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  1. I must have missed that aspect of it. I didn't hear him laugh afterwards, or maybe I thought it was one of the announcers. My bad.
  2. I agree 100%, but it was asked, and he answered. It just seemed weird overall to me, I was expecting him to laugh something off and name someone like his roommate or something because he snores, or something stupid like that. Then he answered the way he did, and there was no real follow-up to it. Left me a bit stunned as I was listening.
  3. Since it's the off season and there isn't anything else to do but needlessly dissect player quotes and other things into subatomic levels, anyone else catch Boeser on the latest Stand Up and Cheer podcast? He talked about his wrist injury and some other stuff from the season. One thing that I caught, and he didn't elaborate on was they asked who he was going to miss the least, and he said the newly declared Captain and referenced his attitude. Anyone else think it was Pogo that called Boeser out when Berry referenced the "real" leaders taking control of the locker room? Side note, Boeser could put a crackhead to sleep. Great hockey player, not the most energetic speaker.
  4. I think they will have a very difficult time winning back to back. I also think we will be an extremely difficult team to play against next season, I'm thinking along the lines of the Macmillan/Parks senior seasons, my worry next season is offense. I think next year's team steals a few games on grit alone. As much as I like having the amazing blue chippers, I'm a bigger fan of teams that exceed the sum of their parts, which I think next year's team could easily do.
  5. Haven't browsed in a while but try
  6. I have to disagree with that assessment. I'm my opinion there was no shoulder first. It appeared principle point of contact was elbow to head. It appeared to me the legal contact was secondary.
  7. How is that not a 5? Someone please explain, anyone else notice it just happened to be the guy that scored two goals that was elbowed high.
  8. They need to blow this team up. Start with Landeskog and Duchene. My favorite team is such a dumpster fire I've had to branch out. Thankfully my second and third favorite teams are well acquainted with Lord Stanley's Cup, but still isn't as good as getting somewhere with your favorites.
  9. You're correct. Just because he's accumulated the credits to graduate doesn't mean you have to leave.. As long as he maintains a full time credit load, usually 12, he's considered a full time student. He can work on a second degree or minor. When I was in college, I had a buddy that played for the basketball team and graduated with a dual major and a minor. Clearly could have graduated earlier with one degree but stayed.
  10. I'm over this call, but how exactly is the comparison inaccurate? The skate at that distance is non-existent, giving the illusion that Hoff's skate is higher, which would correlate pretty closely to what the video is discussing. The boot is likely appearing at least 3 inches more towards offsides than what it truly should be. Meanwhile, the puck is directly on the ice, giving the appearance that Hoff is that much more ahead of the puck.
  11. As an Avs fan, this is where I'm thinking Sakic is leaning. He has to see the potential of the boot coming. Roy was blamed for the terrible play, and after this season it looks like Roy was the reason they were even mediocre.
  12. I'm nearly there with you, I'm at 99.99999% sure he's gone, but there's always a chance.
  13. Like was said before, the longer it takes on Tucker, the better. I would be disappointed as a UND fan only if he left, dude is ready. Not sure what his thoughts on family are, but personally for me, it would mean more to play another year with my brother and make another legit run at a National Championship, can't imagine what something like that would feel like to do with my brother as my defensive pairing. Chills. Unlike a lot of talent that flows through the organization, these two likely bleed green and white more than others. Just my opinion but I wouldn't be shocked at his decision either way.
  14. Really wish I wasn't working until six today, I'd take you up on those.
  15. Not liking the feeling of this. BU goalie playing ridiculously good.