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  1. FSSD

    UND to Summit/MVFC

    Yep, he is still rolling with the Big 3 (that is what you call commitment to a bit)... why doesn't he post on AGS? He and Lakes are a pair.
  2. Again, one of the advantages of having the current setup is that UND could use bonds for the building of the Betty. UND didn't have to wait for all the fund raising like NDSU and BSA. http://www.theralph.com/about-the-arena/the-betty $8 million dollar facility Current balance: 1.4 million - maturity date of 2020. To all the Bison fans - have you paid the Fargo Dome for the upgrades completed as part of the move to FCS? Just asking for a friend.
  3. catching sunnies can be fun but after a while it can get to be more work than they are worth.
  4. I assume the REA Inc bond payment noted above is for the Betty. Looks like balance is $1.43 m and final payment is 2020. So, it looks like UND will have paid for the basketball arena during the D1 transition and an annual amount of $500,000 will come available.
  5. FSSD

    Summit League MBB

    I don' think so on an annual basis, but if UND was a top 4 team yes. So, I would say dependant on the team. In general, my comment about Boise was around the fact that Boise is more centrally located for the primary schools in the Big Sky (EWU, UI, ISU, UM, MSU and Weber St. maybe in Portland St.)..
  6. FSSD

    Summit League MBB

    Agree - Boise location is better than SF. You will see a jump in the Big Sky Tournament. It should have been there to start with.. I never understood Reno
  7. FSSD

    Bunnies dump tennis

    Or pay of COA - I think they are the last Dakota school without it across the board.
  8. Let me get this straight - the students pump - How About We Keep Sioux down our throats... and now they allowing them to make another stupid decision? Really?? Please stop it..
  9. FSSD

    Conference Realignments - Take 2

    If the Summit is going to add a private - how about they start working with St. johns/St. Thomas versus Auggie
  10. FSSD

    Summit League MBB

    If I was In charge of the Slummit: 1) Change name of conference 2) Double header games - women/men games travel together. 3) Talk to NMSU versus Augie 4) Start football .
  11. FSSD

    UND's New Hockey Conference

    I'll take a BigTen team over SCSU anytime...
  12. Or UND could have stayed in the Big Sky?!?!?!
  13. Next to leave.... Fort Worth... plus I thought that Oakland and Oral Roberts left complaining about Sioux Falls. Hell, KC left for the WAC... of course the Southland conference fell apart so Oral Bob came back, but for how long? Plus, you have MVC and Horizon looking to grow again very soon... next up Denver, Omaha, KC, Oral Bob or/and FW
  14. FSSD

    2017 Season

    Given the lack of depth at ILB - can you switch to a 4 - 3 vs 3 - 4. UND has way more depth at D-line and other team would not be prepared for it..