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  1. Got tired of taking the same old photos every weekend and decided to do something different. Seemed to play fine on iphone youtube app. Not iPad though or Android. YMMV. Thanks guys.
  2. Hello all, I would like to share the REA video timelapse I created. I squeezed the REA experience down into an 8 minute video. It is a little long as I was stubborn with cutting out footage. I would be happy to answer any questions. Best student section in college hockey, I would say so. Oh, and due to the music I used, you can't view this on mobile devices. Sorry about that. The video was uploaded in 4K. I would suggest using that option even if you have a 1080p screen as the video gets played in a higher bitrate than if you clicked 1080p. Spent hour and hours on this so figured I would market it a bit and get it out there. Enjoy.
  3. Hey guys, I think I found your troll. I was taking UND fan photos when I saw this guy dancing on the jumbotron. Snapped a few photos. This was Friday night vs Miami at Target Center. Now we just need to ID him. Game on. He did kind of remind me of Biff from Back to the Future. This is my first post and signed up on the forums here so I could post this photo. Hopefully we won't see him in Philly.
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