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  1. What? I was thinking each team dressed twenty players instead of 18. I realize you were trying to make a joke, I just don't understand it.
  2. Is it just me, or do they get to dress to extra guys in the NCAA as well?
  3. It's about time for Rhett to get one.
  4. It's clear the NCHC is extremely concerned with player safety.
  5. I believe if he was, it should have been announced yesterday.
  6. After spending 4 months dealing with "water protectors" I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment.
  7. Cool. My cousin is a huge Bulldog fan, and I'm getting sick of his bull. Want to throw that video in his face.
  8. Link?
  9. 16. Duluth- Never again will I be remotely happy about them getting a win over anyone. 15. Minnesota- does this really need an explanation? 14. Denver- can't have them tied with us, although I do like how they play and are fun to watch 13. BU- screw Boston 11-12.- Penn, Ohio. I don't want any success for the Big. 10-2.- I don't care. 1. UND- I'm greedy, I want at least thenext 5 titles.
  10. I was at a Force game, and a drunk idiot behaved like that. My nephew politely asked him to tone it down. The rest of the period he was chirping my nephew, and I caught him giving my nephew the finger. My temper got the bestof me. I stood up and said something along the lines of if he wanted to be a tough guy to a kid I'd gladly discuss it outside with him, not entirely sure, I was seeing red. My whole family was staring at me because it's completely out of my personality. Anyway, guy must have got the point or at least his wife because I was staring them eye to eye being a row lower. She apologized and they disappeared after the period. Sucks when people are like that.
  11. While we're on the enforcer talk (couple posts up), was anyone else surprised that Wolanin got out of that scrum with only a minor? He threw a couple heavy kidney shots.
  12. I would recommend attending the street dance in Frazee, MN for Turkey Days if you want a one of a kind tough peeing experience.
  13. I'd say Pattyn was our last that met that description, although he obviously wasn't strictly enforcer, but I'm fairly certain we wouldn't have him for Friday if he'd have been playing Saturday.
  14. Which they should in my opinion. The number one overall seed should essentially have a cake route to the Frozen Four.
  15. Starman picking Duluth to make Chicago.