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  1. Selection show is 11a.m. Central time
  2. We're having a meltdown in this thread. I get that. If a Sioux hockey fan cares at all about a game, he cares way too much. Fan = fanatic. I've been supporting Sioux hockey for a long time and like every one of you (trolls excepted), I want this team to win. Win it all. I believe that day is coming and it will be sweet, like a soaking rain at the end of a long, dusty drought. I don't know much about the mechanics or strategies of hockey. I know that the team with the most goals wins and, all too often, in the biggest games, that hasn't be us. I can call an offside (in my opinion better than some ARs) but I'm still mystified by some "no icing" calls. To my untrained brain, "the D pinches in back door" sounds like a directive that belongs on a much different site than this one, if you take my meaning. So, I'm not as hockey savvy as many posters here. I'm still learning. But if I have no expertise in hockey--and I don't--I like to think that my 62 years on this planet have given me some insight into human nature. Some of us expect way more from others than we do from ourselves. When we're disappointed or frustrated, some are angry, look for someone to blame. Not saying that's wrong, just human. Others just get over it , and move on. Others let their disappointment turn to hurt. I'm in this last category: I have to feel the way I feel until I feel differently. Takes a long time, depending on the size of the disappointment and how far my lofty expectations have fallen. The odds are long for this team to make the Shiverin' 16. If it doesn't happen, it'll be a very long 6 months before the season begins again. I love this team. I want them to get that 8th national championship. It'll happen. But until it does, what else am I going to do but wait and hope and cheer? If you're going through hell, keep going. P.S. If this post is too Pollyanna for your tastes, blame Mafia. He's late picking me up for the Hoggsbreath brunch and I didn't have anything else to do until the Western Michigan game. Let's go Sioux.
  3. I tweeted the alumni association to get that fixed. Pronto.
  4. Have they set aside a room for Sioux fans?
  5. I was given a Rx for the Z Pak, too, but I made the office visit first. That's how the sinusitis got diagnosed. To each his own.
  6. Al's bus patrons will be in sections 102 and 104.
  7. I had that kind of cold. The worst! Just when you think you're getting better, you relapse. Lost my voice for 3 days, cough kept me awake so sleep deprived. After two weeks, turned into sinusitis. Cough hangs on. Feel better soon.
  8. If you're coming to the breakfast, bring your SS.com toque. Mafia will want to get a picture of the group out under the welcome sign. If you didn't buy a toque, I can lend you one of mine for the photo.
  9. You just punched your ticket to the Preposterous Statement tourney!
  10. Katie Hale's Sin Bin Q and A cringeworthy. I'd rather listen to Get On Your Feet on an infinite loop than to a minute of Katie.
  11. Got tweet that GFK Ground Round is showing the game if you're in the Grand Cities.
  12. The National Hockey Center without participation banners. Did I do that right?
  13. I haven't kept up my Ok! Magazine subscription, but hasn't Tommy Lee been *without* Pamela for a long time?
  14. I have one of my numerous YaneA's in pink along on the trip. Was in the suitcase rather than coat pocket last night but I will for sure wear it for the sweep tonight. Besides, my hairdo didn't turn out that great this morning so toque it is!
  15. The stands at the Herbie seemed to get more green as the game went on. Nice showing by Sioux fans. A road win is sweet. a Siouxweep will be even better. Win The Pen!
  16. I just reported the rumor and innuendo I'm hearing here at the Herbie. Consider my source.
  17. Sioux fans loud in the arena. Is that audible on TV?
  18. Guy here saying the lobby got remodeled and suites got sweetened. Phase I and ran out of money.
  19. Nothing upgraded in arena. Still sitting in bleacher saddle seats.
  20. It's the same turd it's always been.
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