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  1. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    That was not us, but we have been up in GF 5 times over the past couple of years for hockey games, tournaments, camps. Regular enough I know the town pretty well now!
  2. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    No. We have not. Watch them on Midco all the time though.
  3. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    I hope he does too. I would be thrilled.
  4. Where to eat in Grand Forks.

    I was in Grand Forks over the weekend for my kid's hockey. Went to Red Pepper for the first time ever for a grinder. Excellent. Wished I would have went there in my previous numerous trips to GF. On Sunday we got some subs from Fat Albert's before heading out of town. Love the Atomic from Fat Albert's, always try to hit that place when we are in town.
  5. Gameday vs USD

    You realize that's a penalty. Should have been 15 yards and a game ejection for making contact with the head. Strev was sliding and gave himself up on the play. Jeez. But like the Energizer Bunny Strev popped up and kept going & going. Austin Simmons is the backup and last year I thought he was actually better than Strev. So I think the team would be in good hands if Strev went down.
  6. College Hockey Expansion

    You been to Illinois? They charge you drive on the roads there. Had to get me an I-Pass cause I got tired of having to pull over to the cash section of the toll booth. The roads are about the only thing that is paid for in that state.
  7. College Hockey Expansion

    I've seen more UA stuff in hockey recently. Hockey socks, hockey apparel, etc. No protective equipment or anything like that, but that's not their business either, they are more apparel.
  8. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Football drives the bus on conference re-alignment at the FBS level. At the FCS level it is basketball and the NCAA tournament access that drives re-alignment. The Summit and MVC or the Summit and BSC or the Summit and WAC are not going to merge because that would result in the loss of an autobid to the NCAA BB tournament. The Summit is going to become one of two things, a strong conference with the Dakota 4 as the backbone leading the conference, or a group of cast-offs that limps along with the Dakota 4 stuck in the middle of the crapfest. I don't see the Summit surviving without the Dakota 4.
  9. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    SDSU fans are very protective of their "precious", the SLT in Sioux Falls. Fact is if we could ever manage to put together a conference with the Montanas, etc. the SLT in SF would be gone on an annual basis. It would either become a rotating tournament or we would have to settle on one central destination, hence my suggestion of Rapid City. The Rushmore Plaza can hold 10,000, it would serve just fine as a tournament home.
  10. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    One could say that right now the process of trimming the fat is happening. Take the 4 Dakotas and Denver (Summit) and join them with the Montanas, Idaho, EWU, and one more (UNC?) and it would be the perfect conference. Then the debate will be where to hold the Summit League Tournament. Sioux Falls will be seen as too favorable to SDSU and USD, but it would still get tremendous support. Simple answer is to move it a little further west and make it more centrally located. Rapid City would make a great host city and provide a lot of other entertainment options too. Now that we have this all figured out for Douple, etc. it's up to them to make it happen.
  11. Let's Go To Vermillion

    On sale to Howling Pack members only. General public sales are still a couple of weeks out. Not sure how many tickets will be left for general sale because I heard HP members were buying chunks of seats up.
  12. What do you think of the logo now??

    Not now, but eventually, yeah, that should probably happen.
  13. What do you think of the logo now??

    Perusing this thread. From an outsider's perspective, whatever new name you chose was going to receive resistance, however, choosing something as stale and generic as "Hawks" was like adding fuel to the fire. I don't think this debate would still be raging the way it is and people would have opened up more to the new nickname if the original key attributes for choosing the new nickname were followed: Representative of state/region Honor past/look to future Promote pride, strength, fierceness, passion Sense of community/connectedness Intimidation to competitors Unique, recognizable, distinctly UND The administration started with these attributes and ended up with a generic "Fighting Hawks". How does that happen? The name does none of those things. Perhaps if the nickname met the original criteria there would be more acceptance. My advice, save whatever money you were going to spend on any major marketing campaign to promote and sell the new logo and start over, pick something new. After people see how bad it CAN get...Fighting Hawks...they will be much more receptive to something else.
  14. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    That's why they get paid the big bucks. If a bunch of keyboard jockeys on some message boards can put together an outline for conference realignment that makes sense, I wonder how they cannot see this picture as well. We don't even have the major complications of having to deal with million/billion dollar TV contracts or Grant-of-Rights or any of those trickier legal contract hurdles.
  15. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Honestly, I think our futures lay to the west. I just don't see how there is any other way. The first phase was getting the Dakota 4 together to stabilize our relationships and also to show other conferences/schools just how committed we all are to athletics, show them the rivalries and the atmospheres that are created when our teams get together. Look at the Summit League Tournament in Sioux Falls, look at the great crowds at our football games. Now the second phase will begin. Some would say that we could create the NCC 2.0 at the D1 level. Problem is to do that we need more schools, and Mankato, Augie, etc. aren't moving up. So maybe UNC joins us along with WIU. Problem is what is in it for UNC, they've got a good setup in the BSC. Besides, we'd need more than just WIU and UNC, 6 isn't enough. The MVC side of the MVFC is not going to join up with us for an all sports conference, or ever let us in the MVC, so forget about that. So what are the remaining options? I believe it is with the Montanas, EWU, and Idaho. The reason is that conference with those schools, the Dakotas, and DU would instantly be the best FCS conference in the country and a high major conference in basketball. The schools share the same ideals. It's just a good fit. But what would make those Sky schools want to do such a thing? Well, I see the current BSC as having become diluted with some weaker schools. It's not the same BSC as when Boise State and Nevada were there. Joining with the Dakota 4 would hit the reset button on that for the Montanas, etc. One of 2 things is going to happen, NCC 2.0 or the Big North Conference.