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    Impressive Pothole development

    Was up for the weekend, very impressed that the development of the pothole network around town... bidness was booming . Although with a just a jackhammer and a little bit of effort that one 30 yard stretch of good road could be filled in with a few more rim shattering depressions.
  2. Streaks have to start somewhere.
  3. Frozen4sioux

    2018-2019 Puck Drop

  4. Frozen4sioux

    What do you think of the logo now??

    Geez I hope their neon doesn't go out on the green tube, people will be lined 30 deep to drop their mail off.
  5. Frozen4sioux

    Looking for Big Chief and Sammy Sioux Logos for a project

    Damn. That’s......... I got nothin.
  6. Frozen4sioux


    They brought Carter Randklev to Dev Camp.... maybe they will finally break the curse? Vegas is also the only team to never have a UND alum on the roster (in the modern era), also never won a cup . Curse of the LackaSioux is real.
  7. Frozen4sioux

    2018-2019 NHL Season

    Even if it was a misunderstanding. JJ's not wrong. Columbus is far from a winning culture. I believe holidays are still quite dysfunctional for the young man.
  8. Frozen4sioux

    Twins ?

  9. Frozen4sioux

    UND Athletics, Hornbacher's introduce new relationship

    Imagine yourself in Bismarck with just Dans ( now Family Fare owned) pricing has skyrocketed and quality plummeted. They own almost everything except Walmart and Target and I wouldn't buy food there if it was free. There is a Cashwise on the south side but its a good chance of getting gang shived in that ghetto. They announced a new north end location for Cashwise, hopefully happens and planned for a MUCH better neighborhood. be glad you have the competition you do in GF.
  10. Frozen4sioux

    Twins ?

    Hahaha... yeah not a knock on you or your post just a general.... wow the twins suck reply.... They could have won 90.... but the level of effort and execution has just been the lowest ive ever seen. Its like the players are even bored playing baseball at this point. Coaching? Team makeup? Whatvu think they need?
  11. Frozen4sioux

    2018-2019 NHL Season

    missively overreact and say the f word 30 times in each of the past present and future tense. That was the interview. Also included a innuendo that he will be Reggie Dunlop style targeted next season when Columbus played Pittsburgh.
  12. Frozen4sioux

    Twins ?

    At this point the Twins need to implode the whole thing and cometely reevaluate every aspect of the organization.
  13. Frozen4sioux

    Twins ?

    This post did not age well.
  14. Frozen4sioux

    former players

    Rowney 3 years in Anaheim 3.4 M total. Good on Carter.
  15. Frozen4sioux

    former players

    Zane 100% has to get out of the Bruins org to have even a sniff of the NHL again.
  16. Frozen4sioux

    former players

    Dillon Simpson to Columbus Rocco Grimaldi to Nashville both two way deals. Gotta think Staffird finds a spot somewhere.. May be tougher for Chorney and Rowney
  17. Frozen4sioux

    University of North Dakota 2018-19 Season

    It will be interesting to see how this 19th man is used this year.
  18. Frozen4sioux


    I'd agree... that may a high end estimate for how bad the customization is... There are a lot of k1 replicas out there but as always.... its worth what someone will pay for it.
  19. Frozen4sioux

    How do you pronounce NCAA?

  20. Frozen4sioux

    Major move away from physical tickets to digital

    Nope, kept Sioux ticket stubs for the scrapbook and framed special events. Only one place for a piece of paper with the fhawking name on it. Time to save trees, time and money now. #Digitaltickets4ever
  21. Frozen4sioux

    Major move away from physical tickets to digital

    Its extremely rare that I have a printed ticket in my hand these days, love the convenience of digital ticketing.
  22. Frozen4sioux

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    My hatred for NDSU runs deeper than your love for the downvote. That's saying something.
  23. Frozen4sioux

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Hahahahahhaha Oh now suddenly its "sad and patheric" to criticize the fanbase after you've tried to demonize the Engelstad family, and continually spread as much disinformation about the issue as you could in order to ... actually I still am struggling to fathom what you were trying to accomplish with the babbling BS you kept posting. This Cult has disparaged anyone who dares wear Sioux clothing or attend a hockey game or gosh forbid.... not fawn over the terrible logo that was pulled out of a recycled pile of failed projects?? but now after the dust settles and you find out that it really wasn't all an evil plot to siphon funds, now its sad??? Please, spare us the veiled attempt to change the narrative. Whoops my fat fingers mashed a few buttons.... The Cult has proven incapable of understanding simple concepts and apply them to reality. I can diet.
  24. Frozen4sioux

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    Because he did exactly as I told you he would. He bent the impotant knee, the only thing he "won" was keeping his job. We can disagree (and will) on the philosphies of the opposing sides for another 85 pages but.. I told you exactly how this would play out. Im still waiting for the posts conceeding I've been 100% right this entire time........( which has been proven repeatedly in fact) and that the Cult of the Sacred Downvoted Dove has been completely, catgeorically, analytically, and morally ... .......... Wrong.
  25. Frozen4sioux

    Kennedy vs. Engelstad Foundation: GF herald feature

    OMG how hard is this for you to understand. 0.0% OF THE TICKET REVENUE LEAVES UND! The ENGELSTAD foundation is generously donating money that WAS NOT GENERATED BY UND ATHLETICS!!!!!! or ever associated with teh Ralph Engelstad Arena!! This has been explained and proven numerous times on here and sheeple just jeep returning to trying to push a narative of money being misdirected by some "evil" organization. Pathetic.