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  1. Boeser
  2. Probably down 2 people. You and Dave K were not there. Heard the beer sales were up even though you were not there. Did see scantly clad girls outside of Augies crying on the street.
  3. You mean to say you did not pick UND to beat Arizona, come on MAFIA MAN!
  4. I am sure you will recognize me I will be the one wearing my green jersey.
  5. MM- Just bought my groupon coupon. Ready for the Hoggsbreath!
  6. The green beer sales just went up during the afternoon. Glad to see Minneapolis is welcoming FIGHTING SIOUX FANS BY COLORING THE BEER GREEN AND WEARING GREEN CLOTHING.
  7. Probably studying for a test at the University of Phoenix!
  8. At least you have it Sunday, I have Ice show tonight at 7:00 and tomorrow at 2. Will be following the game on internet! Go Fighting Sioux!
  9. Jost
  10. was able to go in and get a ticket. just now
  11. Stright to sold out they must have only had 4 tickets.
  12. Gersich
  13. Jon was a very classy coach that I always enjoyed working with. Very professional and appreciated me giving him a hard time about being a FIGHTING SIOUX fan!
  14. People may be critical of south western Minnesota hockey but do you realize that two of the eight coaches left in the state hockey tourney have coached in southwestern Minnesota in the last three to five years. Who are they and what schools did they coach. Both of them coached games in the arena that I manage?
  15. And to think Jaxson Nelson who is playing with the SF Stampede could have been playing with this team if he had not gone to the JUNIORS.