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  1. Spring Ball 2018

    After 4 years of this it is quite obvious that those in charge just do not care to make this an event for the fans.
  2. 2018 NCAA Tournament - Worst to First

    Gotta root for ND, perhaps it will raise hockey awareness and interest, also can't root for Duluth whose game plan includes diving and intentionally injuring other players and the reality is Notre Dame isn't true Big Ten.
  3. 2017-18 Non-UND Hockey

    Ironic because what Motzgo accomplished at SCSU would be considered failure at the U.
  4. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    Just because a student is online does not mean they are not on campus.
  5. Keep it "North Dakota"

    http://www.grandforksherald.com/content/letter-und-teams-north-dakota-works-just-fine Perhaps this is a losing battle for reasons we don't know at this time but but then again maybe a campaign needs to be started to "Keep it North Dakota" before behind the scenes decisions start to be made and we are told "The decision has been made." I'm hoping that Hal is enough of an insider he can keep an eye on this.
  6. Sioux Falls tickets for sale

    Sold, go Sioux!
  7. Yes, the timing is bad, but I know there are some who will want to go no matter who is playing. My schedule changed so these are avaiable. Two lower level tickets bought early so good seats, available for my cost of $150 for both. Willing to mail out.
  8. President Kennedy Candidate for UCF President's Job

    So a person is expected to give up a six figure raise and a job in Florida because "They should be loyal" Situations change.
  9. The X Factor

    He led the team (conference) in balls slipping through his hands.
  10. UND (11-18, 6-11) @ PSU (18-12, 8-9) 3/3 3 PM

    Jones said something to PS coach after PS coach whined at refs and got a jump ball changed to a foul. I will not miss B S refs they missed an obvious goal tend, called a foul that was so bad to foul out Jones that the PS Homer announcer was even amazed. Many games their poor skills impacted outcomes.
  11. UND (5-11, 1-4) vs Weber (10-6, 3-1) 1/13 2 PM

    Our student section continues to be an embarasment they could just as well not be here.
  12. Bemidji tickets

    Looking for three for Saturday hoping to stay close to $100 total, not local so please advise if there is a local promotion (thinking an out of conference game might means seats need to be sold).
  13. Sioux vs bemidji hockey

    Are these still available?
  14. Injuries

    Careful he's just here to have positive informative conversations and anyone who thinks otherwise is just negative about guests from Moo U. In my mind it's like tailgating at UND when the guy in full SU regalia walks up and says "Oh ya well Sioux Suck". The good thing is there is plenty of other sources for reading about UND sports. Sadly this isn't one of them anymore. It has digressed into second guessing, calls for coaches heads and allowing bison trolls to run amok. When it turns into defending the trolls and bashing the supporters it's time for me to move on. I wish you all the best.
  15. Injuries

    Seriously? You must wake up and log onto to Sioux Sports while the coffee is brewing? Please share how your question "Is he not finding his way at UND the way people expected" is not a backhanded snear. Please share your insights on what we were expecting? So I'm negative and you're wanting us to believe that you come here with a positive attitude toward UND and just want to contribute to the conversation?
  16. Injuries

    Wishful thinking on your part - hmm joining a team that has two pre-season All American running backs, learning a new system, adjusting to school. Just wondering what you were expecting?
  17. Injuries

    Find something to enjoy about the season and the team do we really need to rehash how some want coaches fired and others question player' s efforts every week? The team is down do we really need to be kicking them?
  18. 2017-18 Season

    I heard he was transferring back (not really but just want to join in throwing out random possibilities).
  19. 2017-18 Season

    Or everything is fine he has an All America year and is a captain next year.
  20. Cost of Attendance

    So do you think the Kolpacker will post a correction?
  21. Montana State Predictions

    If I was being objective I would be thinking: we are playing our 5th and 6th string linebackers and some of those that are injured will be returning, USD was playing their home opener, we had a bad day on both sides of the ball, our guys are still quality players with several proven All Americans, our coaching staff is almost the same as the one that went 1-2 and then ran the table last year and finally the worst predication of a team's play on any given weekend is what happened the previous week. Finally I really don't think this team has a problem with attitude, leadership or passion (but then again I'm not able to read minds and interpret actions like some obviously can). I don't see how a fan can predict a double digit loss at home and say they believe in the team and coaches - it's not like there is money on the line.
  22. Montana State Predictions

    Glad the team and staff have a shorter memory than some on this board, they've moved on and aren't going to let one game define their season. We were 1-2 last year at this time I believe.
  23. Montana State Predictions

    Well we beat them at that.
  24. Montana State Predictions

    Montana State is 0-2 I wonder how many of their fans are predicting a loss this weekend? UND wins 24 - 10.
  25. Moving On To The Bobcats

    I was at the game and didn't see anything out of the ordinary or anything that would have depicted a lack of effort or leadership - obviously when you are getting the !@#$ kicked out of you the sidelines are going to be a little quiet. Doesn't mean there weren't conversations or leadership happening.