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  1. Yeah. I'm not sure about the Undisclosed book, but the Meg novels are pretty good. Also The Loch is a good read. Forgot to answer the original question, yes, this book is about aliens, UFOs and ulterior energy sources.
  2. Hey all, I'm going to let nerd self fly here. If you know me personally, I absolutely love to read, and my favorite author is Steve Alten. With his Meg series being my absolute favorite. He's starting to write his final book in the Meg series, and for his fans, he's giving us the opportunity to be a major character in the final book. How he's doing it is by using your YouTube channel to promote his newest release book, Undisclosed. Whoever gets the most views gets to be the major character. If some, hopefully all, would visit my YouTube at and watch at least a few seconds of the video, I get a view for it. If you want to be exceptionally generous, watch it for a second or third time for a few seconds. Any and all help would be appreciated. Mods, I don't think I'm breaking any rules, but if so, I'll take my scolding.
  3. He'll learn about the need for muscle when Gornall puts him through the glass.
  4. Yeah, I must have totally misunderstood him. Could have swore he said 8 of 10, but I didn't check the boxscore either.
  5. To me, the MVP should be the one that if he has an off night, so does the team. There's no denying that if Crosby is off, the entire team doesn't perform as well, and I think that directly reflects Crosby' s ability to see the ice, set teammates up, and control the puck. There's so much little stuff he does that doesn't necessarily make the stat sheet that's just ridiculous. From holding the zone, to stripping the puck, to breaking up plays, to faceoffs. Last night at one point, the pens had won something like ten faceoffs and Crosby had won 8 of them.
  6. I'll take the cup even with Crosby on the bench. I didn't think Fleury deserved the benching, but they are winning and that's more important to me.
  7. There were a lot of missed calls, or just let them play calls last night. The pens had some inadvertent high sticks that could have been called, and Rowney had a pretty clear slash, the Senators had A LOT of interference that wasn't called. But the refs did call probably the weakest one they had on Phaneuf.
  8. I appreciate that, lol. I have to admit though, I'm not a full time Pens fan, they are my Eastern Conference team, but then again, I'm not a homer over the Avs either, I realize they are terrible, and will likely remain terrible. Having Kessel go to the Pens though was a tough pill to swallow.
  9. My God, this guy is making me question my own fandom of the Penguins. For the love of God, please don't view me on the same plane.
  10. Wow, as a Pens fan myself you need to take a chill Roosevelt. Fleury clearly got rattled last game, and while I personally would stick with him, I understand Murray coming in this game. Sullivan will either look like a genius or a fool for this move either way, but Fleury has shown in the past when you crack him, he stays cracked, it's probably better for him at this point to get some rest, and maybe this will charge up the team a little because they played like horse poop in front of him in this series, and really the majority of the last series. My one agreement is that if Fleury hasn't cracked, you could have been looking at the playoff MVP if they'd have won it. Side note, for the love of God Nashville, beat the Ducks.
  11. I'm a Pens fan (Avs first, but they haven't given me anything to cheer about in nearly two decades), so I'll try and curb my homerism, but I just don't understand the hate he gets, or more specifically the whiner label. They even showed a replay last night where there was something like 4 penalties that could have easily been called and he didn't do anything but keep battling for the puck. Maybe when he was younger, I don't know, but it seems that the dude gets worked over and cheap shotted more than anyone else I see with no call.
  12. I'm loving this. Not sure what it is about Anaheim, but I just don't like them. Maybe it's Corey Perry.
  13. I'll never understand what is a penalty, and more importantly what is and what is not goalie interference. After the goalie interference in the Penguins game the other night being called, I can't fathom how Talbot wasn't interfered with in the game-tying goal tonight.
  14. Do we hope for injuries? Somewhat joking.
  15. I must have missed that aspect of it. I didn't hear him laugh afterwards, or maybe I thought it was one of the announcers. My bad.