know what you're talking about: Season ticket base of more than 13,000 signals fans will return to Bison football games | INFORUM 12500 season tickets last year up to 13200 this year. By the way the MWC has been talking to NDSU for the last 6 months. Don't know if anything will come of it but their interested.
  14. Something fishing about that CEO. He's saying that he has over 60 cities wanting this and willing to pay up to 3.5 million for the honor. If your the CEO wouldn't you pick the city with the most up side, unless he considers GF that town.
  15. Across from the Flying J - North side.
  16. Bison Dan


    If the CDC is your gold standard we're all in trouble.
  17. So simple you can't comprehend it.
  18. LOL - As a head coach he's 23-3 with a NC - How's your coach doing the last 2 years?
  19. Which of your last 5 AD's haven't been?
  20. Carries CO2 - what environmentalist consider a poison.
  21. They better get permission from all 5 tribes because we know that they control all state land.
  22. Don't know maybe the pandemic? How many years has it been since the Alerus had a full house? Why did you cancel a big money game at KS last fall? KS did play that weekend.
  23. LOL - if your AD thought FB could draw more than 4000 he'd be upping the capacity.
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