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  1. That's my understanding as well. I hadn't heard anything about being an independent until the article came out about the home and home with Montana, which I believe is wrong. The original term used to classify the football team's status for those two years was "affiliate member".
  2. There was a law in MN that prohibited breweries from selling their own beer in their Brewery. That was fought by Surly, and is often referred to as the Surly law as the law has now changed. That's a big reason for seeing a lot more microbrews popping up in MN.
  3. Unfortunately you're right. The Dean asked the music dept chair for recommendations for cuts. Music therapy was not part of those recommendations, yet it didn't seem to matter. I guess everyone has an agenda, regardless of how clear it is.
  4. While music therapy didn't have the enrollment that civil engineering or commercial aviation did/does, it was low enrollment because they kept it quite selective. Music therapy also had a 100% job placement for their graduates, so your comment is incorrect. Ed Schafer dropped the ball when it came to music therapy. Period.
  5. The new fiscal year is right around the corner, as is the end of Jones' mini-extension. Think those two are related?? I'd imagine so. For an athletic department that has no money, how do you sign a coach for an extension worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? You wait for July 1st when the money (and budget) is available. Does UND need to go public with each step in the process? No, I don't believe they do. Is it strange it's taking this long? Sure, but if Jones wasn't being re-signed he'd be gone by now. The guy would be coaching elsewhere at this time of the year.
  6. Bungum and Pifer are listed now.
  7. Good to know! Thanks!
  8. While I don't believe we've ever been able to stick around for an hour after the game, there were times last year when we did hit the parking lot, pull out the cooler and a few chairs and enjoy the win for a bit. I bet we sat there for 20-25 minutes with GFPD driving up and down the parking lot. They didn't say anything to until the end when they said, "5 more minutes guys", we gave them a wave and they waved back. We were probably there another 10 minutes or so but they never hurried us out. When it was time to leave, we knew it. Even so, I agree that an hour of post game tailgating wouldn't be the worst thing in the world.
  9. Am I the only one picking up on geaux_sioux's sarcasm here??
  10. The room behind the garage door is actually a freight room with a couple offices splitting it off from one of the main food prep areas.
  11. I actually didn't quote anything you said, just referencing your anger and frustration. The word "define" is my word/usage.
  12. Here at we don't tolerate personal attacks...unless its against a defenseless 20-year old kid. I get it, Longtime Fan, you're mad. I'm not sure anyone else is happy about this either. But this doesn't define the U or the program, and Bubba and company won't let it. While I believe Bubba is a good judge of character, there are always kids who don't work out for one reason or another, on any team, at any level. Any player, coach, or parent will understand this.
  13. This should probably be moved to its own thread, but since I'm already here...Teeder was all over it.
  14. Exactly. That was his way of saying retired without saying retired.
  15. When the announcement was first made that UND was doing away with the interlocking ND I emailed Peter Johnson at the U and asked why they were retiring it. He said they weren't, they were just moving it to the Dakotah Legacy Collection, which is exactly where the Sioux logo is. The ND won't be on a field or court or on uniforms anymore (at least not after playing surfaces are updated) but I'd imagine it will be available to the public like the Sioux logo is now, in a limited variety with the Dakotah Legacy logo always attached to it.