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  1. Is the issue maybe that the contract still counts against the cap and it hamstrings the GM when building a roster? It can't be financial if the contract is insured against injury. It has to be issues with managing the cap.
  2. Bring Sitting Bull with you when you come. He'll be staying in Vermillion after the game for some time.
  3. FYI, it was yours truly that first coined that conference name, "The Big North Conference" and its variations, Big Northern, Great North, Great Northern. I will forego any royalties if it ever happens, I'll just be do happy. I've also got dibs on "The Great Midwest Conference". Big North Conference - all sports USD SDSU NDSU UND Montana Montana State Idaho Idaho State ( or Portland St or UNC) Eastern Washington Denver (non-football) Great Midwest Conference - all sports USD SDSU NDSU UND UNI WIU SIU ISUr ISUb MSU
  4. I heard recently the Sioux Falls Sports Authority is attempting to put together a 4 team tournament, a BIG/NCHC challenge with UND-UNO-Minnesota-Wisconsin to be played at the Denny in SF. Didn't read through the entire thread to see if that had been mentioned anywhere.
  5. You know, if you are going to successfully pitch something you need to brand it. By branding it you make it real and it gives it traction. Our hypothetical western conference needs a name. A great name. Can't be: WAC - Western Athletic Conference Western Conference - Old Big Ten Great West Conference - Ugh! Bad memories. Defunct...maybe we could resurrect it. American West Conference - defunct Big West - Taken Can't have mountains because we don't have mountains over here. Can't be plains because our western mates have mountains. Hmmm...let me think...
  6. That proposed conference would be permanent. Nobody is leaving that setup.
  7. Oh yeah. I realize that.
  8. Every time you reference the Summit League you refer to it as the "Slummit". Doing so lessens your credibility, if you even have any. UND will soon be a part of the "Slummit" so I don't know why you disparage the conference. Also, confuses me why you refer to it as the "Slummit" when it has recently been a superior conference to the Big Sky and will be a jump up, and difficult transition for UND, just like the MVFC conference will be.
  9. In a couple of years when the MVC is a solid one bid league, the Shocker basketball credits run out, and that bisects with the P5/FBS split I predict there will be some upheaval for the Valley and the Summit. Honestly, the Summit is going to be in the driver seat when that happens because that is where the more powerful football programs in the MVFC reside. It will be schools like UNI having to make a decision to move to that second level of football with us or hanging around the Tier 3 level with Indiana State and the Valley East programs. Who knows, maybe some BSC schools like the Montanas become a player in this saga. The Dakotas need to stick together. There will be a time for us to make our move. We are stronger together than we are apart.
  10. You sure about that? The other Dakota schools might hold a little resentment.
  11. Get rid of the names of the conferences. When you look at each of them and where UND fits in it could go either way. UND has a long history with schools in both conferences. As far as the most deeply heated rivalries, that would go to Minnesota and Wisconsin. So if the money lines up and the deal looks good you go to the BIG. Unfortunately, UND moving to the BIG would not be good for the whole of college hockey. More instability.
  12. At Iowa or Nebraska? Probably somewhere between OSU and PSU attendance-wise would be my guess. So not that bad, and better than most in college hockey.
  13. Hence, sweeten the pot.
  14. I would agree. USD has pulled the conference rabbit out of that hat before, as you all know.
  15. The school only gets the $3-4 million grant from the league office if they start a hockey team, and the funds are a direct grant and can be used for no other purpose. If a school doesn't start up a team they don't receive a grant, so don't see how they could spend it on other things. Actually, I believe this idea has already been floated by the league and the number was $2 million of seed money to start a program.