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  1. Otis has ran the ball 73 times this year. Vs four teams. Longest run: 16 yards.
  2. This game. Long of 11. 15 attempts. 58 yards. You wanna rush for a 100 yards you need to break one for 40+ yards or at least have two 20+ers.
  3. Can't pin this loss on single plays, Or players. All around team effort today.
  4. Bubba's peak days are probably behind him at UND.
  5. One week you feel like you went toe to toe with Goliath. And next week losing to cellar dwellers.
  6. USD at the 50 yard line. So they are in field goal range.
  7. Perfectly thrown ball by Tommy. He should have another TD pass to his total. But WR dropped it.
  8. What's the longest run for Otis the last two games?
  9. Side by side QB comparison. Almost equal. Minus tds of course.
  10. A block in the shoulder isn't your back.
  11. What time is the players only meeting?
  12. You're not suppose to make long field goals look that easy.
  13. Easy to blame on qb. Position is easy escapegoat when losing. Can't see receivers on tv. Doubt any are open. He has not much choice after that.
  14. Probably has wide receivers than can create distance for themselves too.
  15. Drive starts with Back to back Otis handoffs. 5 yards. Then Zero yards. Pass situation. Which resulted in a catch for... One yard short. 4th down. 3 and out.
  16. Which is easy to do on the few carries on a defense that is thinking pass first.
  17. I remember complaining about the shtty snaps the first couple games of the season. And now I read this.
  18. Tried that vs NDSU. Multiple drives started with back to back Otis handoffs. They ended in three and outs.
  19. Common question on SS the last couple games.
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