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  1. Should we meet at Sunset then?
  2. Yep! Got tickets for both nights!
  3. Tickets just went on sale, and they are going FAST! Call Ticketmaster @1-800-745-3000 for the UND @BU Series Nov 22/23rd... Hope to see lots of Green in the Stands!!! v/r Rich Thorpe
  4. We had green beer ourselves Fri night, but Sat night were approached by a few friendlies! RIP Green Beer...
  5. To say Duncan has done nothing post college is silly. Ok, ya he isn't an NHL star...He has been very sucessful at both stops after UND, and was signed by the first club (Salzburg) who he first played with. I met him at a post practice skate in Portland in 2012 and he was excited to be back in the states...
  6. Wow, we haven't even lost yet and the negativity is rampant... IMO, there have been a few games this year where Danny was playing like Oshie did his last yr! Kristo may not be perfect, but who is??? We all mess up, Danny gets all the credit in the world after coming back from the foot thing He may not be the best Sioux player ever, but he has heart!!! Let's goooooooooo Sioux!!!
  7. Rocco has hit way too many pipes this season! Tonight he should burry a few chances! I will take Rocco, Lets go Sioux!!!
  8. Flying out from Boston first thing Wed AM!!! Pepsi Ctr tomorrow to Watch Osh and the Blues play the Aves, then Sioux v Denver Fri-Sat... Might have to sneak a phesant hunt in Thrs AM!!! Lets Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I think we are staying at LaQuinta both nights...
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