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  1. snova4


    You might actually be able to pay for your purchase with the wrestling shirts depending on what signatures are on there. It could possibly have some big names that have since moved on or retired and to have them all on one shirt would be pretty impressive.
  2. snova4

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    I can assure you, it is 100% Senden.
  3. snova4

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    doesn't that just mean he loses a year of eligibility? So if he came next year he could still only play 3.
  4. snova4

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    May, or may not have an inside source.
  5. snova4

    COMMITTED Sioux Recruits

    I'm willing to bet he shows up sooner than later.
  6. Well, to be fair, it's looks just as much like a hawk as the current abomination, but you can disagree. It's your opinion.
  7. I could have got behind the logo on the left. The Burlington/Post Office logo doesn't do anything for me.
  8. Well, there's a clear answer here then. Shutter the hockey program. It's obvious that only if the rest of the sports could use that budget, and we cut ties with the palace on the prairie, the other programs will start winning natties.
  9. Do you think NDSU treats the football team equally as the tennis team? The sports that most other universities emphasize aren't the ones driving the revenue bus at UND.
  10. I come for the hockey games. I spend money on hotels, dining, and entertainment. Would the hockey program still be great without the Ralph, maybe, maybe not. There's a lot to factor in that may not have been without the building. Is it the sole reason guys come to Grand Forks to play, no, but it sure doesn't hurt. Maybe a couple recruits don't by in without a pro arena in a college program. Maybe without those recruits the program isn't as good. Maybe the program doesn't maintain the level of excellence we've come to expect, and it's not the national titan it is. You can't tell me that during the 90s the future didn't look bleak. Granted we got 2 championships at the end which boosted appeal, but l firmly believe we don't win some of the "blue chippa" recruiting battles with a mediocre arena.
  11. While you're right, the program would have done well still, you're still not acknowledging the impact that is the attraction of the Ralph. I've talked to people that are from New York that have been at a game just because of the reputation of the arena. As good as the program is, those people aren't coming because they like North Dakota in the winter, and they aren't spending dollars in Grand Forks without the building.
  12. A 3,000 seat barn with little heat and crappy seats, no, probably not. What would the university have built? They'd never have spent anywhere near that kind of money, and I see many of you make fun of other teams rinks all season long, that would be us.
  13. Some of you amaze me. The impact on the community alone because of this one time donation can't be measured. I can say, as someone that doesn't live in Grand Forks, I've spent North of $10,000 since 2010 in Grand Forks that wouldn't have been spent without that building, and that's without attending a game the last two years (damn kids). How many more people are there like me? It's not strictly you blue bloods filling that building and the hotels each weekend. Without that hockey program, what does Grand Forks offer to outsiders that couldn't be found in any other mid size city in the Midwest? The only thing that's unique and an attraction is a hockey program that offers a better atmosphere than any pro game I've ever been to, and it's quite likely based solely on that building. As far as other donors, I don't see anyone else ponying up over $100 million for anything, and even if they did, why would they want to? While Kennedy might be in the right, and at the end of the day a logo on the floor shouldn't matter, but you can't tell me that someone that spends that kind of money isn't going to want some kind of say no matter who they are, and the condescending response by Kennedy in the emails is going to give them pause, because if he's going to talk like that to someone that's spent that kind of money, he'll do it to anyone. Finally, yes, North Dakota is in a budget crunch, that should have been foreseen, and it's not ridiculous to request a revisit to the revenue sharing agreement, but at the same time, the university has made some extremely questionable decisions in money allocation over the past several years when this budget shortfall could have been predicted. While this will blow up in Engelstad Foundations face, the university is going to have collateral damage from other donors because of Kennedy's arrogance. Seriously, he implied that he would sue a donor, you don't think that's not going to give other donors pause?