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  1. We found that on there early on.
  2. Indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country are three sports. Men's and Women's teams of each is six teams toward the minimum for DI (14 sports for FCS; 16 sports for FBS). MIH, FB, MBB, WBB, and VB are going nowhere. That's 11. The parlays begin there.
  3. Schlossman's quarter and I have the same team coming out of Cincy. Yeah, that off the rails.
  4. Sing it, Shania.
  5. Well, there's $20 down the tubes. I'M KIDDING!
  6. The stages.
  7. OK. I went flat out "guano loco". I'll be this year's anchorman. But I had to do it.
  8. I believe it's just like the regular season (at home): You're allowed to warm up 3 goalies and 1 extra skater; however, you're limited to 18 skaters + 2 goalies for the game.
  9. Yes, but my sources say 3 was doing drills with 21 as his defensive partner and 3 went down the tunnel with 15 minutes left in the hour practice. 20&4, 28&6, 24&5 were the pairs in the drills.
  10. The slow Band-Aid pull wasn't working. Ed ripped it.
  11. The one where the goalie will be replaced.
  12. Are you planning to prepare your "special dish"?
  13. Go Riders.
  14. Distractions are distractions. And they distract.
  15. Why can't I find the open practice times schedule now that I'm looking for it? < gaaahhh > EDIT: Nevermind ... Team Practices Open to Public: Thursday, March 23 BU: 11:30AM-12:30PMUND: 12:45-1:45PMUMD: 2-3PMOSU: 3:15-4:15PM