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  1. Sioux Falls Regional -- Yes!

    Where is the best place to find tickets for this weekend? I read on here that passes bought on-line are not transferrable, that true? I'm on the fence about whether I'll head up to Sioux Falls or not, but if I can convince my wife maybe we'll go. Ticketmaster? Stubhub?
  2. Conference Realignments - Take 2

    Don't think Denver moves. They have a unique sports offering and the Summit just kind of let's them do their thing and doesn't make them line their sports offering up with the conference. They have a pretty decent setup right now. With UND coming in and UNO already here there is some cross conference familiarity with the schools. What makes the WCC so much more attractive? All the Gonzaga NCAA Tournament money they brought in? Would they even get a share of it being the new school? Is it worth the money to change everything?
  3. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    I just like talking hockey and shooting ideas back and forth. The discussion, just making hockey bigger and better everywhere. I know I don't know everything and there is no one size fits all answer. I do believe that it all starts at ownership and recruitment, that is why I identify with the more linear approach because it puts the onus back on the school and community to recruit and develop rather than just working with what they are handed at HS, or the HS is at the mercy of the luck of the draw as far as school boundaries go. Tier 1 already exists in the form of Team North Dakota. I agree that I don't think a full season Tier 1 team is necessary in NoDak. You have players up there on HS teams that are getting invites to the NTDP and are committed to D1 schools. Visibility isn't an issue. Where I live it is a big issue and if you want to have any chance of making it to even the NAHL then Tier 1 is your only route. High school hockey exists but it is not even looked at. I spoke with a Junior hockey coach last season and we were discussing a player that was at his main camp that was from my area. He said he liked the kid but he came out of nowhere, that he spent one year playing Tier 1 U16 and before that he was playing Rec hockey somewhere. Just needed to see more out of him before he took him as a 17 year old. That Rec hockey league was the Midwest HS Hockey League. That's how our HS hockey is viewed. I don't think it's fair, there are some pretty good players in that league, but it's the reality of what we deal with.
  4. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    Perhaps there would be more high school coaches involved and they would take more ownership if the programs did have a linear structure. You mentioned Moorhead, that is what happens there and in many other solid programs because those coaches know they need the Jimmies and Joes coming out of youth hockey to be competitive on the HS level. Agreed that combining and playing at the AA level will produce higher end players as those players will be challenged. Where the problem arises is when they break off at HS, you run into depth issues. It's difficult to foresee the future and know the right moves to make. I know one move for sure, recruit as many Mites as possible and don't stop recruiting. With a large enough base of players the talent will rise to the top. The more players, the more talent that rises.
  5. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    The flip side to this is that FYHA develops kids through Bantams and then they get scattered amongst how many different teams? Somebody mentioned how the Fargo area just doesn't produce hockey players. I disagree, they do, the problem is the best players get scattered all over the city once they hit HS. The exact same thing happens in the Twin Cities with high schools that share a local youth hockey program as their feeder system. The best HS programs are the ones that are linear in nature, where there is one youth program feeding one HS program, with the exception of the privates which I will not count in this situation. That happens right now on the other side of the river in Moorhead. You trying to tell me that the kids are different or there is some sort of special water on the other side of the river? No way, so why is it? It's due to exposure to a high level of competition through each level of a player's youth career. Players that don't make the top team and get buried down on the B2 and C teams, or even some B1 teams, just don't receive the same level of development that the top players on the AA & A teams receive. They also don't have the same general level of desire. These kids aren't stupid, they know where they rank on the pecking order by the time they are placed on a Squirt team, they start to lose that extra bit of grit and desire that players on the top teams have as each year passes and they remain placed on lower level teams. The answer is to either make the feeder system linear, one youth program per HS, or for FYHA to field multiple top teams at each level, enough to match the number of HS they are feeding. Yeah, the teams will lose, but that is in the short term, development will happen and by Bantams the teams will be competitive. It's not any different than a co-op situation. When you resort to co-oping the writing is on the wall that the two individual programs are dead and will likely not be returning as the people settle into the new norm and become comfortable, or complacent, with it. FYHA is just co-oping right off the jump. There are many who would say that youth programs should not exist to feed HS programs. That their purpose is to provide recreational opportunities for kids. Okay, I'll listen to that perspective, and I almost wish it was that way, but I think it's a little naïve when you look at the rest of the youth hockey world. So yeah, a little off topic, but some food for discussion.
  6. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    USA Hockey Tier 1 - Team North Dakota You already have a Tier 1 team in the state, but it is before & after. Now, you talking about establishing a full season Tier 1 Program?
  7. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    South Dakota hockey teams are not very good, and they are getting worse. The state changed the age bands to comply with USA Hockey, a mistake, IMO, because it will make it even harder to compete with ND and MN teams and SD should want access to playing good, competitive programs from ND and MN. The problem is the youth teams, when they travel out of state, play down as much as they can. You have programs like Sioux Falls who will send their top teams to Minnesota B2 tournaments. Sioux Falls has a HUGE number of kids playing in the program. I'm talking about the same size or maybe larger than FYHA, but you would never know that by looking at the quality of play. I understand Sioux Falls now fields "Gold" teams that play MN A, but we'll see how long that lasts. It just seems to be a race to keep everybody the same in that state so everybody can be even for state league play. It's a very insulated hockey culture and any player that aspires to play at a high level, the only option is the AAA Jr. Stampede. SW Minnesota is getting a lot better at hockey. In recent years you've had Luverne coming out. LDC won Section 3A this year and they have some good young players coming through. If you look at the Minnesota youth A rankings you will see a surge of southern Minnesota towns in the rankings the last several years. Hockey is a numbers game and there are more kids playing in southern MN towns. Would not shock me to see a Class A champ from Section 1A or 3A in the next few years. Class AA is for the Metro schools, Section 7AA and Section 8AA. Unless something seriously changes in Rochester, the farthest south a AA contender could come from would be Lakeville or Farmington, and I consider those Metro. For every other ND town not named Grand Forks or Fargo I agree that there is nothing wrong with Bantam A hockey. Technically, it is all supposed to be A hockey and then breaks down into AA/A for MN State tournament play, but we all knew what was going to happen once the cat got out of the bag. I was just saying in my original post that NoDak towns have the opportunity to travel east to play just like anybody else.
  8. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    Back to the topic, would be awesome to see the ND State High School tournament on Midco Sports next year. The South Dakota and Minnesota tournaments have been broadcast the last few years. BTW Midco, that's a good thing and a big feather in your cap. Congratulations, and big thank you for bringing those tournaments to us. You know what's not? Dropping BTN. Not a good idea, but that's another subject.
  9. ND High School Hockey 2017-18

