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  1. USD has been the Coyotes from the very beginning: The Coyote is a myth of unknown origin. It is impossible to assign an exact date for the association of "Coyote" with the school's athletic teams or other features. The earliest use of the word "Coyote" as the state animal of South Dakota, came from a horse race at a military fort in 1863. The Sioux Indians called themselves "The Dacotah" from which the Dakota Territory was derived. When a Dakota cavalry horse outran a larger horse entered by the Iowa Sixth Cavalry, the Iowans shouted, "Look at the kiote run." The name stuck. South Dakota, the Coyote State, is also known as the Sunshine State for its larger number of cloudless days. The "Coyote" was customarily assumed to be the mascot of the University of South Dakota without any official action by the USD student body. Dr. Cedric Cummings, in his book, "The University of South Dakota," wrote: "First Of the University annuals was published in the spring on 1902 when William Williamson Jr., is editor in chief, fixing the name "Coyote" upon its progency. The use of the term by the yearbook helped to popularize it. Another symbol originating in this period was the University seals, first imprinted on the "Coyote" published in the spring of 1903.
  2. I just call it as I see it. I actually do want you guys to get past this nickname thing so when you come into the conference this subject is still not tearing you guys apart. I just don't ever see it happening with the generic Hawks name. It is going to take a generation to literally die off for the Hawk name to be accepted, even then it will be "meh", and you guys can't spend another 20+ years fighting over this. That's why I said sacrifice the Hawk and start over. Nobody is a die-hard Hawk supporter, they would convert easy, and it would also appease the Sioux crowd who has to realize by now that nickname is never coming back. It would be an offering of peace as a generic nickname like a Hawk variation is what was feared most by the Fighting Sioux crowd. The nickname should be relevant to North Dakota, have some historical significance, be an animal or plant, something that is uniquely North Dakotan. All of the other Dakota schools have nicknames like that. UND broke their own rules they set up when determining a nickname by going with something generic. You want my personal opinion, I would have gone with Roughriders and not looked back. North Dakota is the Roughrider State. It's unique & identifiable and has some excellent potential for logos and branding. Drawback is there is a local high school and a USHL team with that name, but the vast majority of NCAA fans knows nothing about either of those entities. That is a drawback that could have easily been overcome. These are just my opinions. You all have to figure this out on your own though.
  3. Wow, I pop on over here and see a 63 page thread, what must this be about? Same old, same old. Old wounds that will not heal. Outsiders perspective, you can't put lipstick on a pig. The pig, in this case, is the Fighting Hawks name, it's terrible. The lipstick is the logo. Good luck devising a logo to go with a generic bird nickname. I've said this before and I'll say it again, sacrifice the Hawk. Blow the whole dang thing up and start over. It is the only way you guys are going to be able to move on. The Fighting Hawk name will simply never be embraced by a large portion of your fan base. If it were, you wouldn't see 60 page threads and entire sections of your message board dedicated to the subject.
  4. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    The Summit has been bought and paid for by Sanford. If your school has taken Sanford money you are 100% tied to this conference. USD, SDSU, and NDSU will be going nowhere else anytime soon. Same can be said for UND once you all join us. The Dakota 4 are joined at the hip in the Summit. The best thing we can do is work from within to improve the conference and try to attract better schools to come on over because none of us are going anywhere.
  5. Hotel Recommendation for Grand Forks

    Yeah, I've looked and looked and it's a good hotel for a fair price. Sometimes you can find these hidden gems like an EconoLodge or something that is lower budget but is nice, clean, well-maintained, etc. I just wanted to find out of there was a hidden gem like that in GF. I have until May 2 to cancel my reservations, I'll continue to check daily to see if anything pops up. Thanks for all your input guys.
  6. Hotel Recommendation for Grand Forks

    I've got the Spring Hill Suites locked in at $98/night already, so I am not in the market for the Ramada. I am trying to downgrade in price without sacrificing too much quality. I will probably just stick with what I have got but thank you all for your input. Budget Inn? As in Budget Inn Express off Gateway Drive? Holy Christ! That place looks like a haven for portable meth labs. No thank you. Now I just looked up Ideal Inn. You are clearly joking. It might almost be worth it just for the people watching then. My kid is now old enough to figure it out enough to where he would look at me and say "Dad, this place is kind of sketch."
  7. Hotel Recommendation for Grand Forks

