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  1. Just Curious

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    Does anyone know if Cameron Rowe is related to one-time commit Jack Rowe? Both from IL....would be curious if UND would have a knock against them if they were related.
  2. Just Curious

    Prospective Sioux Recruits

    If you do a little more digging, it sounds like he still wants to go to Wisconsin but they want him to stay in juniors longer to work on his game. He has been bumped down to the last pairing and it sounds like he hasn't made the transition as well as expected. I would guess he will need at least another year regardless of where he ends up.
  3. Just Curious

    Nchctv stream problems

    I got the same exact email after sending in a complaint last night. I have had streaming issues for at least part of the game all 3 weekends so far.
  4. Just Curious

    If Big Ten Offers UND Should They Join?

    I have no idea why I still pay attention to Chris Dilks as he clearly hates UND and cannot give an unbiased report, but here is his conference realignment attempt: http://www.sbncollegehockey.com/2016/4/20/11318170/college-hockey-realignment-big-ten-nchc-wcha-north-dakota
  5. Just Curious

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2015-16 season

    Stetcher bleeds kelly green......I am not saying your are wrong, but I would not be surprised if he stuck around for his senior year. He has only gotten better each year. It may all come down to how the season ends. Winning a National Championship may be the trigger the helps some guys on the fence move on to the pros. A bad loss in the playoffs could push them to stay and try again.
  6. Just Curious

    Lack of Scoring Depth

    I thought Wilkie and Gersich showed some early chemistry and since they have been separated they have both become far less noticeable. Not sure if it was defensive liability that led to their separation, but their offensive numbers apart are nonexistent while together they were both finding the back of the net.
  7. Just Curious

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2015-16 season

    Yon named an assistant captain for the Force and it appears Cakebread did not make the final roster. Was he traded or sent to the NAHL? http://assets.ngin.com/attachments/document/0083/5268/2015-16_Fargo_Force_Roster__Pronunciations_.pdf
  8. What about Brad Berry? I think he would be a viable candidate as well, or maybe just a safe play for the upcoming season.
  9. So the question is who is the next head coach? Do they promote from within for the upcoming season or do they try to hire a new coach right away? I am also interested in what this does for current and future players. What was shaping up to be another dominate team could definitely take a turn in the opposite direction.
  10. Just Curious

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    The other thing to note about the addition of Gornall is that most of the incoming forward recruits play more of a Top 6 style of hockey. The same could be said of Murphy and Sanderson (to a lesser extent). Gornall could be brought in as an extra body and/or a player meant to fill a Bottom 6 role. With the losses from the senior class, the team really didn't have enough grinders to fill in the 3rd and 4th lines. Of course I could be dead wrong, but I don't think the addition of Gornall implies UND losses any additional forwards.
  11. Just Curious

    University of North Dakota Hockey 2015-16 season

    Does anyone have any insights into Evers? I know there was a lot of hype when he committed, but his draft rankings have consistently been slipping and from what I could tell the he was essentially demoted to the U17 team for the last month or so. Also, he was omitted from the U18 Worlds roster that is currently playing. Was there an injury or has his development just plateaued? I would think he would play another year in the USHL unless UND absolutely needed another body on the blue line.
  12. Just Curious

    former players

    Can you elaborate on this comment???
  13. Just Curious

    2013 Early Departures

    I don't disagree about Bjugs, but to say that Duncan has done NOTHING post college is pretty ridiculous. He was a solid AHL player (in fact I believe he lead his team in scoring at least one year) and has been a top scoring over in the European leagues. I know none of those leagues are the NHL.....but if you think that the NHL is the 'best' league in the world, than you have a pretty narrow view of hockey. Duncan is a different player than Bjugs, but every bit as talented, if not more given the physical differences between the two players.
  14. Just Curious

    Lets go over THIS years recruits only

    While I would personally feel much more optimistic about next year's D-core with the additional of a stay-at-home guy like Ausmus; I am also concerned about the possible consequences of UND adding him to the mix would cause. It seems like UND has a stockpile of D-recruits, so asking 1-2 recruits to delay a year (or two) could result in the loss of said recruit. Its a dual-edged sword....pick up a great recruit now, possibly lose one in the next year or two........
  15. Just Curious

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    Yeah, brain-fart....sorry. Not sure how I made the jump, but in my mind it made sense initially.