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  1. Aaron Gleeman ✔ @AaronGleeman No hitter in the history of baseball has ever had more homers (58) *and* more walks (141) than Miguel Sano through 250 career games.
  2. You admit you like Bud Light Lime? Oh my
  3. Or Guentzel
  4. The Rowney's
  5. Shutout in game 5 also but yeah he's just average.
  6. Without a doubt
  7. Preds got hosed big time. Damn quick whistle
  8. Come on Preds. We all want a game 7. Get it done.
  9. And a charade it is
  10. The guy makes zero sense. None
  11. They must of corrected it because when I checked when game was over it was 24-22. Doesn't matter. Murray got the shutout.
  12. and they did 24-22. Murray becomes only the third rookie to get a shutout in the Stanley Cup finals.
  13. It's over