    I have stayed at the Ramada. Over priced at almost $100 per night for being old and worn down. I'm booked at Spring Hill for that price. Knights Inn. I will look into that one. Thanks.
  8. I will be up in GF next weekend for 3 days because my kid has a hockey camp going on there. Currently have rooms reserved at Spring Hill Suites but, because I am cheap and hockey is expensive enough as is, I am seriously looking to stay at a cheaper hotel. EconoLodge has some pretty low rates and we could stay there for almost half the cost. Would anyone recommend it? Is it clean and halfway up-to-date or am I going to have to worry about bed bugs and hookers turning tricks with truckers who are passing through? (You think I am kidding but our team stayed at a hotel in Fremont, NE for a tournament when we were in Omaha and there was a hooker who was making on-line appointments with truckers who were stopping at the near-by truck stop. Kids never noticed what was going on but us parents sure did!)
  9. That's for you guys to determine, you are NoDaks, after all. What is something that is culturally identifiable with your state, an animal, a plant, an occupation, a place, a historical figure, whatever, that would make for a good nickname? NoDak has some history to it, use it.
  10. Sorry, but you are wrong. All three are identifiable nationally. There is no mistaking Coyotes, Jackrabbits, or Bison for some other school. They are instantly identifiable as being Dakotan. Hawks is just another hawk name like the 100's of other schools with hawk variations. UND is better than to be lumped in that crowd.
  11. The nickname process ran amuck when they had a large committee and the process was so open and there were all these votes and run-off votes. Way, way too many choices. Way, way too many voting periods. The process was completely F'ed up. It was inevitable that a generic Hawks was chosen. The pizza example is a great one, you guys ended up with a frozen Jack's pepperoni pizza. Now that you've all seen what arguing over this gets you people may be more open and there may be a more cooperative effort in a new nickname process. The first area it went wrong is the committee violated their first rule, that the new name and logo be unique and identifiable with North Dakota. Fighting Hawks should have never been on the list to begin with along with about half the other names they came up with. Start the process over. Small committee comes up with 3 nicknames. The nicknames must be uniquely North Dakotan, nothing generic. Put it to a general vote. Coyotes, Jackrabbits, Bison...all uniquely Dakotan. Hawks just doesn't fit with that.
  12. From an outsider's perspective, who comes here from time to time to read up on this never ending controversy, here are my observations. The Sioux Forever people are never going to accept the Fighting Hawks nickname. The Fighting Hawks nickname is the epitome of everything they opposed because it is such a bland, PC nickname. The only thing worse would have been to make the nickname a color, instead you picked the second worse possible option, a variation of hawk. It was like throwing a big F-U right in the faces of the Sioux Forever crowd. You all want to move on? The Sioux Forever people need to accept that the Sioux nickname and logo is never coming back. In return, the Fighting Hawks nickname and logo needs to be killed and buried and a new, more appealing nickname chosen. You will get much more acceptance in the long run. UND went from, basically, one of the most unique nicknames in college athletics to one of the most meh nicknames and one of the worst logos. That's a hard fall. The best part is if a totally awesome nickname and logo was chosen it also would not have been accepted. The Fighting Hawks name and logo is actually the perfect sacrifice to transition from Sioux to a more permanent nickname. You want to heal this gaping wound this is what you need to do. Announce the Hawk as transitional, kill it, and come up with something else, something unique, historical, and North Dakotan. Instead it looks like the administration is doubling down on force feeding the new nickname and logo with the addition of a mascot. That isn't going to work, it's just another flashpoint of contention.
  13. GO WILD

    Wild just fired their GM. Looks like the Wild are going to be blown up and the rebuild process will start.
  14. 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Along with all the answers already given VGK also gets good matchups because of their roster lineup. Their roster is made up of 2 & 3 line guys that have talent and were just under the top line guys. So when they matchup against another team, while they may not have a top line they also don't have a 4th line. It's four 2nd to 3rd lines matching up against the other teams 1-2-3-4, same goes with their D pairings. They were also able to construct their roster and contracts from scratch knowing how the current salary cap system works. Look at all the teams that are in salary cap hell, or can't ever seem to break out because of a couple of bad contracts on the books. The downside for VGK is they really don't have a lot of minor league depth. It's going to take a while for them to build up a system of young talent. The first couple of seasons they should be solid, it's in a couple of years when their first homegrown talent comes through that will tell us if they have staying power. VGK might be the blueprint for Seattle but if I am a few NHL clubs I might not be too thrilled about those expansion draft rules. I'm thinking of places like Buffalo where they just have to be saying "are you F-ing kidding me?" when they see the success in Vegas while they have struggled for years.
  15. 2018-19 Non-UND College Hockey

    Agree 100% with the article, recruiting is happening way too early. I am still trying to figure out how a 13 or 14 year old is even in a position to give a verbal commit. According to the NCAA D1 Hockey recruiting rules a coach can't even call you until Jan 1 of your sophomore year. I realize that you can call the coach at your own expense, but how awkward is that? Oh, I'm sure there is back channel communications advising the recruit to call the coach. Bunch of shady crap. Maybe I am just the stupid one, my oldest is a sophomore I better get working the phones. I also fail to see how well these players can be projected at such a young age. I am watching it happen right now, one season can be a huge difference for a player in terms of their development. How these guys can project 5 years out is beyond me. The system leads to a lot of late developers falling through the cracks and many early developers not reaching their full potential because of the reasons stated in the article.