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  1. Hey Sioux fans, if you have 2 extra tickets for sat night please text me at 513-605-0428. Coop and Viviana with the UND banner. We flew in from California just for this great series with us siouxper fans We should be at spankys for the pregame party late this afternoon. Go Siouuuuux!
  2. I have an extra ticket in Section 207 Row #19. You'll see the green and white UND banner that's waved the last 4 NCAA title teams to victory waving next to you! LOL. GO SIOUUUUX! Coooop in Cincy, OH. 513-605-0428
  3. Thanks UND Red Sox fan, for your logical reply to the websites list (not mine). It will be verrry interesting to see the October roster. Coach Berry carried 7 D & not 8 like Coach Hakstol did some years (probably as backups for injuries). The younger ones can wait a year but once anyone's drafted their next clock starts ticking: NHL signing. GO SIOUX! Coop "Signing" Out. Hey! Now that IS funny! LOL.
  4. The question is a rhetorical one for all us SIOUX fans. It will be interesting to see what the coaches reveal to us this October based on the roster spots open for competition after this coming off-season early departures. Time will tell. Yes I know all about the recruiting pipeline and that's why I included the link to show you those pipes. So hopefully the rest of the fans will take a minute and click on the link learn more. I'll post it again since you didn't click it. It works: http://www.collegecommitments.com/DepthChart.aspx?i7cq9=-1427512342 We have 14 recruits in the 2016-17 "pipe", 5 in the 2017-18 pipe, 3 in 2018-19 & 1 in 2020-21. That's 23 in the pipeline, not the 14 you assumed. The coaches can delay a recruit or 2, but if the recruits are older, they may not wait. It's happened before and will happen again but maybe next season with more than 1 or 2 recruits. PS There are the same 12 spaces in "charliefunny" as in "The Sicatoka?" I guess we can call you "Count"? LOL. GO SIOUUUX, Coooop PPS: Nick Jones can start in Jan 2017, the second half of 2016-17 season.
  5. How's UND going to add these 14 players by this Oct? Plus 22-yr olds Chartrand and Gornall? http://www.collegecommitments.com/DepthChart.aspx?i7cq9=-1427512342. I'm sure the coaching staff is out now evaluating Hoff, Yon, Evers, Johnson & Peski in the USHL playoffs. Coop Poolman, Colton LD 1995 Jost, Tyson C 1998 Peski, Andrew RD 1997 Smith, Cole F 1995 Johnson, Casey LD 1996 Hoff, Ludvig C 1996 Kiersted, Matthew LD 1998 Bowen, Dixon C/RW 1996 Yon, Zach LW 1995 Evers, Christian LD 1997 Bast, Gabe RD 1996 Mattson, Mitchell C 1998 Cakebread, Christian C 1997 Jones, Nick F 1996
  6. UND could be tops on Finland's Eeli Tolvanen's college list now that he's played in the Ralph, used the great facilities & was Sioux City roommates with UND recruit Jackson Keane. Eeli's brother is going to No. MC (http://www.ushl.com/news_article/show/602226?referrer_id=1348814-top-story). UND's Janatuinen added more SISU (Finnish for Determination in Adversity!) to his game this and in Sioux City last year. Joel loved that word when I told him that at the Midwest Regional and Frozen Four. GO SISIOUX! LOL. Coop
  7. Ladue: Drafted in 2012 (age 24 in Sept), think the Kings have till Aug 2017 to sign him (Like Gregoire)? I read http://www.hockeysfuture.com/prospects/paul-ladue/: Future LaDue is in his junior season at the University of North Dakota in 2015-16. A strong two-way defenseman who can control the play with his skating and contribute to the attack, he has been a big part of the Fighting Sioux' success under first-year head coach Brad Berry. An assistant captain, LaDue's game is close to NHL-ready but with the depth in the Kings' system he may use his final year of college eligibility in 2016-17.
