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  1. They have limited edition old Sioux pins at the Sioux shop $4.23 a pin. While supplies last! Your welcome fellow Sioux/UND/Hawks fans.
  2. So this weekend at the hockey there was a song that the sung at the start of the period by the students. I was told that it was something sung in the early 2000s to the tune of clementine. I also know that when the women's basketball team won their national championship one of their coaches sang it. Does anyone know what this is???
  3. As a UND student I am ashamed. I'm just not going to vote next round.
  4. Was that to move it off the back? Or I guess my question is why was it there?
  5. Hi I have seen a few older jerseys with the WCHA logo on the lower back and others on the shoulder any clue why they were on the back?
  6. Hi y'all this is my first time on here and I was just wondering if anyone has a geometric Sioux jersey they are willing to part with. It is my favorite logo and I am willing to trade or buy it. Thanks for the help!
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