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  1. I got the tag too. Looks legit.
  2. Kinda what I was thinking. Is there anything else I should get a closer picture of to make sure it’s legit?
  3. So I may have found another jersey.... initial thoughts are it’s a replica Reebok edge with the WCHA logo on the back. Waiting for confirmation pictures of the back and shoulder patches. Do y’all think it’s a replica or is it a Chinese knockoff?
  4. https://indd.adobe.com/view/72d52557-ae80-48d6-9aa2-27674be387b3
  5. Facebook marketplace in Grand Forks. The guy took forever to respond so I missed out on the black. He also had a white available. Not sure if it still is.
  6. I think so. I’m just sitting hoping there will be an opportunity to get tickets at this point.
  7. So only 1000 of us are gonna be let into football.... I wonder who will be the lucky few to get in?
  8. So how many of us who are usually season ticket holders for hockey aren’t gonna be able to get? I’m sure I’m one of the STH who won’t make it
  9. Kinda what I figured. The guy ended up selling it to someone else. Not sure for how much but his asking price was $200 oddly enough
  10. What do y’all think of this? Clearly it’s real and I’ve always been a fan of this style of jersey. What do you think is a fair price?
  11. I should clarify I’m not questioning your knowledge of real/not real just curious why there was such a change
  12. Why are the logos lighter on some of the Reebok era jerseys? Is it just because they are the replicas?
  13. I found a guy willing to sell them size 52 Reebok and I just don’t want to offend him with my offer haha
  14. Do y’all think $250-$300 is fair for authentic Sioux jerseys?
  15. Thoughts on this Sioux Jersey ?
  16. Anyone have a black Reebok Sioux jersey size L they want to part with?
  17. Thoughts on this jersey? Obviously a fake but do y’all think it’s worth it
  18. Seems like an odd move to me if I’m being honest.
  19. So if UND wins today is anyone going to go down to Sioux Falls around 3pm tomorrow and come back after the game? If so I’d chip in for gas.
  20. So was it Berry or officials who said no handshake? And classy St. Cloud fans booing not doing the handshake.
  21. Anyone by chance have an extra ticket for the Wildhorse party?
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