    You realize there is nothing stopping any North Dakota town from travelling over to Minnesota for youth hockey tournaments too. They could even schedule a trip to one of the gazillion tournaments in Winnipeg each year if they want to increase their level of competition. There is plenty of competition out there, you just need to schedule it and be willing to drive a few miles. Bismarck youth hockey teams (as well other ND towns like Devil's Lake) are regulars in tournaments in Fargo and Grand Forks and those tournaments are full of Minnesota teams. Moorhead tournaments are an option too. Been to all three places multiple times and those tournaments are a cross section of ND, northern MN, Twin Cities Metro, and Canadian teams. Travelling for youth hockey, unless you live in the Twin Cities Metro, is a fact of life.
  10. Olympic Hockey

    The Canadians know this isn't their best. They aren't going to get too worked up over not winning gold but losing to Germany when the path to the gold medal game was laid out before them, that has to sting. They should take comfort in the fact that they won't get their pants pulled down, behinds spanked, and completely embarrassed in front of the world by the Russians though. So at least they got that. We should all be hoping for a Russian domination of Germany in the final game. Maybe then the NHL will come to an agreement for China. Personally, I am cheering hard for Deutschland.
  11. Olympic Hockey

    I completely and 100% support this Canadian woman. She didn't cause a scene, she was not disrespectful, she didn't throw the medal into the stands, she simply removed it. I can completely understand the emotions and the reason why. It probably felt like a boulder around her neck after losing such a heartbreaking game.
  12. Olympic Hockey

    Well yeah. They aren't going to announce the name of the move but I bet there were more than a few who tried it in practice. Honestly, it looks cool on TV but it is a pretty simple move to pull off, fake shot, backhand, forehand, and in. I've seen Pee Wees pull it off. I'm all for Star Spangled Dangle
  13. Olympic Hockey

    O/U on how many kids will be hitting the ice and trying the "oops I did it again" move today at hockey practice.
  14. Your "Team USA"

    There were 49 Americans taken in the 2017 NHL Draft with 6 in the first round, I think that would have been a good place to start in forming a young team. Yeah, Casey Mittlestadt would have been my first pick for the team because he is a darn good player (set aside the Gopher hate). Donato, Terry, Greenway, and Borgen are already on the team and have been amongst the most impactful players on the team. You don't think we have the depth in talent in the NCAA ranks to fill out a team that would have performed equivalent to this one? Keep in mind, we may have made it to the quarterfinals but the only team we have proven we can beat so far is Slovakia.
  15. Your "Team USA"

    All NCAA team. USA Hockey really missed the target on this one. Even if the kids don't win it harkens back to the days of the 1980 team. Sell the nostalgia, underdog angle. Opportunity to showcase the young up and coming American stars and the growth of the youth game in the U.S. There would be enough top NHL draft talent on that team that they would be skilled enough to compete.