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  1. Sure keeps the trolls at bay!
  2. Am I the only one that is wondering why there is discussion questioning the integrity and commitment of one of our best recruits?
  3. Doesn't Noah have a UND legacy connection?
  4. Pretty easy to rise to the top when the four teams that were always above you leave.
  5. From a story about the retirement of Leigh Jeanotte: He’s is most proud that with the help of others, especially Emil LaRocque, director of the Tribal Scholarship Program at Turtle Mountain Community College, a tuition waiver was created for American Indian students. “The State Board of Higher Education turned us down many times,” Jeanotte said. “But Emil and I kept trying. Finally, we decided to try one more time, and the Board approved it. That program has assisted so many American Indian and other under-represented students, and it exists today for all 11 institutions. I feel good about that.” So there is a tuition waiver for Native Americans at UND - over the years I've read many letters and quotes that said that Native Americans did not receive any special treatment? Just to be clear - I'm not saying it is a good or bad thing.
  6. Can we win the Big Sky with the best point guard and a supporting cast? Perhaps the transfers will bring something.
  7. Welcome, but did you really expect to come here and not read a little bit of optimism? Yup we are the underdog but that is why they play the game. We are ready to take the next step.
  8. Holy hat trick talk about crossing the "blue" line. Is that the new thing they want little girls to aspire to?
  9. Well the committee had their first Bubba we trust.
  10. Every year there will be a team that benefits from the schedule - wasn't it Southern Utah or Portland State two years ago, supposidly UND last year (but we actually played the top tier except EW), and Cal Poly this year. As we know you play your schedule and just win.
  11. We will get our share of studs. Doesn't matter what month we get them in.
  12. So many arm-chair ADs, there are so many issues going on right now at UND that impact the athletic department budget. I really don't see the issue here as long as the coach and players know what's going on. I highly doubt this had any impact on the two players that left - the writing was on the wall for both of them. They were just forced to cut $2M+ from their budget and some are pissed that they haven't made a big deal about resigning the MBB coach and lauding a big raise? Based on past comments posted here they already pulled off a miracle in winning the Big Sky, making the Tournament and signing new recruits with a coach who was on the last year of his contact and is still unsigned. Geez if they can accomplish that without a contact I guess it might not be that big of a deal internally. We don't know what we don't know - except for those that know it all.
  13. Actually this movie could have more sequels than Rocky.
  14. A friend of mine who is in the movie was invited to a screening a few weeks ago. They said it was good. (didn't say great). I think the goal is to enter it into film festivals - I hope they are able to rent a theater in Grand Forks and show it during homecoming week.
  15. There are plenty of non-assigned spots, those who are loyal tailgaters that use their spots for tailgating should be able to reserve for the season, as it is now.
  16. I am there every home game and have missed the walk through a couple of times..perhaps we need a loud PA system to announce the arrival.
  17. It's a bit apples vs oranges in that SU fans are not being asked to shell out hundreds/thousands for hockey tickets every year so they can focus on the one sport and invest the money into their tailgating experience, which they quite obviously have many who have six figure investments. Five championships in a row can also make that easier to justify. How do you think it would go over at UND if the lots were locked until 5 hours before the game and everyone had to line up in their vehicles and wait? That is part of the SU experience. They do allow post game tailgating which I think should be considered. I do think that UND staff doesn't put a lot of thought or resources into the way they organize and track the tailgating spots. There are too many people who don't use their spots regularly yet UND continues to allow them to keep their prime spots which leaves gaps in the tailgating lot and takes away from the atmosphere. It would not be that hard to add in language in the agreement about useage and then monitor the useage of tailgating spots. I also agree that student tailgating should be mixed in with the general public - I am guessing they will say they are concerned about underage drinking but I think that can be dealt with.
  18. I agree it was the right decision but history will never remember that the only reason the vote was so one-sided was because of the "threats" that UND would not be allowed into the Big Sky and would not be able to schedule other schools because the NCAA was lobbying schools not to schedule UND. If none of that would have been on the table and it was simply the will of the people this vote might have gone differently - I believe the will of the people was to keep the nickname but all the threats and dire predictions of doom for UND athletics overrode that. It's still incredibly disconcerting that there are so many Native American nicknames still in use - and no it should not matter that a tribe has given its permission to a school because no one should be able to give anyone else permission to use a "racist" nickname. (oops got on the soapbox).
  19. So whay is the reason for becoming a graduate transfer? Is it because the school you are at doesn't offer the graduate program you want?
  20. Well I am a Champion's Club member - who never gets his membership cards on time and is still waiting for his copy of the new Sioux Illustrated. But I agree I'm sure UND will get the word out on their ticket allotment.
  21. Not assuming a win - cause that is bad karma - but starting off any season with a nice home win will help with the bandwagoners - hopefully by then most are already back on board (again not saying that any game is a guaranteed win as we have seen slow starts the past two years)
  22. Wonder if there will be any issues getting tickets? Checked their site and single games aren't on sale yet. Let's monitor and post here when they do.
  23. But who is ranked below us that doesn't have questions?
  24. I order my tickets through a friend so we can sit together. Basrd on past experience it is easier that way. I have to believe there are other club members who don't order tickets.
  25. I have been a Champion's Club member for about 5 years. Every year I have to call and ask for my membership card and I never have it by first home football game. I am guessing I will also have to call to get my issue.