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  1. Cheer After the Fight Song

    And don't forget.... We've got the team. (Rah! Rah!) We've got the steam. (Uff Da!) Funny, I asked the same question above via the Forum in 2012.
  2. Far too early, but what the hell...Bracketology

    Said to a buddy the other day - St. Cloud and UND are going to end up in the same regional in Sioux Falls. It would be interesting if it's also U of M and Minnesota State Mankato too. Doubt they will ever do that but hey, it's four teams from three different leagues so who knows? (I'm making the assumption Mankato will actually finish where the 'typical' WCHA champ finishes - about 14 or 15 in PW.)
  3. Green out Jan 26 v. Denver

    Question is: Will there be green beer too?
  4. NORTH DAKOTA @ St. Cloud State

    I think the top three teams are standouts and Western Michigan is right there too. Whoever wins the Penrose will have to earn it the hard way and they could burn themselves out for the playoffs. It is going to be a fun race. We will likely look back on this series in St. Cloud as the defining moment. This will be a fun way to wrap up the first half of the year.
  5. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Union - FRIDAY Gameday

    Black Friday....Red Pepper Tonight: 2-0 Shutout win today for the Home Team - I get the flatness that could result following Denver but Saturday night was a loss and I don't know if this team loses back to back a whole lot this year. I'll be there loud and proud. Tomorrow: 2-2 Tie Big four games coming up in December vs. the Broncos and Huskies - a good chance to position one's self well in the NCHC heading into the New Year.
  6. North Dakota vs. Union (Thanksgiving Edition)

    The physical and mental toil that comes with facing a rival can lead to a hangover the following week. It happened to UND last month at CC a week after the Gopher series. Hopefully that won’t be the case this week with the Dutchmen in town. Time for some Pairwise padding, boys.
  7. 2017-2018 College Hockey (Non-UND Hockey)

    It was a lip-readers delight that’s for sure!
  8. University of North Dakota Hockey 2017-18 Season

    Get set for #1 vs #2 hockey this weekend as UND goes to Denver...question is, who will be #1 in the polls? I know, I know, polls don’t really matter and Pairwise is all that counts (and it’s too early for that anyway) but for fans of this rivalry like me, it adds more electricity to a great series. it should be a great test for the boys, particularly the freshman and Thome in net if Cam’s not ready.
  9. NORTH DAKOTA @ badgers - SATURDAY Gameday

    On a quintessential night of College Hockey, I really enjoyed the matchup with Wisconsin last evening. The atmosphere was on par with a January or February matchup. This was a great coming of age effort for the team against a strong opponent in their barn. I also enjoyed the FOX Wisconsin coverage. The play by play was really solid and the graphics on screen (shots along with score) was a plus I would like to see on UND’s MidCo coverage. Thome, Adams, and other freshies really impressed. Roll Tribe!
  10. Sioux vs Bucky TV options

    While out of the Big 10 viewing area last year I watched Big10 2-Go during the Big 10 Hockey Tournament and it streamed well. As noted earlier it was free and easy on Mid Co via the TV everywhere (anywhere?) option.
  11. Mark J Lindquist - Anthem Singer

    Mark is a great guy. He has also performed at Dodger Stadium in LA. He is talented and we are fortunate to have him.
  12. NORTH DAKOTA vs. St Lawrence - FRIDAY Gameday

    It's fitting that St. Larry is in town this weekend considering the 1987 team will be honored. The squad from New York made the Frozen Four that year. 2-2 tie tonight, 4-1 win Saturday for UND.
  13. UND Sports TV Options

    As a loyal UND telecast viewer, this is tough news to hear. Some traditions need to remain. For example, what is a world without North Dakota Eye Clinic? And their half century of eye care excellence?
  14. PyeongChang 2018

    I think if Jost is back he has a good chance to make Team Canada if NHL players aren't part of the roster. It would be unfortunate to lose him for a while but it would be a great opportunity for him.
  15. PyeongChang 2018

    Read that NBC Sports is committed on covering Hockey LIVE and South Korea is 13 or 14 hours ahead. Get set for some 2:00am Hockey Viewing, folks.