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  1. Anyone know which buildings they got approval to take down? KFGO reported that 5 of the 8 were values under $250k and tearing down these (unused eyesores?) would save a million dollars annually from the operations budget.
  2. At the April 2017 meeting the ND SBHE: signed off on the demolition of eight buildings on the UND campus renaming its old medical school tabled a resolution to officially sign off on the creation of a UND center focused on autonomous vehicles research.
  3. Given the impact this group has on UND, I'm surprised this thread hasn't existed before now.
  4. Wright State has significant budget issues right now. Some quarters are claiming one option is elimination of intercollegiate athletics. Should that happen, and Valpo and Milw, the Horizon would need to go shopping for three, and the logicals again are IUPUI, IPFW, and Robert Morris. However, historically, Bobby Mo has looked east for conference.
  5. The speculation I'm seeing out in other forums is that the MVC will go to 12 (add 3) and that the preference order right now is: Murray State, Valpo, UW-Milw, Omaha. There's a claim in one place that the UNO visit did not go well and UW-Milw became preferred. If the MVC pulls two from the Horizon (Valpo, Milw) I still see the Horizon back filling from within their footprint and from the Summit (IUPUI, IPFW).
  6. The Dakota 4 and the Montana group are a random group of schools just like the rogue's gallery that is today's WAC. In the eyes of the NCAA that's reality. Never forget that. SV's point in the past was that if the Dakotas and Montana group wanted to go FBS, ever, they needed the vessel called the WAC. You had to have a bona fide invite from an FBS granting conference to go FBS. The WAC had retroactive power to invite teams to FBS as that conference (forget who's in it today) was, and retains power as, an FBS conference at one time. Since then, the world has changed: Liberty got permission from the NCAA to go FBS without a bona fide invitation from an existing FBS conference. Thus, the WAC is no longer needed as the vessel, the portal, to FBS. The NCAA has set precedence. They waived Liberty through to FBS without that FBS conference invitation. Now the dream of a "Great North" conference no longer needs to consider how to wrest control of the WAC (and it's magic FBS granting power) away from that group of rogues. Liberty saw to that. Now, in this post Liberty decision world, this consortium of the Dakota 4 and the Montana group can form up and then make the same request Liberty did at the time of their choosing.
  7. It's one guy's opinion, and it was clearly done to provoke. < ignore >
  8. So when'd y'all pick up that? And do all-y'all in y'all's house speak it?
  9. Oh that's so cute. I bet he thinks he's clever with that. Bless his heart.
  10. And there are no fewer than three full "season threads" in that tally.
  11. Just in passing. The real ones go in Mafia's iPod.
  12. Don't worry about it until I start losing arguments with myself.
  13. R U O K? O U 8 1 2.