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  1. North Dakota @ Miami - Saturday Gameday

    What did I miss? Why all the talk on here this weekend about the players and social media? I've looked but haven't seen anything.
  2. Fargo Man Claims Quadruple Your Gas Mileage

    I like at the 3:40 mark it starts smoking and he says "we're fine".
  3. Game Day at PSU

  4. 2017 Season

    Nice gut check in the 2nd. Hard fought comeback. Fun to watch!
  5. 2017 Season

    This is a fun team to follow. 3rd set was a little scary but got it done. Tired legs?
  6. President Kennedy Message on Athletics

    Interested to hear how WIH went from untouchable to being cut.
  7. I think someone forgot to turn it on for the UND game. I can get all the other games to come on but not UND.
  8. If Big Ten Offers UND Should They Join?

    That sounds like they need us. I thought they said we need them?
  9. College Hockey Expansion

    Iowa will never have hockey because of this guy... http://www.hawkeyesports.com/genrel/gene_taylor_918017.html
  10. University of North Dakota Hockey 2015-16 season

    Is this what you want? http://issuu.com/undathletics/docs/2015-16_mhky_mg_lowres/192?e=1294848/30446882
  11. "Husky Women"

    If the NC$$ made St Clown change their nickname this woman oppressing cheer would go by the wayside.
  12. Calling the Bluff - Nickname and Donations

    Will do the same for my donations and also the apparel I buy. Depending on the nickname I may buy a hoodie with just UND. The only thing constant is I will buy unless I don't like the nickname/logo and they don't offer UND only gear.
  13. If my math is correct (BIG IF) FH would need to get 68.7% of the Sundog/North Star vote to reach a 50% total and win. I don't think it would happen but if it does I could live with that. Not my choice of names but at that point I would be in the minority and would adjust.