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  1. There’s a good explanation here under the heading “Deaths”. https://www.health.nd.gov/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/north-dakota-coronavirus-cases Media is reporting 25; only 16 registered as “COVID” with other listed as COVID as a secondary or contributing and some data pending.
  2. CDC updated that chart to those numbers late last week. I suspect it has to with “COVID” versus “COVID-related” tracking (my hunch).
  3. My niece (intern at a Boston area hospital) says 4 out of 5 do not come off the vent are the numbers they’ve seen.
  4. I lost my mother to Alzheimer’s during this pandemic. I had a hospice exception to be with her in her care facility until she died. (And I believe those exceptions went away shortly after.) We lose 120,000 Americans annually to Alzheimer’s. And we know less about cause, prevention, and cure. You might catch this virus. It might kill you. If you have Alzheimer’s, it will kill you.
  5. Herd immunity comes from exposing the herd. Band aid: fast or slow. While you decide I should let you know there’s another wound that needs tending.
  6. Testing is a lagging indicator. It tells you what has happened, not what will. Before some say it ... All models are wrong; some are useful. Never forget that truism from a British statistician (Box). We still have my figurative band aid to pull off. Governor Burgum started pulling faster today.
  7. The story of COVID-19 will be told by two words: dense populations Think about it ...
  8. You can’t have mine. It’s the bench in the garage I use to put on work boots.
  9. Give me a minute... I have to finish mainlining this bottle of Lysol.
  10. The word in question is disinfectant. If someone says X and you interpret it to mean Y, it does not mean they said Y.
  11. From m-w.com: disinfectant : an agent that frees from infection Penicillin is a disinfectant. And it’s given orally and intravenously.
  12. I went through ORD the second week of January. Two weeks later to the day I was as ill as I’ve been in my adult life, not primarily pulmonary but some (you could see above normal usage and load on my CPAP data) but mainly GI, raging GI issues, for about 6 hours. Wiped me out for 36 hours. When I read some get hit by this virus in this manner I really really wish for an antibodies test. My CPAP physician, my GP, and I wonder what it really was. The only good part of that bad weekend? I was too sick to watch that Friday @Duluth game.
  13. About my band aid analogy: I find when you go slow there comes a point where you look at what’s left and just rip it off because you understand the pain to this point. We’ve protected the medical infrastructure from an overwhelming fast blast; when do we just tear off what is left of the “band aid” to protect the rest of the economy and society. Remember: herd immunity requires the herd to be exposed. And I see herd immunity coming and being the solution long before a proven vaccine.
  14. This is the classic band aid problem: Tear it off fast with high intensity for not long or tear it off slow with lower intensity for a longer time. Either way the band aid comes off. Here, the area under that flattened curve is the same: society is exposed and the herd immunity is built.
  15. Did I hear 13 corona patients in ND hospitals is the present number? I wonder how many ICU beds in ND were in use a year ago today and why.
  16. Picked up a Humpty and chips from a JL Beers last night. Total bliss.
  17. Could Rieger play with that Smith or Johnson energy in the line up? That guy is what I don’t see in the roster right now.
  18. The more I think about the defense, the more I'm intrigued. Effectively we're going to turn over 7 of 8 players between right now the start of 2021-2022. We have three open slots right now; we're sure to lose four a year from now (Bast, Kierstad, Rieger, and JBD as a junior-turn-pro); the last man standing will be Frisch. Come 2021-2022 the defense is going to Frisch (a junior!), the three guys brought in fall 2020 (assuming all stay for sophomore years), and four freshmen! This is where I start to wonder about Rieger taking on a "Casey Johnson" role and bringing in a fourth defenseman this fall (in case we have a one-and-done freshman in a year). Image the other: bring three this fall, one goes one-and-done, and have to bring in five freshmen defensemen in 2021-2022.
  19. Dare I say people value the outward 'stuff' more than they value themselves as human persons body and soul, and as such are more willing to pay to support the outward fixtures more than their own health and well-being? That's a major problem we as a society face. And a most conversation ... on Easter Sunday.
  20. Me as well, hence the last sentence of the post.
  21. Philosophical conversation that's been raging in my head: Ask about any American and they'll say the US healthcare system was broken before any of this started. Yet, we're crushing about half the economy to save that broken sector (about 1/7 the economy). When has America fixed anything recognized as broken by incremental measures? (We've done nothing with the postal service, or welfare, or other broken entities.) Something has to fail overtly and catastrophically before we act. Dare I call it the American way. Part of me says we should've let the healthcare system be crushed, so it could be fixed. (<-- What is wrong with that posit, admittedly the flaw in my theory, is the system is not just a thing, but all the people who work in it and would've been swept up, destroyed as in killed by disease, in the destruction. I have relatives I'd have destroyed. I can't do that.)
  22. I believe Kawaguchi got Krog'd. The final USCHO poll, and now this: Each is the classic Rodney Dangerfield treatment --> no respect. Woe to the rest of college hockey with those things hanging on a UND locker room wall next season.
  23. Most places would call that a lake.
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