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  1. Hey y’all I asked this last year but is anyone else on here a STH for the frozen Faceoff? I’m trying to decide if I want to stay in the section I was in the last two years or not. It’s a very nice section but I want to sit closer to UND fans. I’m thinking maybe the lower level upper corners could be good. Has anyone sat there at the X before? Thanks in advance!!
  2. Someone beat me to the punch.
  3. It’s that time of the year again.... around this time I always ask does anyone on here have a black Reebok Sioux jersey or any geometric Sioux jerseys they’d be willing to part with? Thanks in advance.
  4. So I said this idea in a game day thread but if Bubba is let go we need a proven coach. I’d say Beau Baldwin because he and Chaves worked together. Would this be possible? Who do you see as a good fit for a new HC?
  5. As much as Danny is a nice guy I would not want him as a HC. If you fire Bubba you gotta get an experienced coach who knows how to win. Maybe Chaves convinced Beau Baldwin to come back to the NCCA?
  6. Yes but still not quite as loud as the fire Hak chants that people are still doing
  7. So when they announce the final score of tonight at the Ralph who wants to start a fire Bubba chant?
  8. As much as I liked Bubba this may be the last straw. Every road game this year we start off terrible. What is up with the team? Is it the the coaching or what? Lose today and our season is toast. Figure it out in halftime boys.
  9. Just realized that the next home game on Oct 26 is against Montana State who is ranked 6 in the nation. Let’s pack the Alerus and give em hell because I’m sick and tired of losing to the Montana schools.
  10. This is my biased opinion but why not us the people on these forums complaining decide to start a chant? That’s how Nashville got stuff going and became recognized for their chants. My proposal is if you are a STH for UND hockey on here like this message and let’s come up with new chants to do. Weather that is after a goal or on the PK or during line ups or during the PP. IDK what but as a STH I want to create hell for the other team to play in and that starts with us. My first one I want to start is the standing O during timeouts. I know Nashville already does it but it’s awesome.
  11. Hey y'all a couple of odd questions for you I am hoping you can answer. 1. Do you know where the saying Live for Game Day came from and what is the significance of it is? It seems random and odd to me. 2. Do you know is there a new live for game day tee for 2019? Thanks!
  12. Do you all think this is real or fake?
  13. Anyone have a black Reebok Sioux Jeresey or a colored Geometric one for sale?
  14. So assuming we are on track to not make the Frozen Faceoff... are people still going to the tournament to watch some good hockey? If so does anyone want to do a meet up in St. Paul?
  15. That’s because everyone knows what will happen. UND will have the lead a bit. Then they will meltdown and the other team (NDSU in this case) will take the lead. Then UND will make a comeback and lose in the dying seconds. Thus creating another heartbreaking loss. It’s pretty stock UND basketball story the past few years.
  16. Been saying this for a few years now but...FIRE JONES? The team has a meltdown in every game and the team has been terrible on the road for many seasons now. I just don’t get why he’s still a head coach. I know recruiting wise he’s good I just don’t see the coaching part.
  17. Anyone on the season ticket wait list? Or have any clue how that works? Are you notified of what spot you are on the list? I’m debating on getting on the list for a single ticket
  18. Hey everyone! I’m a season ticket holder for the frozen faceoff and was wondering what section most UND people sit in. Last year I liked my spot but I was surrounded by St. Cloud fans. Anybody have a good section with lots of UND people? Attached are views from last years spot. Thanks!
  19. We can use gas grills correct? I know a lot of people use charcoal
  20. I guess the best question is do people suggest a tent for tailgating or no?
  21. Hi everyone, I’m a new season ticket holder and got a few passes for season long tailgating. I am somewhat new at this but does anyone have any suggestions for materials I will need? I think I need some sorry of a tent and I’m thinking a 10x10. Is that the right side for the alerus parking lot? And then what do people suggest for a flag pole to hold two flags? Thanks everyone for the help and I look forward to meeting some of you!
  22. What are you looking for it?
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