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  1. Somehow keep Raanta, and then package him and your protected alternate captain and send them off for a first round pick and a D with fewer than 40 NHL games?
  2. The Bread Man (Panarin) and Motte for Saad and a backup goalie? Here are two websites that are going to melt over the next 48 hours. TSN's Trade Tracker: NHL Salary Cap Tracker:
  3. That's kind of a detail that matters.
  4. If IUPUI to Horizon is true, you have to figure IPFW is now reconsidering why it is in the Summit.
  5. Taking the white stripe all the way around would make the numbers on the back nearly impossible to read.
  6. If you're right, do they put Wisconsin and Notre Dame there (two best draws close to Chicago)?
  7. Given the fiscal woes in the State of Illinois right now, uh, who's buyin'?
  8. Everyone just waitagoshdarnedminute here. Valpo. Valpo? All this is about Valpo! You mean the very same Valpo that just gained admission to the much ballyhooed and sought after Missouri Valley Conference*? That Valpo? The Valpo that got a bid to the MVC over NDSU? That Valpo? *not to be confused with the MV Football C.
  9. Meh, that weekend price is "peanut buttered" into my overall season ticket package price.
  10. Yup, this off season WMU is pronounced "whammu!" and that's the sound of them being roster-slammed.
  11. Crap. You're right. That's the "four goalies" season. Given Bast's and Kierstad's recent histories regarding injuries, I'm now thinking they just might go with 9 D on the roster this year.
  12. By my count, those 8 put the roster at 27. I can't recall UND carrying 27 on the roster this century. Chartrand Wolanin Shaw Peski Johnson Poolman Bast Rieger Kierstad Simonson Olson Poganski Gornall Gersich Gardner Janatuinen Jones Yon Bowen Smith Hoff Adams Mismash Kawaguchi Johnson Anderson Thome
  13. Relooking at VGK's cap number ( $10M of that is LTIR for two guys (Clarkson, Grabovski). You might as well admit that money is freed up already. They'll be put onto LTIR ASAP and the money comes off the cap number.
  14. I'll believe it given already has the details of his contract with PIT listed online.