  8. In the lower bowl that's about 4,000 UND seats sold at about $75 average price per ticket for around 300k$ total income in a week of sales. I bet MSG is pretty amazed since the event is 8 month away! Like someone on the Sioux blog typed last year, UND could play on the MOON and we'd get 1000 fans! We DO have the aeronautical school just need astronautics to get to the moon via vacuum? Maybe MSG is inner space but outta this world! LOL. I R N ingin-ear. Keep the noggin sharp with mental (not dental) exercises.;-p
  9. To reserve a room at the Wyndham New YAWker, if Rate Code CHSUND doesn't woik, try 12166961CH or call 212-971-0101 & talk with Reservations. I tried CHSUND code and it kept saying no rooms left at that rate. Soooooo I called Reservations and Heidi (not in Boston or Fargo!) got me a room for $299/nite or $693 for Dec 2-4. She's from DR so tenga un buena fin de semana. Muy amable para Nuevo York Cuidad. "Vamos SIOUX!" Jajaja. Coop!
  10. You might want to hold off on reserving hotel rooms at Wyndham or elsewhere, if there's a group hotel planned. There are cheaper rates than $500 MINIMUM! Datz alotta coin for me. Stay tooned! Coop
  11. Anyone want to drive or carpool from Ohio, Kentucky/Indiana area? I can drive or carpool so we have a car down there for local transport. Call me at 513-605-0428. Coooop.
  12. If anyone needs some help, give me a call in N Cincy 513-605-0428. Coop UND 1979! There are some nice restaurants in the Banks just west of the arena and Great American Ballpark (GABP). Also to walk the Purple People Bridge from Cincy to Newport Kentucky (on the Levee Entertainment district) or the Serpentine Wall along Sawyer Park between the arena and the river.
  13. Hotels.com shows closest openings 18 miles SE in Fairfield, better road and Harrison. I'm in N Cincy so let me know how I can help. UND1979, Cooooop aka charliefunny@hotmail.com.
  14. Check out Peski's Brockville Braves jersey! LOL. http://www.recorder.ca/2013/11/14/braves-defenceman-quickly-making-his-mark.
  15. From Coooop: ;-D LET"S GO SIOOOUX! Kiersted & Mattson are invited to the 2014 NTDP U-17 team tryout camp: (http://unitedstatesofhockey.com/2014/03/11/2014-ntdp-tryout-camp-roster-announced/) Kiersted: Feb 2014 Uncommitted Prospects Report: (http://overtheboards.net/uncommitted-mnhs-prospects-2014/) #5: 98 D Matt Kiersted – Elk River; Height: 5’10, Weight: 155 Slick defender is money in the offensive zone, all business with sharp stick-work and intuitive skating ability allowing him to get into the ideal spots to contribute. The rest of his game is coming along, but he’s coming on strong in the second half of the season, with 13 important points in 13 games as the mid-season departure of forward Andrew Zerban left a void in the Elks offensive assault. Should Kiersted stick around next season, he’ll likely be looked to in an even bigger role as the Elks have a stellar group of young forwards coming up from the Bantam ranks. Oct 2013 Elite D League Scoreboard: "Matt Kiersted, a sophomore defenseman from Elk River, scored a hat trick in the Elite D all-stars’ 5-5 tie with Great Plains on Saturday. “It was a great opportunity,” Kiersted said. “We figured they were going to underestimate us. So we just came out with fire and tried to get pucks to the net.” (https://mnhockeycoach.sportngin.com/news_article/show/299430?referrer_id=672819) After June 2013 Select 15 Festival: "On defense, there's a lot of very good players, but not necessarily any surefire pro prospects beyond Lindgren. Next best to me would be Elk River's Matt Kiersted, who has one of the quickest first steps I've seen". (http://www.sbncollegehockey.com/western-college-hockey-recruiting-ncaa/2013/6/13/4424478/minnesota-select-15-festival-report) Mattson: After June 2013 Select 15 Festival: "Mattson - Grand Rapids. Big and elusive. Will become hard to knock off puck. ..The other would be Grand Rapids bantam forward Mitch Mattson, a tall skinny kid with nice hands and a very fluid skater for a tall kid of that age, they usually have that kind of gangly, new-born-colt look at that age when they are tall". (http://www.gopherpucklive.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11878)
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