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  1. NORTH DAKOTA vs. denver - SATURDAY Gameday

    I'm pretty sure that's the case. 3 on 3 GREATLY favors Denver because they have more dynamic individual talent, in my opinion. You can't have a forward lined up defensively against the likes of Troy Terry, because they'll just get walked.
  2. former players

    Yup...it's not just the vision (though he definitely has that). It's the ability to pick the pocket of just about anyone to create the offensive chances to use said vision.
  3. NORTH DAKOTA @ Denver

    Normally I would be the first person to say this about anyone who attends Denver (not just the athletes), but I have a lot of respect for Monty after the 2016 Frozen Four. His team lost an absolute heartbreaker of a game, and there he was, tweeting good luck to UND (and the NCHC) less than 24 hours later.
  4. NORTH DAKOTA @ Denver

    Thanks for posting that. It's not secret that Motzko was pretty pissed about some calls. Apparently he was pretty pissed at Monty too.
  5. NORTH DAKOTA @ Denver

    There's video of it in the Twitter world, if someone more tech savvy than me can post the link.
  6. NORTH DAKOTA @ badgers - SATURDAY Gameday

    That's exactly what I was thinking. Saying "I don't think that's a five" and "his elbow gets him in the head a little bit" in the same sentence just shows his ignorance on the evolution of the rules. Would that be five and a game when he played? Nope. But he sounds ridiculous defending it.
  7. NORTH DAKOTA @ Badgers - FRIDAY Gameday

    Definitely started off shaky but was able to settle in. He looked pretty stoked when that final buzzer sounded.
  8. NORTH DAKOTA @ Badgers - FRIDAY Gameday

    hahaha that just happened to us too!
  9. NORTH DAKOTA @ Badgers - FRIDAY Gameday

    I think the color is Adam Burrish.
  10. NORTH DAKOTA @ Badgers - FRIDAY Gameday

    Hopefully Thome's first start is as successful as Cam's was. Oh wait....
  11. NORTH DAKOTA @ Badgers - FRIDAY Gameday

    I wasn't saying we don't have to find a way to beat a good goalie; I was saying that I don't think it will happen tonight.
  12. NORTH DAKOTA @ Badgers - FRIDAY Gameday

    Probably one of the toughest opposing goalies to pick for trying to break that Friday slump.

    Exactly...only invisible on the scoresheet. I noticed Pogo a ton of times, for good reasons, on Saturday night.
  14. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Gophers - SATURDAY Gameday

    Just a few things I noticed from the weekend: I think UND actually played better on Friday night than Saturday. I can't remember the last time I saw a Minnesota team that actually blocked shots and played some defense. I really like Wolanin and Bast together on the PP. Good puck movement, and both have the ability to be dangerous. I was pretty impressed with Bast as a whole this weekend. Poganski might not have many points this season, but he was all over the ice last night. I've really been impressed by a lot of the freshman. I'm sure there will still be some learning curves ahead in the season, but they aren't invisible and being pushed around out there.
  15. NORTH DAKOTA vs. Gophers - SATURDAY Gameday

    To be fair, Cam definitely got away with a penalty or two on Friday night. That being said, to have gopher fans, of all teams, complain about that? Paging Adam Hauser.....