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  1. The room behind the garage door is actually a freight room with a couple offices splitting it off from one of the main food prep areas.
  2. I actually didn't quote anything you said, just referencing your anger and frustration. The word "define" is my word/usage.
  3. Here at we don't tolerate personal attacks...unless its against a defenseless 20-year old kid. I get it, Longtime Fan, you're mad. I'm not sure anyone else is happy about this either. But this doesn't define the U or the program, and Bubba and company won't let it. While I believe Bubba is a good judge of character, there are always kids who don't work out for one reason or another, on any team, at any level. Any player, coach, or parent will understand this.
  4. This should probably be moved to its own thread, but since I'm already here...Teeder was all over it.
  5. Exactly. That was his way of saying retired without saying retired.
  6. When the announcement was first made that UND was doing away with the interlocking ND I emailed Peter Johnson at the U and asked why they were retiring it. He said they weren't, they were just moving it to the Dakotah Legacy Collection, which is exactly where the Sioux logo is. The ND won't be on a field or court or on uniforms anymore (at least not after playing surfaces are updated) but I'd imagine it will be available to the public like the Sioux logo is now, in a limited variety with the Dakotah Legacy logo always attached to it.
  7. It sure is.
  8. I'm quite certain this is a basketball offer, just in the wrong thread. Saw Roddy's tweet earlier today and the attached pics were of the Betty, the logo, and Hooker.
  9. At least we're the Hawks and not the Panthers. That way they won't get the schools mixed up when people start referring to us as Northern Iowa.
  10. I don't understand the oil revenue argument. Let's wait it out for a few years when hopefully oil rebounds and we start raking in money so we can afford to lose 1.9 million dollars a year?? That seems backwards to me.
  11. Fair enough. I guess I shouldn't assume people know the HPC was built from donor money alone. That's probably part of the reason Bubba references the donors everytime the HPC comes up in interviews, not only to thank them but to try to educate those that think state money paid for it.
  12. I believe they call it "left field".
  13. The funds for the HPC are privately donated, that's the difference here. The twins wouldn't have a leg to stand on, becuse UND athletics sure as hell won't be a privately funded organization. We're already doing that for men's golf and even that sits funny with me.
  14. I think you're on to something...
  15. I thought about this earlier today. If the HPC was built using money from donors and not from the state, wouldn't the cost of the new sign be covered by the same source? And what about the Alerus? I know UND has paid to have things added/changed, but its still a city owned facility. There's probably less of a chance city money paid for the sign, but its still a possibility. The op ed in the Herald this morning seemed a bit premature.